"Guilt-free Fur" Fashion Show?

“People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.” –Unknown

Sunday night, at the House of Yes, here in Williamsburg, a new line of fur heavy fashion will debut in a show called Nutria Palooza.  It’s billed as a cruelty-free alternative to traditional fur fashions.  Why, you ask? Because this fur comes from animals already killed as part of a Louisiana state initiative to control the animal’s population.  That’s right, Lousiana, and the animal, the nutria, or coypu is more commonly known as a swamp rat.  With help from a  grant from the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary Foundation, Cree McCree founded a line of products to utilize the leftover corpses of these state-deemed varmints, called Righteous Fur.  Louisiana started paying trappers by the pelt when the nutria, originally brought to the swamplands from South America for fur-farming, grew in numbers so great their population threatened the local eco-system.  In addition to the fleece, Righteous Fur uses the nutria’s distinctive bright yellow teeth in jewelry as well.  Their hide is being used to sole shoes. “If they’re being killed anyway..then why not make something beautiful out of them?” McCree told the Times.  As previously mentioned, nutria fur is nothing new, with fashionable Hollywood icons like Greata Garbo wearing it back in her day.  History seems to be repeating itself, with modern designers taking nutria notice. From the Times:

Designers like Billy Reid (who recently won a major fashion award…), Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta have incorporated nutria lining or trim in recent collections, and the fur has shown up on Etsy, the online store that specializes in handmade and vintage crafts, in the form of merkins — triangular patches sewn onto flesh-colored panties.”

Righteous Fur first debuted at a release in New Orleans, but Sunday, the show comes to the big city “guilt-free.” If only we could invent guilt-free alternatives to everything that weighs morally on our consciences. It evidently doesn’t even have to be very different than the guilt-filled alternative.  If you wanna check it out, you can get tickets here.

Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze made an amazing video

There has not been a music video this emotionally affecting in a long time. And it’s easy to say that the art form has lost its flare with every video online simply trying to be a viral success. But this Spike Jonze-directed piece for Arcade Fire’s title track from The Suburbs proves that there is still a definite need for beautiful music videos. This is absolutely beautiful.

This forms remix EP is going to be goood

The Forms never really came off as a band who would release an record of remixes. Their two albums are guitar-heavy, oddly-timed and rocked out (in a good way). But with the transformation into a two-piece of Alex Tween and Matt Walsh, the subtraction of guitars, and the addition of synthesizers and electronic drums, we get much different results.

Supposedly a result of putting the needle down on the record at the wrong speed, Derealization is an upcoming EP of remixes and reimaginings from the band’s previous releases Icarus and The Forms, featuring many big name guest stars. Members of St. Vincent, Pattern is Movement, The National and Dirty Projectors all dropped by to contribute to this EP. The first single features Andrew Thiboldeaux from Pattern is Movement. It’s called “Steady Hand,” but the original was called “Bones.” The remix is sped up and has some twinkling electronic elements added to the background and ghostly ethereal vocals. What I mean is: It’s good. Listen to it over at Stereogum.

Here’s a video of the band playing a version of their song “Stravinsky” this summer at the Knitting Factory. Not sure if this version will appear on Derealization or not. But I am sure that it is great and a good indication of what’s to come. Plus, they’re each wearing a headset microphone, so it’s worth watching just for that.

N.Y. Voter Turnout Sucks


According to unofficial returns, New York’s voter turnout was the lowest in the country this year. It was lower this past midterm than in the past 30 years. C’mon New Yorkers. Sure, the Republicans put up a joke of a ticket this year, even though two Senate seats and the governorship were up for grabs, but that is still no excuse. We had so many exciting, or at least, interesting candidates to choose from for Governor this year, and the Tea Partiers kept things entertaining. According to the Times:

“…about 40 percent of registered New Yorkers voted on Nov. 2. But an analysis by the United States Election Project at George Mason University found that only 32.1 percent of the 13.4 million who were eligible — citizens 18 and older who are not convicted felons — actually voted.”

Midterm turnout is always lower than in Presidential elections, but I hope more people are paying attention come 2012. Oh well, we are only in the middle of war and economic turmoil. Fuck it, meet me at BCC for a Super-Size.

Your Youth Premiere "Diamond" Video, We Get Hazy Flashbacks

If it looks like the people in this video are having a good time, well, it’s because most of us just consumed at least 80 ounces of malt liquor… and if you’ve ever tried to climb out onto a fire escape to smoke a cigarette with Colt 45s taped to your hands, then you know what I’m talking about.

Your Youth along with the wonderful Jay Buim, who shot this party gem documentary style, threw a house party that ended with not only some serious debauchery, but also with me falling down in the street from drunkeness– a feat that has never been accomplished before due to my Polish genes and high tolerance. So, mission accomplished.

Sadly, for all of you, that wasn’t caught on tape. Here’s what was:

Ticket Giveaway: Matthew Dear and Games at MHOW 1123

At Music Hall of Williamsburg next Tuesday, 11/23, get ready for a night of electronic bliss when Ghostly alongside OAK and Fixed bring us a night with the endearing and enduring Matthew Dear, fresh off his new record Black City and featuring a Live Band, with the sensational woozy nostalgic dreamscapes of GAMES and newcomer Noveller.

FREEwilly has (2) TICKETS to give to the best answer to this question in the comments section by midnight tomorrow:

What would make your perfect night of electronic music in NYC?

18+ | Doors: 8pm | Show: 9pm
$15 Advance | $15 Day of Show

Matthew Dear- I Can’t Feel

& some video weirdness from GAMES

See you there!

PS. sorry to any who noticed my WordPress troubles

From Bacteria to Boys was at University of the streets

University of the Streets is a sweet little not for profit community space in the East Village. Its very own living room/artist loft vibe made for a perfect environment for Mike Pride’s Quartet “From Bacteria To Boys”. Last night the band played two sets, both about an hour long, showcasing material from the recently released album “betweenwhile” (Aum Fidelity). Below is a two song video edit of the 10pm show.


Last Minute Plans: BeerTasting & Dinner at Loreley

Here’s a last minute plan for tomorrow night: a nine course beer tasting paired with a German dinner at Lorely Williamsburg from 7-10:30pm.

Rudi Eilers, a German beer expert, will introduce 9 different beers from Germany (list below) and discuss each beer’s origin, brewing method (top vs. bottom fermented) and unique flavors.

The tasting is combined with a three course dinner: Loreley Fall Salad to start, followed by either Sausage Platter with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes or Potato Pancakes with apple sauce & lingonberries and Blackforest Cake for the finale.

Beers that will be tasted:

1. Gaffel Kölsch – top fermented ale with a fresh taste from Cologne

2. Jever Pilsner – a wonderful pilsner with a strong bite

3. Spaten Lager – traditional aromatic Munich lager (aka Helles)

4. Spaten Ur-Maerzen – amber colored Maerzen, perfectly balanced with a touch of underlying sweetness

5. Weihenstephan – Hefeweizen from the world’s oldest brewery

6. Erdinger Dark – a full-flavored, refreshingly mellow wheat beer made from darkly roasted malt

7. Köstritzer Schwarzbier – the most popular dark beer in Germany, surprisingly light and fresh

8. HB Strong Bock – a bottom fermented light bock with powerful aromatic flavors

9. Einbecker Winter-Bock – a deep amber red beer with malty sweetness balanced by a hoppy bitter finish

Tickets are $29 and can be purchased here.