Shai Hulud are playing ABC No Rio

I can’t think of any better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in mid-December than bro-ing down at a hardcore show at ABC No Rio. And we’re in luck! Tomorrow “the godfathers of technical, melodic metal/hardcore!” Shai Hulud are stopping by the small venue. You might want to stay in tonight and freshen up on your hardcore dance moves. Here’s a video of “My Heart Bleeds the Darkest Blood” to get you psyched.

Mac and Cheese

As if the recent opening of Brooklyn Mac wasn’t enough…

From the organizer:

Funds will go towards us staging a hilariously awesome and delicious circus—-slated for Summer 2011 production.

It’s called, “Halo of Bees.”

$10 to eat.
$25 to compete.

A Year at Rooftop Farms!

Food, drinks, live music and an 8pm auction to raise funds for our friends at Evolutionary Organics, whose barn just burned down. A year’s worth of photos from the farm will be on display.

Sponsors include Brooklyn Brewery, Evolutionary Organics, the Goddamn Cobras, Red Jacket Orchards, and musical by Two Lost Turkeys.

Conveniently right off the G’s Hoyt-Schermerhorn stop!

Le Comptoir Now Serving Booze & Dinner

We’ve been eating the amazing brunch at Le Comptoir for months and have eagerly been waiting for the day that they’re allowed to legally serve booze, which has finally arrived. In addition to the free flowing booze, dinner will also be offered (who can eat dinner without liquor)! Below is a sneak peek at their dinner menu, although it’s season and often changes.

Mushroom barley soup & slow poached egg 6
Autumn salad 6

Haricots verts, radicchio, blue cheese & toasted almonds
Warm goat cheese crostini 7
Mixed greens, shaved fennel & herb vinaigrette
Tuna tartare Japonais 8/14
Artichoke heart & goat cheese 8
Sauteed chicken livers, baby arugula, croutons & fig balsamic vinaigrette 8
Beef tongue, pickled chanterelles 7
Steak tartare “comme au bistro” 10/18
Charcuterie tasting & condiments 12
Cheese sampler from the first colonies 14

Tumbleweed, Hudson Red, Shaker sheep blue

Homemade potato gnocchi, shrimp, bacon, spinach 15
Seared pork tenderloin, sweet potato & Brussels sprouts 17
Shepperd’s pie, braised beef Bourguignon & mashed potatoes 16
Pan seared natural NY strip steak & chanterelles 26
Organic salmon “a la plancha”, braised lentils & sausage 17

All sides $4, brussels sprouts, lentils & sausage, skillet potatoes, mixed greens

All desserts $5 Floating island, chocolate mousse & tuile, poire Belle-Hélène, crème brulée

Add This To Your Holiday Party Calendar

Get Weird with Deakin

Utilizing guitar, loops, samples and vocals, Deakin builds a delicate balance between discord and ambience. Crackling with emotion, songs engulf him in chiming, clockwork sounds. From within this nebula, Deakin’s voice emerges, clear eyed and focused, while earthy, foot-stomp rhythms unfold slowly and powerfully, reaching towards an expression beyond language.

Josh Dibb did recently announce that he will be re-joining Animal Collective, after taking a break during their Merriweather Post Pavillion recording and touring. Thankfully, though, it looks like he’ll still be doing some solo work too. Although he hasn’t released a proper debut yet, the live videos and bootleg recordings going around prove that his spacey, drawn-out style is compelling and as intriguing as the solo work of AnCo cohorts Avey Tare and Panda Bear.

So let’s get weird, everyone! Tomorrow night, Deakin will be taking the stage at the New Museum (Do they have a stage? Or has the art world progressed beyond stages?) along with Prince Rama. Get Weird a monthly party series at the museum  aimed at bringing “experimental and freaky jams” to the public. Those are our favorite kinds of jams!

Doors are at 7:00. Admission is $12 for museum members or $15 for regular Joes like us.

How To Release a Panda Into The Wild

These days talk of China’s rising world status seems to go on ad infinitum, whereas I’ve posted about their drinking habits and view of the War on Terrorism lately, but I must admit I am most impressed with the dedication Chinese scientists have now taken in dressing up in panda costumes to decrease the ‘human contact’ during the reintroduction of cubs into the wild.

Or who the hell am I kidding, I just find it hilarious. Catch the rest of the pics over at huffpo.

Mike D remixed Matt and Kim

Ever think to yourself, “Sure, Matt and Kim are great if I want to sit around smiling all day, but what if I want to shake my ass?” I think Beastie Boy Mike D thought that. Which is why he offered up this remix of Sidewalks standout track “Cameras.” It really gets at the immediacy of the song’s lyrics – such a driving beat and booty-bopping synths makes you think there really might not be time for cameras, and that we really do need to make sure we are enjoying the party as it’s happening. With this on repeat, that won’t be that hard. Thanks, Mike!
Matt & Kim – Cameras (Mike D Remix) by mattandkim