Das Racist bigging up their brand

I get the feeling that Anthony Bourdain is a dude who Googles himself all the time. Searching the internet and finding the Das Racist song “Ek Shaneesh” that mentions his name is the only reason I can think of why Heems and Victor would show up on his holiday special. For some reason they are eggs in his fridge – maybe some kind of commentary of being brown eggs or something.

This Bourdan appearance may have something to do with what they were talking about in their recent New York Times interview.

Vazquez: We’re bigging up our brand so that we can make more money.

Suri: To buy things. I want to start dressing more like a British colonialist in a red coat and maybe lighten my skin with that money.

Fireside Follies III

The Fireside Follies reading series continues its run in Bushwick next Saturday. As first reported back in September, area writers Michael Lala and Eric Nelson created the monthly readings to add to Bushwick’s continuing development as an exciting new art scene, and help local writers find a vehicle for sharing their work with an interested audience. The literary festivities, some traditional and some a little more experimental, allow for amateur writers, professionals, and everyone in between to meet, interact, and have a good time. Always free, and on the third Saturday of every month at Brooklyn Fireproof, the third installment of the program is on Dec. 18. According to the curators:

“Fireside Follies” showcases works from various aspects of literature, including fiction, memoir, poetry, and creative nonfiction; established authors, ‘zine writers, poets, and visual artists will contribute alongside up-and-coming talent. The third reading in the series will feature Matt Gross (NY Times Frugal Traveler ) and Andy Smith (Welcome to the Land of Cannibalistic Horses), as well as writers Jonny Diamond (Editor-in-Chief, The L Magazine), Katelan Foisy (Blood and Pudding), and Brandon Lake. Special guest this month is Brooklyn-based musician Elizabeth Devlin, releasing her 7-inch record “Ladybug.”

New Bossasaurus Remix and download

They also put out a less club-y remix of a Wu-Tang track that isn’t half-bad. Download Mama’s Back here.

Loft Law Update & Tenants Info Meeting

Heard those horror stories about getting kicked out of illegal lofts and scared it could happen to you? This meeting is for you, helpfully organized by our one and only Ryan Kuonen (who represents some of you burg folks on Community Board 1):

Basement @ Lutheran Church of the Messiah
129 Russell St

Wednesday, December 8 · 7:30pm – 9:00pm

From the Facebook Event:

Things are heating up in the Loft world, whether it’s artist requirements in SOHO or landlord/tenant disputes right here in Bushwick, the city and the press are beginning to take real notice of loft tenant issues. It’s time for us to organizing our buildings in Greenpoint & Williamsburg and unite as a community to stand up for loft tenant rights.

There is A LOT of confusion and misinformation out in the streets about this law and its protections and machinations. The purpose of this meeting is to address the confusion and to start organizing.

Finally, we know that many buildings are working hard to organize a loft law application. Whether you are still searching for your three qualifying units or are looking for more people to join the application, take this opportunity to invite your neighbors to come learn about the loft law first hand.

For more info:


The teeming music landscape of NYC can be a headache to navigate, even if you’re an avid show-goer. Hopefully my round-up of acts to see (and be seen seeing) this week will prove to be a point in the right direction.


  • 12/6-12/8: Yo La Tengo’s Hanukkah reign at Maxwell’s continues through Wednesday this week. So far, M. Ward, Jeff Tweedy and Mission of Burma have opened. But it’s sold out. Sucks to be you. May I suggest CraigsList?
  • 12/6: Diamond Rings (whose surprisingly enjoyable set I caught in the basement of Santos during CMJ) is all buzzy now. He plays with Austria at Mercury Lounge for only $10.  
  • 12/6: The head designer in your office is riding his Vespa to The New Pornographers and Ted Leo show tonight at Terminal 5. Tickets are still available and will run you around 40 bucks each.

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Neon Indian x Lars Larsen = "Mind, Drips"

By now, you super plugged in folks know quite a bit about Neon Indian, specifically frontman Alan Palomo. But when it comes to music videos, it’s always interesting to see how the director, or in this case visual artist Lars Larsen, interpret and expand the ultimate chimera of both parties. Taking a look at the literally drippy affects of Neon Indian’s “Mind, Drip” where we watch the cryptic love laden lyrics forming into perfectly vague actualization.

Larsen, an electronics designer and multimedia artist based out of Austin, Texas focuses on “synergistic relationships between technology and subject, and the resurrection of forgotten pre-Computer Age technologies,” all of which are blatant below. That’s right, vague and blatant at the same time.

Jeff Mangum played a tiny Bushwick show

It’s exciting to think that we live in a place where you simply can’t stop cool shit from happening. With no warning – and seemingly with no planning – something once-in-a-lifetime just pops up. Which is how we end up with a modern musical legend like Jeff Mangum playing a show at a loft in Bushwick to a crowd of about 75 people. He played a set of 10 classic Neutral Milk Hotel songs.

There’s still no word on if there are more upcoming Mangum shows. But maybe a one-time-only appearance is the most exciting thing of all. I’ll consider this show a Festivus miracle!

You can download the whole set here.

East Williamsburg

via josephx‘s flickr