Introducing the Only ‘Friday’ Cover That Matters, As Performed by ‘Bob Dylan’

New York City’s own Mike Bauer recorded a fantastic cover of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday,’ in his spot-on impersonation of a very internet-savvy Bob Dylan. Forget all those other covers out there–even Black’s original. This is the end-all, be-all of the ‘Friday’ party anthems.

Watch/listen to this awesomeness:

Side note: the ever-present Web Sheriff almost took this gem from our earballs, internet. Bauer had to have a little chat with the notorious internet copyright enforcer, who conceded it was all a misunderstanding. Yesterday afternoon, Bauer tweeted, “It was all a mix up, and the video is back up!” Forever, hopefully. ‘Cause it’s Fun. Fun, fun, fun. Lookin’ forward to the weekend.


As a family drama whose most inspiring character is an outsider and a sports comedy where the most significant wins and losses occur outside the gymnasium, Tom McCarthy’s newest is a small treasure that tweaks the conventions of familiar stories just enough to make something that is entirely his own. Win Win is a funny, warmhearted movie filled with the ordinary, though richly drawn characters that have become McCarthy’s trademark.

Paul Giamatti is Mike, and he’s in a rut. His New Jersey law practice isn’t doing well, he’s hiding his bad financial situation from his wife Jackie (Amy Ryan), the wrestling team he coaches hasn’t won a match all season, and constant stress is wearing down his body. When the opportunity arises for him to assume guardianship for one of his clients, a wealthy old man in the early stages of dementia named Leo, he jumps at the opportunity that will net him $1500 a month. Though assuring the court that he will allow Leo to stay in his own house, Mike instead moves him to an assisted living facility, collecting the monthly checks without having to keep much of an eye on the confused old man who just wants to go home.

As the checks start coming in and bills can finally be paid, Mike’s life shows signs of improvement. That’s precisely the moment 16-year-old Kyle, the son of Leo’s estranged daughter, shows up in town. Kyle’s mother is in an Ohio rehab center and, instead of staying with her scummy boyfriend, he decides to catch a bus to New Jersey to stay with the grandfather he’s never met. Though Mike initially tries to treat the situation as a day-long interference, Kyle (in a nearly perfect debut performance by Alex Shaffer) is quickly discovered to be in need or more than a mere night away from home. And much to the delight of Mike and his two best friends/assistant coaches (Jeffrey Tambor and Bobby Cannavale), Kyle is a champion wrestler, but with his talent comes family issues that may disrupt Mike’s guardianship.

Win Win moves at just the right pace while balancing the stories of Mike’s home, work, and coaching lives – each becoming increasingly complicated and intertwined once Kyle arrives. His presence is a necessary disruption in everyone’s life, and the cast is uniformly excellent at conveying the humor and heartbreak in all of their new wins and losses. These are characters who, though not always making the right decisions, are so intricately developed and performed that we can’t help but root for them when they’re down.

McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor) has now made three movies about adults who are down on their luck, only to find themselves settling back into a quiet happiness after the introduction and reluctantly formed friendship of a surprise visitor. His movies have a way of ending without stopping, fading to black in the middle of perfectly realized moments between people who will continue living, breathing, losing, and winning long after we’ve finished rooting for them.

Ticket Giveaway: All You Can Drink Alcoholiday Tonight

[Speaking of Hipster Traps…]
If you aren’t already imbibed at this point today, you may be a long way off (Our friends over at The Skint give a pretty good hour-by-hour guide to the day). What again is St. Patrick’s Day even a celebration of? Green beer? Scaring the snakes out of Ireland?

For those looking to catch up, MeanRed & Good Peoples are turning Public Assembly into a beer hall (with DJs) this evening to celebrate this Alcoholiday. And they mean it– $20 gets you unlimited craft brews & whiskey, 8PM-2AM. Try standing after that one.

Of course, what kind of neighborhood blog would we be if we didn’t HOOK UP ONE OF OUR READERS with a pair of tickets? They go to the first commenter who can tell what the odds of finding a 4-leaf clover are.

Interview: Meet the Urban Hunters Who Created the ‘Hipster Traps’

Much like the urban hunters who’ve been silently setting up the NYC hipster traps, we’re semi-professional trackers too–practitioners of the fine arts in tracking someone down who’s done something of note somewhere on the Internet. I enjoy that pursuit. So imagine my astonishment when one of my Facebook friends–granted, we’ve connected because of a previous meme-y deed–owned up to the traps after the whole shi-bang blew up on Reddit!

So we got in touch. I asked a few questions. Behold, Williamsburg! Meet Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine, the urban hunters trapping hipsters and B&T types all across the city. These were answered over email, and they collaborated on the answers, so we’ll credit each one as JG/HF. Plus, below the jump, an exclusive video of smart hipsters avoiding the trap on Bedford ave.

FREEwilliamsburg: So, Jeff! You’re the urban hunter who’s placed hipster traps all over the city?

JG/HF: Yes, along with my friend my friend, Hunter Fine, we’ve started setting Urban Traps – the first ones aimed at hipsters.

FW: And who are you guys, exactly, when you’re not baiting the city’s ‘trustafarians’?

Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Brooklyn Masonic Temple

If everything from my high school years was still as tremendous and important and emotionally powerful as Godspeed You! Black Emperor have remained, the world would be a much better (or at the very least much more dramatic) place. The band has reunited and are making their way through a series of reunion shows here in New York. Last night they took on their second night at the beautiful Brooklyn Masonic Temple in Fort Greene, the third of five NYC shows. I reserve the right to use the word “epic” in this case and this case only, because that is really the only word appropriate to describe a Godspeed show.

My ears are still ringing. I bet the people who saw the band eight years ago when they last played in the city still have ears ringing. This Canadian orchestral power troupe carry on a sustaining swell of an incredible volume. Something that doesn’t appear to be aggressively loud, but suddenly you find yourself overpowered and your ears are bleeding and people have probably been talking to you for days, but you have no way of knowing.
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Hasids vs. Hipsters

As obnoxious as N+1’s was with the all out twitter campaign for their “What Was The Hipster” book, the essay “Hasids vs Hipsters” is pretty great. Adds some more analysis than the last New York piece and very timely with the Prospect Park West bike lane drama. It’s only going to get worse with better weather, people.

Watch Tennis live on WNYC

Cool husband and wife team Tennis (AKA Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore) dropped by WNYC’s Soundcheck recently. They performed the Cape Dory track “South Carolina” live. The track is appropriately lo-fi and dreamy and really does kind of make you feel like you are on a boat heading up the East Coast. Check it out.

Pizza Island coming to Brooklyn Fire Proof

From the wonderful people behind the Fireside Follies reading series, this weekend you can attend a night of live reading of comics from Pizza Island. Follies promises a “special night of comics and music,” featuring comics from Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant, and Julia Wertz of Fart Party, plus many more.

On the musical docket for the evening will be David Heatley and Jeffrey Lewis. Watch this rad Jeffrey Lewis video below.