Coming to Williamsburg: Momofuku Milk Bar, Meatball Shop

This week in Manhattan-restos-jumping-the-river news, two items of note:

First, the Daily News and Brooklyn Paper report that Momofuku’s Milk Bar (original location, 207 2nd Ave btn 12th & 13th) will be opening a pop-up shop at  82 Metropolitan Avenue (near Havemeyer) through the holidays.

Get your fix of Momofuku’s offbeat baked goods, including compost cookies (pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, chocolate chips) and crack pies (toasted oat crust, gooey butter filling, cocaine – kidding) at the storefront, but come prepared to do some damage: the store is credit card only, and there’s a $20 minimum on purchases.

The Williamsburg Momofuku Milk Bar will shut down after the holidays, but Momofuku’s managers say a permanent Brooklyn store is definitely “in the cards” — an outpost located near the bakery’s industrial kitchen in Greenpoint seems like it could be a perfect fit.

Second, the owners of Lower East Side drunk-food favorite Meatball Shop have announced the location of their second outpost at 170 Bedford Avenue (btn N. 7th and 8th Sts).

There’s no doubt the area is ripe for carnivorous conquest — Fette Sau, Commodore and Pies ‘n’ Thighs have all made a meaty mark on the area —  and we can’t wait to enjoy the shop’s signature “family jewels” next summer in what the real estate listing for the space calls an “exceptionally large yard” which would serve well as an outdoor “dining area for a restaurant or cafe.”

Get Your Hump On With The Death Set Mixtape

From the lovely folks over at Mishka:

Those wacky Australian, now Brooklyn based funbags, The Death Set (changed spacing), have really gone and done it now.  This is an amazing 43-track party mix that will make for a great party but I wouldn’t put this on at a house party because it will turn into a whirling tornado of humping and grinding, bumping and jiving, slamming and sliding.

Don’t play this at a house party!? Puh-lease! I want to extend a special thanks to The Death Set kids for releasing the soundtrack to my birthday party just in time.

And if you want to get your hump on, swing by The Cove tonight to celebrate the release of Artificially Sweetened with open bars, a live performance, and DJ sets galore! Details after the jump…

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Profile – Jose Gonzales and Junip at Irving Plaza

Last Wednesday, while most of you crowded your ways onto packed trains and subjected yourself to unpleasant Homeland Security “enhanced” patdowns, the crew at Big Ass Lens spent the day soundchecking and chatting with Jose Gonzales and his longtime band, Junip. The result is this 5 1/2 minute profile of the band, which includes footage taken from our interview with Jose and Tobias, the soundcheck, and the last three songs of the set, which include two of the best tracks on their Fields LP, “Without You” and “Every Direction”. For more information on Junip, head over to the BAL website, where we also recently profiled killer guitarist Marnie Stern and Irish singer-songwriter Conor O’Brien of Villagers.

Vintage Jesus Freaks Psychedelia

Aquarium Drunkard just posted an interesting compilation of Christian psychedelia from the sixties and seventies:

This is so good. A couple of weeks back the guys at Crescere shot me an email hipping me to their latest creation; a two part compilation of super-obscure, often private press, outsider psychedelic guitar and folk music from the 60s and 70s… all with the underlying theme of the Jesus People’s Movement. From what I can tell a lot of this stuff has yet to be comped (though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time) making this collection all that much more interesting.

I was familiar with 2nd Chapter of Acts (don’t ask) but all of the others are new to me. If you can handle the proselytizing, this is certainly worth a listen and an interesting glimpse into a bizarre movement. Now excuse me while I go rock some some WinterBand.

Owner of 'Greenpoint Bikes' Detained in Immigration Facility, Lacking Toilet Paper, Food, Humanity

Earlier this fall, Pablo Airaldi, a 28-year-old bike messenger, opened a bicycle repair shop on Manhattan Avenue and called it Greenpoint Bikes.

Today, he is sitting in a shitty Hudson County, New Jersey immigration detention facility where he’s struggling to hang on to humanity. His crime? A 10-year-old aggravated felony conviction for stealing auto parts in Indiana when he was 18.

Here’s how the legal permanent resident describes the facility in a letter sent to friends, and obtained by The Brooklyn Paper:

“Try to ask for toilet paper and you are laughed at. We go months without feeling the sun, are forced to hand wash our underwear every night because we are only given one pair, go hungry if no one sends us money because the food is not enough and there is a 13-hour span from dinner to breakfast. Men begin to lose their sanity and then you can actually see them slip away, their light getting dimmer and dimmer with each indignity.”

He’s held while the government conducts its deportation hearings, and if all goes to plan, he’ll be shipped back to South America — a home he left at the tender age of 7.

If you’re curious about life in these terrifying whirlpools of ambiguity, read “Locked Up But Not Forgotten,” a document compiled by NYU’s Immigrant Rights Clinic, the American Friends Service Committee, and New Jersey Advocates for Immigrant Detainees. Also, if you’re friends with Pablo, give these organizations a call.

Below find a video he posted on Vimeo two years ago for a bike messenger racing team. It’s depressing to realize how quickly one can go from biking around the city like a maniac to begging for toilet paper in some shithole in New Jersey, watching your cellmates’ lights drip out of their lonely eyes.

Six Racing Promo — Playing in Traffic production from Pablo Airaldi on Vimeo.

UPDATE 11/30 12:36pm: Supporters can send donations to [email protected] using Paypal.

Spotted: Meatlicious Calexico Cart Under BQE on Metro

The Vendley Brothers, owners and operators of the award-winning Calexico Cart(s), are testing the cold, barren waters at Metropolitan Avenue under the BQE for a new location this week. I spotted them Monday night and asked what the hell they were doing in the neighborhood, myself having been a fan last year while working near their cart in SoHo, and was told they had been there for a few days, feeling out the demand at night, with the plan to stick around for a bit to feel out the neighborhood reception. You’ll find them there each week night, until 9 or so, and on the weekends a bit later. Go grab a carne asada burrito with the crack sauce, and help convince the Vendley’s to stay.

Bradford Cox vs. Sony Music

While stuffing yourself with tofurkey and beer, were you listening to Bradford Cox’s rad bedroom recordings that he released last week? Apparently someone at Sony was, and they got pissed.

Four volumes of home recordings – unreleased jams from the man behind Deerhunter and Atlas Sound – were put up online throughout last week. Pretty rad to be giving this stuff out for free as a holiday treat. But then, Bradford got an e-mail from Sony informing him that volumes two through four were removed due to “unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted sound recordings owned or exclusively.” But…neither Deerhunter nor Atlas Sound are on the Sony label. They are on 4AD and Kranky, respectively. The only logical explanation comes from Cox himself saying, “Apparently Sony Music Owns my bedroom. Feel free to call or email and let them know what you think.”

Naturally, the files have been put back up online. (Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4) Take THAT big corporations! Download the mixtapes for yourself and write to Sony making sure they don’t own your bedroom too, because what you’re doing in there might be worse than recording indie tunes.

Leland Sundries: "Elegy" – Filmed at a Tugboat Graveyard in Staten Island

A great new video by Greenpoint band Leland Sundries with some cool [kinda] local footage: