Ribs, Pie, & BBQ Baked Beans Coming Soon

c/o Grub Street

If you love Southern Cooking and are looking for a new place to get your fix in Williamsburg, you’re in luck with the upcoming opening next Tuesday the 25th of Mable’s Smokehouse. Mable’s Smokehouse is owned by couple Meghan Love and Jeff Lutonsky who wanted simple and traditional Southern food. They promise to deliver borracho beans, Rotel-Velveeta dip, Luzianne sweet tea, hot links imported from Schwab’s in Oklahoma City, pulled-pork tamales, and, of course, pie. The selection of alcoholic drinks will be limited, with offerings of three vodkas, two gins, and a few bourbons.

Mable’s Smokehouse. 44 Berry St., entrance on N. 11th St., Williamsburg; 718-218-6655

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti played Fallon

With all those glitter shirts and pink tights and smooth jams, this really seems like the prom night we all would’ve loved. Ariel Pink and his Haunted Graffiti hit Fallon with “Round and Round” from Before Today. Ariel looks about as aloof as ever here, but it’s a great debut late-night performance.

Shea Stadium recording archives available

Ever go to a sweet show at Shea Stadium but (for some reason or other) the night seems a little hazy or forgetty in your memory? Or maybe you just want a copy of the performance on tape? Or you want to check out some bands you’ve heard buzz about on the internet? Well now Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium is making available a whole bunch of recordings from its archive for free on its website. You can download sets from So-So Glos, Ducktails, Screaming Females, and so many more.

In related news, Joan of Arc are playing Shea Stadium tomorrow with Soft Circle. Hopefully this will be recorded and archived on the site, as they intend on updating regularly as more bands play the venue. I’ve got some listening to catch up on.

(via Altered Zones)

Transportation Alternatives Barraging Lawmaker with "E-Faxes" to Stop Anti-Bicycling Proposal

Are you trembling, Councilmember Eric Ulrich? Transportation Alternatives has asked its supporters to send you angry faxes, a result of your “draconian” bike bill wherein we have to wear license plates like scarlet letters on our bicycles. It’s kind of an asshole proposal on your end, bicyclists say, and for that, you’re about to get yo’ ass faxed.

From their email:

As reported by the NY Post, Councilmember Eric Ulrich wants to introduce a draconian anti-bicycling bill that would require all New Yorkers to register their bicycles. Councilmember Ulrich has made bicyclists a scapegoat. His proposal will stop people from riding bicycles and make bicycling less safe. We need your help to stop his plans.

They ask you send an e-fax–which I assume is like making someone’s fax machine print out your email–telling the Councilmember “I strongly oppose your bicycle registration proposal and urge you to withdraw it without delay.” What’s your bike stand?

Nirvana is free at Yoga to the People Brooklyn

Score one for cash-strapped zen-seekers: Yoga to the People celebrates the grand opening of  the studio’s first Brooklyn location this weekend – and in doing so, it’s giving more expensive hot yoga practices off the Bedford stop a serious run for their money.

Located on North 11th between Roebling and Driggs, the latest Yoga to the People opens officially next Monday, but this weekend (January 22 and 23) all hot yoga classes are FREE. Just make sure to head to their website — located here — beforehand; there’s only 50 spots available per class, and you have to sign up to guarantee a place in class. Didn’t get to the website on time? Most of the YTTP classes in Manhattan are very reasonably priced (between $5-10 per class), so chances are you won’t have to break the bank to achieve nirvana here on opening day.

Mister Heavenly covered the Oblivians

Nick Thorburn of Unicorns + Honus Honus of Man Man + Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse + George Michael Bluth. Already this equation is getting pretty out of control awesome. But then when you throw in them covering “Bad Man” by the Oblivians the math just gets wrecked. Who cares about math anyway?

PHOTO GALLERY: Underground Rebel Bingo Strikes AGAIN!

Rebel Bingo @ Public Assembly on January 15, 2011 [Read more…]

The Norse Goddess of Williamsburg Parking

Ingrid the Norse Parking Goddess

Photo by CJ Donoghue

Has been spotted on Bedford and Broadway. If any one of you has already pressed Ingrid’s button, let us know.