Boy & Bear on the Big Ugly Yellow Couch

Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the acoustic session with Boy & Bear over at Big Ugly Yellow.

Holiday weed jam from Best Coast and Wavves

Now that Halloween is in the past, it is inevitable that the Christmas creep will begin. So Target is apparently jumping on the make-an-indie-holiday-comp game. Best Coast and Wavves teamed up for a song. “Got Something For You” is poppy and sun-tinged and saccharine with sleigh bells being the defining characteristic making it a Christmas song. Listen to this and the rest of the contributions to the compilation at the Target site, and hopefully catch them playing it live on their upcoming tours. Just don’t try to smoke the mistletoe this winter.

Zachary Cale played Zebulon

Zachary Cale was at Zebulon last night. Accompanied by Alfra Martini, the duo performed songs from Zach’s upcoming full length named “Noise of Welcome”. Below is a two song video edit of the show.

Scott Campbell's en fuego

c/o Olivier Zahm for the Purple Diary

Williamsburg-based tattoo and fine artist, Scott Campbell, got into a heated showdown with the folks who organized his sold-out show at Mexico City’s Vice Gallery (yes, that Vice) last week. Offended by an overbearing sponsorship and personal attacks, Campbell dismantled the show, dragged it to the sidewalk and lit the lot on fire. Maybe he was overreacting, but it was also kind of badass. Read the full story from Scott via Interview Magazine online.

$10 for $20 of food at Goods

Here’s your Tuesday morning deal: $10 for $20 worth of American Food at Goods. To purchase, visit here.

Hana Food to open Bushwick Location

A lot of people like the Angry Owl or the Pippin. Still others are into the Tofu Ruben, the Hana Jiang or even the Nicole, but I know I’m not the only one that gets down on the Shrek. A tofu cutlet, avocado, spinach, and hummus on a roll make this my favorite sandwich at Hana Food, the organic grocery and deli at 534 Metropolitan Avenue. Open 24 hours, with fresh produce, great sandwiches, and (mostly) organic groceries, Hana is a regular stop when getting off the train at Lorimer after work or looking for a late night snack, but it seems there will soon be another option. Hana is opening a second location, this one in Bushwick. According to it has been a slow and difficult process opening the new store. James Lee, the man who owns Hana Food, first applied for a certificate to open the store in June. The progress slowed with each new zoning permit and building code inspection, but the store is scheduled to open in the next two weeks, hopefully by Thanksgiving if all goes according to plan.  The new spot will be on Wyckoff Avenue near Starr Street, and will feature a separate wine shop.  What wine would you pair with vegan bacon?

Sufjan Stevens played Beacon Theater

I can hardly think of anything more joyful than dancing in a downpour of balloons in a beautiful old theater. Similarly, I can hardly think of a more joyful backdrop to this scene than Sufjan Stevens. The night ended with people kicking and tossing multiple-colored balloons into the air, the firework-like sound of several rabble rousers frantically popping them and hundreds of voices collectively repeating “All things go.” It was like the feeling of standing in the middle a casino floor – the euphoric chiming and colors and bright lights and the prospect that something great may be just ahead in your future.

The night was made up of a set of mostly material from the new LP The Age of Adz, Deborah Johnson’s projections of artist Royal Robertson’s drawings, neon body paint and some serious choreographed dancing. I had no idea Suf had these kinda of moves, but it was like some kind if futuristic soulful vogueing as he belted out tunes. The crowd welcomed the band back home to New York City and they seemed equally appreciative of this and gave a show that has been road-tested and perfected.

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Monday Night Plans: Get Boozed Up For A Good Cause

Tonight at Gallery Bar, you all have a chance to do something good with your alcoholism– a benefit for the Jukumu Letu Center of Kenya.

FREEwilly friend DJ Whitney Fierce will not only be entertaining us with her musical skills, but acts as director of the foundation which hopes to change the lives of the women and children living in the slums of Nairobi.

Miss Fierce will be heading to Kenya tomorrow to work in the community she hopes to aid with tonight’s event– which includes a star-studded DJ lineup, a photo installation by WMP, and cocktails.

There is a $10 suggested donation which can feed a Kenyan child for over a month. So don’t be a douche, come out and support!

10pm-4am, $20 shirts will be available to add to donations.