NOT SAFE FOR WORK: Tinsel Teeth live at Cake Shop


On Friday night Providence, RI noise rock band Tinsel Teeth brought their very own brand of punk ruckus to the basement of Cake Shop. Please be advised that the below video edit of the set’s last 10 minutes contains what some might consider STRONG NUDITY. Enjoy at your own risk.


LePetit Cupcakery

Tasty Monday morning news: our favorite bite-sized bakery Le Petit Cupcakery will be opening a pop-up shop on Bedford Avenue in honor of Thanksgiving. The limited edition Holiday flavors sold at the shop will be pumpkin, burbon pecan, apple cider, carrot coconut, cranberry gingerbread, and a few of their traditional flavors including the amazing maple bacon cupcake that we can’t get enough of.

The pop-up shop is located at 129 N 6th Street and is open daily from Noon-7PM.

Skeleton$ Big Band played (le) Poisson Rouge

Skeleton$ Big Band played a killer set at (le) Poisson Rouge on Sunday. Why this band hasn’t yet blown up in a Dirty Projectors kind of way is a slightly beyond me. Below is a video edit of the first and last song from last night’s shindig.


The L.A. Burnout Compilation

We posted about this a while ago, but since I’ve been revisiting this great compilation, here it is again. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a mellow weekend.

From Aquarium Drunkard.

The L.A. Burnout comp was mailed to me in November from a longtime reader based in NYC, which coincidental arrived at the same time I was reading two books (Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock-and-Roll’s Legendary Neighborhood & Hotel California: The True-life Adventures of Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young) chronicling the late sixties-early seventies Laurel Canyon incestuous music scene. The L.A. Burnout mix has since proved to have been the perfect companion piece.
I am now sharing it here, in three parts, with ye Drunkard faithfuls. If you too live in Los Angeles, play this mix around dusk while driving through the hills or Topanga with the windows down — it’s the next best thing to time travel.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

PHOTOS: Creem Magazine Fall/Winter 2010 Issue Release Party at Donald Hill's

Creem mag dropped their F/W 2010 issue last night at the recently revitalized Donald Hill’s. The Dirty Pearls played live and people drank free vodka while flipping through the pages of the new mag!

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Ticket Giveaway: Morning Benders at Webster Hall with Cults and Twin Sister

Oh hey, you like Morning Benders!? And Cults too? What about Twin Sister?? Well then, we’ve got a show for you! On Thursday 11/18, all three of these super stellar bands will be taking the stage at Webster Hall for your entertainment pleasure and we’ve got tickets for one lucky reader!

With the Morning Benders release of Big Echo earlier this year, which included a co-producer credit from Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, the Brooklyn-by-Bay Area band had an instant hit. In the shadow of their debut that largely failed to reach a wide audience, Big Echo actually reverberated much like the hollow bouncing sound the album shares its name with. Their truly texturized sound has basically got us yearning for what comes next from them.

If you like the feeling of being enamored, I suggest this is a show you should not miss. And if you win, well, free tickets are nothing to shake a stick at. Comment below to enter to win!

New Panda Bear single "Last Night at the Jetty"

I didn’t know what a jetty was. So I looked up the definition expecting it to mean like a head shop or something herb-related. Turns out, though, it’s like a pier. But that still makes sense that Noah Lennox would be spending his evenings there. The new Panda Bear single “Last Night at the Jetty,” does sound both a little bit nautical and a little bit zonked out. Both in the way you’d expect to hear from any Animal Collective-related project.

Panda Bear – Ponytail/Last Night at The Jetty/Benfica/Comfy/Slow Motion (“Jetty” at 3:16)

You can pre-order the single, along with B-Side “Drone,” now or wait til it drops (in limited quantity) on December 6. The original SoundCloud post has been taken down, but for now you can still listen to the track over at Hype Machine.

FILM REVIEW: Tiny Furniture

To put it simply, Tiny Furniture is a film about post-college malaise. After graduation and a break-up, 22-year-old Aura (writer/director Lena Dunham) comes home to New York intending to move in with her best friend who has yet to arrive from their Ohio college. In the meantime, she returns to her mother’s apartment/art studio in Tribeca with an irritatingly successful 17-year-old sister (who has re-purposed Aura’s old bedroom into a “special space”), her quietly loving artist-mom, a few old friends, and two guys who may or may not be boyfriend material. We’ve seen this story countless times, but rarely has it been this stark and honest.

Using a stationary camera, Dunham captures snapshots of of these situations and characters with a confident eye and dry sense of humor. We see her fight with her sister, sulk with her mother, barely stay conscious at a new day-hostess job, and awkwardly attempt to woo a couple of guys. Desperate for anything, she lays everything out on the table. Though it lacks any memorable narrative hook and is populated with characters whom we can relate to more in theory than in reality, it’s that emotional frankness that makes Aura’s story one worth watching. Though not much changes for Aura during the film, Tiny Furniture grabs you strongly enough that after it ends, you hope something will.

Dunham has made a quiet, honest film that understands well the desperation, loneliness, and uncertainty of that time before total independence and after your old bedroom has been re-purposed, so simply calling it a film about post-college malaise may seem reductive. But what Dunham also understands is that sometimes, perhaps most of the time, you just want to call it “post-college malaise,” tell everyone to shut up, and figure out how the hell you’re going to move on.