Music to See and Tickets to Buy This Week: 4/22-4/28

Another edition of shows worthy of your time, tickets worthy of your hard-earned cash and completely made-up words used to describe them. At least there are some things you can count on in this life.

4/22 @ 12:00p:
The words we’ve all been waiting to hear since the band popped up on summer fest bills across the globe have finally been uttered: Animal Collective is playing NYC. See ‘em July 12 at Prospect Park. Tickets are $40. Hits of Molly extra.  

4/22 @ 12:00p: The first show announced in this summer’s recently salvaged, OSA-benefiting Williamsburg Waterfront concert series is Kid Cudi on July 6. Tickets are an exorbitant $60. All I gotta say is OSA better figure out the McCarren Park/Waterfront situation before we resort to appropriately-priced cultural activities in Red Hook or some other savage neighborhood.

 4/22 @ 12:00p: Cut Copy returns (they played Terminal 5 on 4/2) to get you all dancey-sweaty in Prospect Park on August 11. Tickets are $40.  

Garage rockers Bass Drum of Death headline at Glasslands the night before their Crocodiles/Fresh & Onlys show (see below). So So Glos, Xray Eyeballs and Night Manager also play. I believe the correct term for the evening is “shambling”. Tickets are $10.  

4/23: Cali noise-poppers Crocodiles and Fresh & Onlys play Music Hall on Saturday with Young Prisms and Bass Drum of Death. Tickets are under $15. Killer. 

4/23:  Zola Jesus brings her glazed, dark pop, think Florence + the Machine with balls or Siouxsie without the hair and the sneer, to Bowery Ballroom with openers Naked on the Vague. Tickets are $16.  

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Weird Al wins over Lady Gaga

At this point, after having been doing the parody thing for around 30 years, who is really going to get mad at Weird Al Yankovic for parodying them? Especially when you are essentially a parody of yourself the way Lady Gaga is. But apparently after hearing “Perform This Way,” Yankovic’s parody of “Born This Way” (which was Lady Gaga’s parody of “Express Yourself,” right?) Gaga got all offended and said it couldn’t appear on his new record. It’s like “Amish Paradise” all over again!

But then she came around. Because…seriously! It’s Weird Al! And because he put the song up on YouTube for free and said any proceeds from the song would have gone to The Human Rights Campaign and Lady Gaga didn’t want to be a monster (no pun intended) who withheld money from charity. As far as the song goes, it’s pretty meh… But again, it’s Weird Al, so he kind of gets a pass and a nod of the head in appreciation for what he does.

New Neon Indian: “Heart: Attack”

Brooklyn Flea Launching Food-Only Market

Attention food lovers: beginning on May 21st the Willamsburg Brooklyn Flea market will be launching an all-food bonanza called “Smorgasburg”. The market will be open every Saturday from 9am-5pm and will feature 100+ food vendors in addition to a GrowNYC Greenmarket with 15-20 farmers!

In addition to the 100 secured vendors, Smorgasburg is looking for the very best food vendors/purveyors/growers anywhere to apply, so they can create the next phase of local/regional market. If you’re interested in applying, go here:

Photographer Tim Hetherington Killed in Libya

by Tim Hetherington, World Press Photo of the Year in 2007.

Tim Hetherington, a former Williamsburg resident (in the photographer building off Kent, appropriately), was killed in Libya today. Hetherington was nominated for an Oscar for Restrepo, a documentary he helped film over a year with the Second Platoon in Afghanistan.

Street Vendors

Big campaign going on for the street vendors, kiddos.

Street vendors as it stands end up paying up to $1,000 dollars for infractions like not displaying their license during set up, being too far from the curbs, potentially just inches, and the like. A parking ticket from the city for “parking at an angle to the curb” is 65 dollars. The Street Vendor Project, a member organization that is part of the Urban Justice Center, is campaigning to lower the tickets and introduce a better education system for the vendors. And while the Post thinks the street vendors are plenty capable of “haggling” their way to a better deal, the Street Vendor Project suggests that the Merchant Associations and business groups in the city have more sway and helped impose the obscene fees on their streetside competitors in the first place. Conspiracy? Maybe. But I love me a good NYC business conspiracy.

Intros 434 and 435, with 15 co-sponsors at City Council, are trying to lower fines and reduce the byzantine bureaucracy around street vendors laws. So, the question is do you want to be able to book browse with abandon this summer or not?

via a street campaigner and

Radiolab: “Symmetry”

The brilliant WNYC program Radiolab is into its 9th season now. If you haven’t listened to the show, imagine This American Life -esque stories with the sound design of a Matmos song addressing some of the biggest questions in the universe and breaking them down into bite-sized hour long radio shows. Accompanying the most recent episode, “Desperately Seeking Symmetry,” is this beautiful video made by Everynone. It is simple in its approach, but absolutely heartbreaking in its execution. Plus, Sufjan Stevens provided the background music! Check it out and go back and listen to the new episode on your commute today.

Coming Memorial Day: Mister Sunday

The former BKLN Yard location on the banks of the lovely (eh…) Gowanus Canal will again see a weekly party this summer! The appropriately named little brother of the former Mister Saturday Night, it will be called Mister Sunday and will kick off on Memorial Day. From the creators:

If you ever came to Sunday Best at BKLYN Yard, you’ll know the place: it’s the same canal-side, tree-spotted plot of land at 400 Carroll Street between Bond and Nevins in Brooklyn, now rechristened Gowanus Grove.

If you never made it down, let us count the ways you’re going to love it. First, kids and dogs – you can bring them. We love them, and we don’t get to see enough of them on Saturday nights. Second, superb food – we’re teaming up with Brooklyn Flea to install a small but ace team of food vendors. Right now, we’ve confirmed Mile End, who will be serving a bunch of stuff you can’t get at the storefront in Boerum Hill, and we’re soon to confirm at least one more. Third, our friends from Botanica, the best little bar in the five boroughs, are taking care of the booze.

And last, but certainly not least, is the music. The Mister Saturday Night residents, Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin, the gents that pull the strings to bring it all together, will be playing records each and every Sunday through the summer on the big, blue soundsystem. There’ll be guests alongside them occasionally as well. Moodymann, Todd Terje, Horse Meat Disco, Optimo and Space Dimension Controller will all take their turns, and on opening day, Four Tet will drop by.

What a perfect way to kick off another fabulous Brooklyn Summer.