Record Review: Total Ghost "Space Lightning"

What stands out about Total Ghost is not the jokes- nearly any irony-drenched hipster can make a kraut rock joke in a bar and get a chuckle. What stands out about Bictor and Chon and their fake but somehow super-real band Total Ghost is the sincerity that seeps through the cracks of the jokes. When you stick with a joke for long enough it stops being funny and just starts being an extension of the reality you are living in. Because who says you can’t be sincerely serious about a long-running joke?

Space Lightning is the debut LP from the guys who brought us “Happy Birthday For You Person” and “Custom Christmas” (basically the same song, but I’m not mad. The record is full of the self-aggrandizing lyrics, more-German-than-German synths and a great amount of party for us to start 2011 off with.
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Dia de los Reyes

I hope you didn’t think the holidays were over yet. This Sunday is the 14th annual Three Kings Day Parade. January 6 is the Feast of the Epiphany, the holiday marking the arrival of the three wise men to visit the holy family, and the revelation to the Gentiles that the little kid in the manger is actually the son of God. The celebration is going down on the 9th, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be quite the party. The parade is a cherished tradition among the neighborhood’s Hispanic community, and ones like it will be taking place all over the world. All are welcome to line the streets. You can expect to see live nativity-style barnyard animals, excited children, festive music, and plenty of dancing. Most exciting of all, will be the Magi in colorful robes, handing out presents to small kids. To make it authentic, camels will wonder the Williamsburg street, because c’mon, what good is a wise man without a camel? It’s sure to a good time. The procession starts at Meeker and Graham avenues at 2 pm. Check for more details.

How could you dream of missing this?

Having a Sex Party This Weekend? We've Got Your Soundtrack…

From Behold The Destroyer:

In 1985, a rather unremarkable adult movie was released titled Sex Crimes 2084 — it was vaguely based on George Orwell’1984. While the book was about a state controlling its citizens through extreme measures and the nature of personal freedom, the movie was about people fucking. It wasn’t about people fucking in the future though, or people fucking in space, or people fucking aliens or robots or anything exciting you’d imagine an adult movie with 2084 in the title would have. This is a failure of imagination.

Thusly, I was inspired to create a mix that would serve as perfect accompaniment to a movie that did have all of those elements, a theoretical movie I call Sex Crimes 3084. Obviously, a soundtrack mix, to a non existent sequel of a poorly received twenty six year old porno, will be comprised of tracks explicitly about sex.

Download what is sure to creep out your girlfriend, but probably impress that hoe in the club here. And don’t worry, you’ll get your girlfriend back once she hears the first few notes of “Love You Down.”

Meet The Humanimal: Alex Kovas

I interviewed the Humanimal for Vice:

If you’re one of the few who saw Guy Ritchie’s latest film, RocknRolla, you may recall a scene where a Chechnyan thug chases Gerard Butler through a tunnel. The pursuer in question is a strikingly buff 34-year-old Russian-born Londoner named Alex Kovas, a model/actor who may be more familiar to you licking his “paws” in head-to-toe Cheetah bodypaint. Though RocknRolla is his biggest mainstream acting break, Alex Kovas has been thrilling online audiences for years as The Humanimal. To date, over 700,000 YouTube viewers have watched Kovas transform himself into Dalmations, unicorns, zebras, and dozens of other creatures using an impressively detailed mix of bodypaint and prosthetics. Reactions to this “art project” range from awe to amusement to disgust:

22tus says:

severin24 says:
YOU are my hero. I love people who take self-expression into art.

wollygogles says:
This is the kind of shit you get up to when you’re long-term unemployed and left alone in the house for too long. Your girlfriend leaves for work at 7am. You get out of bed at 1pm. By 2pm you’re already sick of watching Jeremy Kyle abuse the poor on TV–so you explore the house–and happen upon your GF’s make-up bag and then BOOM! You’re outside recording yourself and wadda you know …you’re a fucking Deer!

Adipocerate says:
Brilliant? Yes. Inspired? Yes. Creepy as hell? Verily. As all art should be.

MrTsBastardChild says:
I’d like to have sex with that deer.

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: THE HUMANIMAL ISN’T IN IT FOR THE KICKS.

Iron and Wine drop by WNYC

Not surprising: NPR loves Iron and Wine. Yesterday Soundcheck announced a special guest on their show, and lo and behold it was the Sam Beam, the bearded songster himself.

The webcast performance from WNYC’s Greene Space consisted of playing the forthcoming album Kiss Each Other Clean in its entirety. Secret guest and sneak peaks – thanks, NPR. The entire performance will be up on the NPR site soon, but for now you can check out this sneak peak of a sneak peak.

Kiss Each Other Clean will be released 1/24.

Destroyer: 'Kaputt'

I’ve been loving the new Destroyer single, ‘Kaputt.’ How can you not love a song that blends Kenny G saxophone fills with a baseline reminiscent of the Twin Peaks theme. Um, well, I love it anyway.

The Gutter Opens Doors To The Back Room

This Friday, Williamsburg’s original bowling alley will be going the route of live music– and beefing up the competition with that larger and newer fellow bowling venue around the corner.

The new 1,000 square foot space, aptly named The Back Room, will be host to what so far look like consistent $5 concerts– kicking off with The Runaway Suns, Sorceress, and Haunted Boots on opening night.

In addition to the shows, the 100 person capacity venue will be available to rent for private parties (with catering from some of our local faves like Fette Sau and Papacitos) as well as doubling as a DIY movie theater. And we couldn’t sell it better than the folks from The Gutter themselves…

Tired of sneaking sixers into the Regal Cinema at Union Square? In the Back Room you don’t have to. Your $9 admission ticket includes two cans of SlyFox beer to enjoy DURING THE SHOW! Check out our calendar or follow us on FaceBook and Twitter for upcoming screening dates and showtimes.

Two drinks and a movie for 9 bucks? Here’s hoping indieScreen will follow suit…

Red Jacket Orchards Giving Away Free Juice Tomorrow

If you’re lucky enough to live off the Bedford L stop, tomorrow from 7-11AM you’ll be able to get a free fresh-pressed tart cherry nectar juice from Red Jacket Orchards as a thank you for supporting local agriculture as well as a reminder that they’ll be at The McCarren Park Greenmarket throughout the Winter selling apples, various seasonal fruits, jams, and cider. We love anything that is gratis, especially when it’s delicious juice.