Savalas Closing This Week

c/o NY Mag

According to NY Mag dance spot Salvalas is scheduled to close this week. They report:

Its Facebook page doesn’t give a reason, but an update posted yesterday says “The end is near. Come get a lethal dose of Savalas before we shut our doors. T-minus 6 days.” The bar has changed its profile photo to text: “THE SONG ‘THE FINAL COUNTDOWN’ IS NOW PLAYING IN YOUR HEAD.” Back in September, a bar employee sent an e-mail to DJs banning hip-hop, and explained, “the crowd at Savalas has been changing recently. Our old regulars are coming around less, drug dealers, meat heads, dare I say *gasp* New Jersey kids are coming around more.”

Foodswings Party

Good news, vegans! As if it weren’t good enough having Foodswings around to let you indulge in delicious burgers, wings, mac and cheese and even their own version of the Double Down while still sticking to your morals. As if this spot wasn’t the saving grace for drunk herbivores craving a late-night feast. As if you haven’t brought all of your meat-eating friends here and said “Look! Vegan food can taste good!” On top of all that, they are throwing a party. Tomorrow you can show them your appreciation and help them celebrate their anniversary.

The festivities include special anniversary food specials (yum!), free beer (glug!) and prize giveaways (cha-ching!). Here’s to many more years of vegan fast food!

Zs Record Release Show at Knitting Factory

Is this going to be like Bill and Ted or Die Hard where the sequel is as good as the original? Or is the new Zs record going to follow the sad tradition of many sequels and flop? I’m anticipating the former. Tonight, join the band at the Knitting Factory as they release New Slaves II: Essence Implosion, the follow up to last year’s amazing New Slaves, a chaotic, noisy electronic masterpiece.

In addition to being Zs record release show, the lineup at Knitting Factory tonight looks pretty rad. Baltimore’s spazzy Ecstatic Sunshine, electronic mastermind Cex, Thee Majesty (featuring Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle), and DJ DRUZZ of The Rapture will all appear tonight. All of these artists have also contributed to Essence Implosion, remixing tracks from Zs previous release. Believe that this is a much better Monday night lineup than How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement.

The show is $12, doors are at 7. Expect a weird/awesome time.

City Journal on Korean Groceries

Photo via Timothycgoodwin’s Flickr

Of course, what’s an article on Korean grocers without mentioning Khim’s Millennium Markets? They also manage to get in a reference to the hipster clientele, which has proven to be catnip for journalists.

FILM REVIEW: The Housemaid

The screenplay for The Housemaid, a new thriller from South Korea, must have had audience reactions written in the margins. Because the narrative should be familiar to all of us, we react not because we don’t expect the film’s more violent and erotic moments, but because cues are being given to us. While watching the shirtless and well-toned husband leave his pregnant wife in their bed and creep downstairs to find his young new housemaid reading topless, our eyes don’t widen out of free will – we’re simply doing what we’re told.

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Joan of Arc played Shea Stadium

Joan of Arc are a band unstuck in time. Not because of Tim Kinsella’s Suicidal Tendencies t-shirt, or Bobby Burg’s trucker hat, or the stack of cassette tapes on the merch table of all their old recordings. But, despite having been a band for the past 15 or so years, they have still not succumbed to indie rock mores or made themselves easily compartmentalized into the sub-genre-of-the-weeks. They’re not one step ahead, nor one step behind, but the rotating cast of characters that make up Chicago-based Joan of Arc seems to be sidestepping the scene altogether. [Read more…]

Ticket Giveaway: Stadiums & Shrines and Neon Musical Insight Showcase

You all remember the awesome Stadiums & Shrines — our partners in crime for the FREEwilliamsburg CMJ Showcase blowout at Glasslands this past summer. Well, the awesome music blog has partnered up with Neon Musical Insight to throw another perfect night of music, booze and dancing at Cameo Gallery tomorrow night!

Luckily for all of you, it’s only $8 and will include the musical musings of such favorites as SOARS, Headless Horsemen, Com Truise and the lovable Kohwi. Moreover, one of you fantastic readers will be winning a pair of tickets to a show that has a flying walrus on the flyer– and we all know there’s nothing cooler than flying sea dwellers, right!?

What’s better is that each blog has posted mixtapes to preview the night, which you can grab here and here.

So comment below for your chance to feel the same exhilarated joy as a young Jason James Richter!

PHOTO: NYPD Clown Patrol Helpfully Blocks W'Burg Bridge Bike Path

Jesse S., who took this photo, tells me officers were handing out pamphlets on bike safety and “ticketing everybody for everything.” My favorite part, as you can see above in Exhibit A, is the helpful construction sign asking, “What’s going on here?” on behalf of us humans. Somebody, answer this bridge’s sign.