Kurt Vile Free In-Store Tonight, Album Streaming on NPR

For fans of Philadelphia’s Kurt Vile, catch him at a free in-store tonight at Other Music. Starts at 9PM, though we’d advise getting there a few minutes early, these things tend to fill up quick.

You can stream his album Smoke Ring For My Halo over at at NPR right now. It comes out on Matador today. It’s a slow burn, but one that’s sure to grow on you.

All the buildings in New York

It sounds as ambitious as Sufjan’s former 50 states project, but James Gulliver Hancock is is drawing every building in Manhattan. Here’s more about his project: [via]

HOBBY: James Gulliver Hancock, Drawing All Of the Buildings in NYC from Harvest on Vimeo.

TONIGHT: Party With The Rude Dudes At Good Company

Basically, if you’re not going to Good Co. every other Saturday, you’re not #winning. The Rude Dudes pump out hits to make your booty shake and enough dancing goes down that the glass doors of this fine establishment have no other option than to steam up.

Permanent Vacation is just that kind of party, and the Rude Dudes just want to take you to a time and place where we all wear short shorts and drink margaritas. So I bring to you The Rude Dudes – Cold Cuts, a mixtape that steps it down a notch from prime time party hour. From the Dudes themselves:

Cold Cuts was born one night recently after our party at Good Co. A bunch of people who didn’t speak English came back to our house and we listened to records as we smoked Lil Wayne’s weed (dont ask but also ASK) Pretty damn good trapped indoor rainy/snowy day tunes if you ask us.

The truth is, we listened to D’Angelo’s Voodoo while staring at iTunes as we one by one fell asleep on the floor, because smoking Lil’ Wayne’s weed knocks you on your ass. But this mixtape is almost as good as that.

So download it for when you get home at 5am tonight, after dancing your ass off at Good Co. It’s perfect for that moment when you’ve decided you’re just about ready to undress that stranger in your bed.

Find me on the dancefloor tonight and I’ll give you a sip of my Mai Tai. RSVP here.

Gayngs’ new Affiliyated EP

Try to think of a sexier album that came out in 2010 than Gayngs’ Relayted. I bet you can’t. Because there probably wasn’t. This smooth-ass collective have now thrown up a 7-song remix EP for FREE!

And, of course, the way they did it is awesome. The band stripped Relayted down to its bare bones, and named each track. The remixers were then instructed to choose 10 root tracks at random to compose their remix. “One could choose anything from four sax solos and six bass lines, to eight keyboards and two background vocals. The combinations that could be chosen were indefinite.” What was the only rule that each producer had to stick to? Keep their re-grind at a smooth 69 beats per minute. (Haha! Get it!) I am most excited to hear what “Draper Drunk” sounds like, because living like Mad Men is a subject near and dear to my heart.

Did I mention it’s available FOR FREE? Get it here.

Peep the tracklist:

01 “Fight, Fuck, Fall Asleep” (Sims:vox Cecil Otter: regrind)
02 “Coercion Van” (MK Larada: regrind)
03 “Cologne & Water” (Paper Tiger: regrind)
04 “Draper Drunk” (Mike Mictlan: vox, The Chocolate Ox: keys, Plain ole Bill: regrind)
05 “No Scrubs” (P.O.S: vox, regrind)
06 “Sprinkle Juice” (Lazerbeak: regrind)
07 “Sand In The Lotion” (Cecil Otter: regrind)

Peaking Lights – “Tiger Eyes”

Some great archival footage to a blissfully stoned-out track by Peaking Lights. via

Gang Gang Dance “Glass Jar”

I know that it is easy to ignore an 11-minute song that someone sends your way. But let’s all take 1/6 of an hour out of our lives and recognize how rad Gang Gang Dance are and how much we are looking forward to Eye Contact being released.

Does Park Slope hate hip hop?

There is a club opening in Park Slope called Prime 6, that apparently some neighborhood residents are not fans of. They are saying that a hip hop club is not what is best for the Slope. What is best? Replacing hip hop with “indie local artists,” which put family first. Wait…is indie music really seen as a family-oriented genre?

Says one petitioner:

It’s not “racist” to equate hip-hop with an elevated crime rate vis a vi other types of musical genres – It’s just a statistical fact that crime is more likely to occur among urban audiences than among audiences of other demographics. R&B and rap happen to be my two favorite types of music, but no one (especially my African American friends and colleagues) would seriously deny that hip-hop’s violent history tragically precedes it.

Any sentence that begins with “I’m not racist, but…” does not necessarily end with something non-racist.

You can read the whole petition here. Thoughts?

Last Night Vol05: Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative

Melvin Van Peebles and his band, Laxative, played two sets at Zebulon last night, both were about an hour long. Below is a video montage of two songs (Chippin’ and Quittin’ Time), one from each set. Van Peebles is a man of the people, which he managed to prove last night. Without the slightest sign of affectation, he could be found chatting to Zebulon’s patrons all night. When asked how he feels about being videotaped by a big ass camera, he just replied: “No worries, I have been there myself. Do your thing”.

Laxative is:
Melvin Van Peebles – vocals
Mikel Banks – vocals
Jared Nickerson – bass
Bruce Mack – keyboards
André Lassalle – guitar
“Moist” Paula Henderson – baritone sax
Chris Eddelton – drums
Will Martina – Chello