There’s A New Venue In (Morgan)Town, FREE Show Tonight

In these times of dynamic change, amazing things are happening in the Bushick and beyond. People and businesses are coming together to assist, contribute, and help keep this creative hub alive and pumping as one of the last bastions of awesomeness in NYC. The Morgan has invited Eastern District to bring their artistic vision and experience to its walls and curate exhibitions for the space to continue the great things that have been growing over the years in their new home Eastern District @ the Morgan.

Please join us for a night of Modern ART:
Eastern District @ The Morgan
FREE show- performance by the Yellow Dogs
and special DJ SETS BY The Black Lips and DJ Ghost Dad
Installation by Jason Grunwald

Doors open at 8pm, Show starts at 10pm

If you need more convincing, here’s what DJ Mike Dextro — who DJ’d the venue’s opening night on Friday — had to say about the space:

It’s got a bit of a rustic look to it and there are satellite speakers in all the non dancefloor areas, but once it’s complete, it will have 3 MAIN music areas and will fit close to the amount of people that BK Bowl fits!!!

So yeah, this place seems pretty RAD but, um, do me a favor and stay out of my ‘hood. #kthxbai

Ty Segall Covers T. Rex

I spent a good amount of time in college drinking whiskey and listening to T. Rex records. (That’s what college was, right?) And it turns out, I wasn’t the only one. This weekend, as part of Record Store Day, Ty Segall will release a 6-song EP entirely of T. Rex Covers. Guess what it’s gonna be called? Ty Rex! Get it! (You get it.) Check out his rendition of the song “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart” below. (via Altered Zones)

This is just one of many impressive releases coming to your local record store on Saturday. Where will you be picking up stacks of vinyl to celebrate? Any other Record Store Day releases you are really stoked on?

Ty Segall: “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart” (T. Rex Cover) by alteredzones

PHOTOS: Welcome to The Fun Haüs!

Welcome to The Fun Haüs! Bring on the CLOWNS!

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‘Melancholia’ trailer: Lars von Trier’s New Apocalyptic Film

Melancholia from Zentropa on Vimeo.

This definitely sounds intriguing.

In the trailer for his latest, Melancholia — billed as a “beautiful movie about the end of the world” – starring Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling, John Hurt and father and son Skarsgårds, Stellan and Alexander, we get a glimpse of what’s to come … and, um, wow does it look wonderfully weird….It’s not a spoiler to say this one isn’t going to end well. In an interview with a Danish paper, von Trier revealed that the film begins with the end of the planet. “We begin by seeing the world being crushed, then we can tell the story afterwards,” he says. “It could be beautiful if Melancholia could become this big submission. That is why it’s so awesome that the planet devours the earth. It’s like no more lying on the hilltop and looking at the larks,” he says, adding, “I think the larks will go too.”

Coochie Dip City video

Das Racist are still riding the wave of Shut Up, Dude, the first of their two rad mixtapes that came out last year. Let’s all ride this swag wave out together and just chill while watching this video for “Coochie Dip City.”

Silent Nights

There is nothing quite like a packed show at The Silent Barn on a Friday night. If you didn’t know better you might think that you were seeing a show in a squat in Neukölln, Berlin, or perhaps on the fringes of Amsterdam. Nestled in a rather desolate stretch of Wyckoff Avenue between a car service and a Spanish Caribbean bar that is plenty loud itself, you get a sense of freedom and that the party is gonna go late. The fact that people are actually living at The Silent Barn and that the stage is set up within their kitchen gives it a very relaxed vibe and certain coziness despite it’s outwardly gritty appearance. If you need a break from the music you can always retire to the basement, where they are serving stiff drinks along side of a permanent installation of DIY video games thanks to Baby Castles .

On this particular Friday night Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard played a fantastic set. With a band to back him up he mixed in some punkier songs and looked to be genuinely enjoying rocking out. The crowd dug it and the floor heaved under the weight of the full house. Jeff is showcasing some of his comic books @ the MoCCa fundraiser today and tomorrow.

Find more Jeff Lewis Band songs at Myspace Music

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No New Bars in Williamsburg

I don’t think there is any possibility of prohibition coming to Williamsburg anytime soon (although how 1920s chic it would be!), but there has apparently been a hold put on any new bars wishing to open in the neighborhood. According to Brooklyn 11211:

On Tuesday, the Executive Committee of CB1 Brooklyn voted unanimously to institute a moratorium on new liquor licenses in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and the rest of North Brooklyn. The vote was a response to what the leaders of CB1 see as an over saturation of liquor licenses in the area.

The Board’s Public Safety Committee, which reviews liquor license applications, met last night to discuss the issue, and left with more questions than answers. The Committee did not vote on a moratorium, but the issue is sure to come at next Tuesday’s full board meeting.

So I guess all of our great themed bar ideas will have to be put on the backburner for now. Or everyone can just keep on drinking in McCarren Park.

Music to see & tickets to buy this week: 4/8 – 4/14

It’s that time of year again. Can you smell it in the air? That’s right: outdoor concert season is on the horizon, and tickets are going on sale! So count your pennies and keep an eye on FreeWilly for upcoming show deets. Otherwise you run the risk of sitting like a pasty loser in the middle of an empty McCarren, sipping disconsolately on your to-go cup while everyone else is having fun. Jussayin’.


Sufjan Steven’s show at Beacon Theater last year was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen, no jive, so I’m interested to see what he brings to Prospect Park on August 2nd.  Get yer tickets here.

Brooklyn’s own TV on the Radio are in their tenth year as a band and are still considered cool. Total hipster anomaly.  They play the grand Radio City on April 13 (tickets already on sale here), with an “intimate” run through the night before at Music Hall of Williamsburg. But I’m thinking you should probably just go here instead.

Thurston Moore is at Music Hall of Williasmburg on May 20 with a poet because art. Tickets are $20.

Against Me! celebrate the release of their new album, White Crosses, and their cover of the One Tree Hill theme song (Oi?) on June 7 at Webster Hall. Tickets are $17.50.

J Mascis is back with the Jr. to play the entirety of Bug, plus be interviewed live by Henry Rollins, at Terminal 5 on June 23. OFF! and Fucked Up also play. Tickets are $30.

Bill Callahan has a new album and a new(ish) epistolary novella out. If you’re all like, “Who?”, check those out and then catch him at Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 11 and Bowery Ballroom on July 12. Tickets are $20.

Bust a mad ill move, or whatever, on Governor’s Island at this year’s The Governor’s Ball on June 18. Dancing white people favorites Girl Talk, Big Boi, Neon Indian, Passion Pit and more play, with no overlapping sets. Tickets are a steep $85.

Snap up passes to the Northside Fest (June 16-19), yet? You should. On the poor end of the spectrum? Go a la carte and get tickets for headliners Beirut or Guided By Voices (with Wavves). Tickets are $30.


4/8: The Hold Steady are from Brooklyn but play indie-Springsteen songs about Minneapolis. Yet it all somehow works. They play with Murder by Death at Terminal 5 tonight. Tickets are $30.

4/8: Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils is one of the few nautical bands I’m not burnt out on yet. They play Music Hall of Williamsburg with Craft Spells, Crinkles and an Unannounced Special Guest (Ducktails? Real Estate? THE DRUMS?). Tickets are $12.

4/8: Gobble Gobble’s MySpace is awash in neon, tweaking Furbies. Which I think adequately describes the band in the best way possible. They play Glasslands with Headless Horseman and Raindeer. Tickets are $10.

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