Rob Brezny of Free Will Astrology on the Zodiac Sign Miscalculations

Since some people have gotten their chakras all out of wack about their astrological signs being altered by shifts in the Earth’s axis, a friend of the site — an Aries who found herself suffering an identity crisis after being transformed into a Pisces — decided to contact Rob Brezny of Free Will Astrology to get some clarity on the matter. Here’s what he had to say:

The astrological signs are not defined by, nor do they have anything to do with, the constellations you see in the sky. Thousands of years ago, when both astrological and astronomical thinking were based on insufficient data, the names of the constellations happened to be paired with the astrological signs. Today, those pairings are no longer in sync: Astrological signs do not line up with the constellations in the same way they did way back then, due to the precession of the equinoxes.

However, the work of modern Western astrologers has nothing to do with stars or constellations. Rather, their relevant data have to do with the movements of the planets in our own solar system within a zone of influence defined by the relationship between the Earth and Sun. The key demarcation points in that relationship are the equinoxes and solstices. At the Northern Hemisphere’s vernal equinox, which occurs on about March 20th of each year, the Sun enters into the sign of Aries. At the Northern Hemisphere’s summer solstice, the sun enters into the sign of Cancer. The location of the constellations is irrelevant; the “influence of the stars” isn’t considered.


So there you have it. The Babylonians — who came up with this astrology stuff — couldn’t tell their heads from their solstices. Now it’s, um, science. Of course, I don’t believe any of this stuff anyway since I’m a Pisces, the wisest sign in the Zodiac.

Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!

At least Mayor Bloomberg is proud of himself.  In a press release he said the city’s response to the snow this morning showed it had fixed the problems that plagued the much griped about handling of the Dec. 26 blizzard.  Arguably, this most recent snow was not as bad as last month’s, but the official record indicated  9.1 inches in Central Park.  It was worse in other parts of the city, but I swear the BQE never looked that bad from where I was looking on my buddy’s fire escape. Snowpacalypse 2010 reached upwards of 20 inches in some areas, but I gues we shouldn’t belittle the city’s efforts.  According to WNYC:

The mayor vowed a faster and more efficient response to the storm this time. There were 106 private contractors helping to clear the city’s tertiary street and 1,000 laborers who cleared bus stops and cross walks.  “Our goal for this storm was not merely to get back to business as usual,” Bloomberg said. “Our goal was to deploy a more effective snow response operation than ever, more aggressive and more accountable, based on the lessons that we learned in the last storm and that’s what we’ve done.”

Thanks, Mike. That just means we had to go to work today. Winter is far from over, but im already tired of it.  Check this vid from last month:

Crif Dogs Brooklyn Officially Open

Last week we posted that Crif Dogs was set to open their Williamsburg outpost sometime the following week. The great news came today that they’re finally open and ready for business! We can hardly wait to give them a try. Eater reports:

The space boasts a collection of old skate boards, a couple of vintage video games, a hot dog mosaic, and plenty of seating for the local deep fried hot dog lovers. And now, she’s open to the public. Expect the usual roster of specialty dogs like the John John Deragon, the Tsunami, the BLT, the Garden State, and the Spicy Redneck along with some breakfast sandwiches (coming soon!) and a coffee window. They’re open from 7 AM – 1 AM during the week and until 3 AM on weekends.

Crif Dogs is located at 555 Driggs Street. 718.302.3200.

Search for Brooklyn Oenology's next wine label artist

Have you been to Brooklyn Oenology’s wine bar? You should, its got a nice vibe and it’s totally affordable. They get to sell wine on the cheap since they are actually a tasting room, and can sell you a bottle at retail that you then get to drink on the spot. To further distinguish themselves in the crowded Brooklyn wine market, they have art as their wine labels-and now want your pretty little project to grace their bottles.

From the release:
Since 2005, Brooklyn Oenology, a unique urban winery using local grapes and production, has been showcasing and supporting Brooklyn-based artists by featuring local art on their eclectic wine labels. Each vintage, blend, and varietal highlights a new work selected by winemaker Alie Shaper from some of the borough’s brightest creative talents.

In celebration of the new year, the opening of BOE’s new Tasting Room in Williamsburg, and the upcoming spring debut of some exciting new wines, Brooklyn Oenology is thrilled to announce an open search for the artist to be featured on our next release, the 2010 Sauvignon Blanc- a refreshing varietal sure to be a summer hit!

I’m not so much of a white wine type of artist myself but, who knows? More details on how to get your art on a wine bottle are at NYFA.

C to the M to the Y to the Killah!

Ecstatic Music Festival

The Ecstatic Music Festival at Merkin Concert Hall seems like a great way to bring together a lot of rad talent that you wouldn’t necessarily see together.

…more than 150 composers, songwriters and performers re-defining contemporary music come together for collaborations exploring the fertile terrain between classical and popular music.

It kicks off this weekend, with a panel discussion featuring Dan Deacon, Nico Muhly, Valgeir Sigurosson, Missy Mazzoli and Tristan Perich. On Monday, there is a free SEVEN HOUR music marathon, featuring Muhly, Buke and Gass and a slew of other people. Free!

During the week Dan Deacon and So Percussion will team up for what will probably be a chaotic and amazing performance. Check out the video below for a taste of what to expect from that.

You can get tickets to any of the performances and check out the entire program schedule at the Ecstatic website.

Ecstatic Music Festival: Dan Deacon & So Percussion from Kaufman Center on Vimeo.

Rebel Bingo this Saturday

It’s a sad day when you realize the word rebel makes you think of the Confederate soldiers and the role that Northern aggression played in the Civil War. I’ve been reading way too much of the Disunion blog.

Hopefully, this rebel bingo in the Williamsburg this weekend is light on secession and heavy on the…Johnny Walker? Is that rebellious? How about indoor smoking? How does one make bingo rebellious?

Info at this Rebel Tumblr here and Info at this Rebel website here. Rebel tickets here. Let us know how the rebelling goes.

Who saw the camels on Sunday?

(Via Bill Luken’s Flickr)