Sarah Palin Battle Hymn

An “inspiring” way to end MLK day. And by inspiring, I mean I just jabbed my eyes out with a flag lapel.

ARMS Piano's residency

Starting in February, Todd Goldstein’s ARMS will be taking up residence at Piano’s. Every Wednesday, they will be joined by different guests (including someone super secret on February 23!). Check out all dates and lineups below.

Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta: 'Neu Chicago'

Neu Chicago – Clive Tanaka y su orquesta from Clive Tanaka on Vimeo.

Support A Poetry Movement Taking Hold In Brooklyn

Last night I fought the cold to visit Brooklyn’s Outpost Lounge – packed & rowdy for a gathering of SUPERMACHINE : a monthly poetry journal founded by poet and publisher Ben Fama and friends that has been putting on reading events for almost two years now. The readings were sublime; a joyous respite from the usual pretensions of said affairs.

They have two issues of the SUPERMACHINE journal published thus far and are now going through Kickstarter to try and fund the 3rd and 4th issues. A $30 donation or more gets you a year’s subscription + 2 signed chapbooks; $100 or more gets you a lifetime subscription (better hold them to it).

At present their rule stands that poets may read only once at the reading series, in an effort to maintain a freshness in the poetry scene. Those who read are encouraged to submit; open submissions are accepted also. Support your local (punk) scene here, folks!

Tonight: Fireside Follies #4

Attention all literary types: Tonight is the fourth installment of the excellent new reading series, Fireside Follies, at Brooklyn Fire Proof. Mike Lala and Eric Nelson have brought in an all-star lineup of writers to share their tales with us. Tonight’s lineup is as follows:

-novelist Arthur Nersesian, author of Mesopotamia
-poet Eileen Myles author of Inferno
-artist Julia Wertz author of Drinking at the Movies
-novelist Justin Taylor author of Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever
-poet Tom Oristaglio
-guest DJ A.P. Smith.

So come out to Brooklyn Fire Proof at 7 p.m. tonight and the third Saturday of every month. You can drink, socialize and hear some excellent writing straight from the horses’ mouths.

Matt and Kim DJ under the stars

The Fader’s One Step Beyond series at the Museum of Natural History is a lot of fun. It’s a blast listening to great music, looking up and seeing the stars (even if they are artificial), looking to your left and seeing an actual meteor that fell to earth, partying in the museum. I always kind of feel like I’m going to bump elbows with an astrophysicist at any moment.

Tonight, Matt and Kim will headline the event with a DJ set. If they are as good at DJing as they are at smiling and providing positive energy, then everyone is in for a treat. Hopefully they will toss that banging Mike D remix of “Sidewalks” into the mix.

Opening for them are Araabmuzik, Nacey and Activaire DJs. Billed as “The Best Museum Party in NYC,” let’s hope it lives up to its name. Tickets are $25, but that includes a trip to come back to the museum when you sober up.

Burgundy Stain Sessions at Le Poisson Rouge

Doveman and friends are coming to Le Poisson Rouge on Friday. I’m not sure if this is more of a variety show or a look-how-cool-my-friends-are show. Either way it will probably be very fun, very enjoyable and chocked full of special guests. (Rumor has it St. Vincent will pop by, but we’ll have to wait and see.)

I’m thrilled to announce the Burgundy Stain Sessions at Le Poisson Rouge, a monthly series of collaborative concerts featuring Doveman and friends. These shows are inspired by the salons organized by my friends Michael and Sean at their Chelsea apartment, The Elevated Hole, and will be a forum for me and my friends to try out new material, showcase new bands, explore new collaborations, and drink. Each month there will be a different set of guests (although there will be plenty of repeat performers) a completely new show, and as the series goes on, expect to see not just other musicians, but writers, filmmakers, visual artists and more.

Tickets for Friday are sold out. But if you don’t feel like waiting out in the cold in the hopes of scalping a ticket, they are still on sale for the next two shows on February 8thMarch 16th.

New York Sports Bars for the Sports-Averse

It’s playoff season. If you hate sports as much as I do, but hate missing out on the gluttony, I’ve got a new piece for you on The Awl:

With the NFL playoffs underway, multitudes of jock-averse women and effeminate, girlie men (like me) find themselves facing a challenging predicament over the next couple of weeks. On one hand, forgoing a “Millionaire Matchmaker” marathon on Bravo to watch a playoff game at a sports bar seems excruciating. Still, missing out on the camaraderie and, more importantly, the gluttony of the playoffs is even more upsetting. After all, nothing’s more fun than gorging oneself on well-prepared wings, burgers and quality beer, activities which can make any sporting event—even basebal!—entertaining.

The question, of course, is where can New Yorkers go to make the experience bearable. Those who are disinclined to jerseys, vomit, beer pong and getting their asses beat, should obviously steer clear of Nevada Smiths, the Pourhouse and the other frat houses that make up Third Avenue’s bro-row. Especially since there are plenty of superior alternatives. Granted, there’s no way to avoid the crowds or the meatheads when a big game is on, but here are a few establishments worth checking out for those among us more interested in the food and the beer than the homoerotic opera known as the NFL.

Find out where to go over at The Awl.