Another One Bites the Dust

The New York Department of Buildings is coming down hard on illegal lofts in Brooklyn. The latest shutdown, a building near Lorimer St. on Metropolitan Ave. was home to 40-50 residents. According to reports, these poor fools were given less than 24 hours notice to vacate the premises. From the Brooklyn Paper:

“[Inspectors] told us we can’t take a s—t, shower or use the kitchen — we just have to go before they padlock the doors,” said longtime resident NAME REDACTED, who lives with a handful of others on the fifth floor. “We’re young, we don’t have savings. We had no idea about the problems here.”

As G.I. Joe reminded us, “knowing is half the battle,” and in reality, it was probably less than safe for all those young starving artist kids to be living in the run-down building. According to the city, the building is zoned for commercial use only, and there are over 150 safety and environmental cases open against the building, including an improperly working elevator, unsound staircases, and blocked emergency exits. The kicker, is that tenants claim they were on leases. I guess that’s why they’re suing the building’s owners, who are suddenly pretty difficult to reach.

Sometimes, a  sweet deal on a sick loft really is too good to be true.

Brooklyn Man and His Son Send a Camera Into Space

Brooklyn resident and founder of the self-proclaimed Brooklyn Space Program Luke Geissbuhler, along with his son, Max, sent a balloon with a camera attached to it into space. Wow! Here’s to hoping some Brooklynites can take a lesson from Copenhagen Suborbitals, two self-employed thirtysomethings in Denmark who are single-handedly making that country the fourth in the world to put a manned vehicle into space.

The Definitive Guide to Picking Up Hipster Girls

Memo to the single gentlemen and samesexual curious ladies of Ye Olde Williamsburg: Erica Sackin‘s outlined the definitive steps to picking up a hipster girl over at The Awl today. These things aren’t usually published on the interent for public eyeballs to peruse without your ponying up $19.99 for the limited edition DVD (w/ laser lighter special gift if you order now!). We suggest you go give it a read and get back to us if she, a now self-admitted hipster girl, has left off any glaring ommissons!

I’m not sure why you’d actually want to know how to pick up a young hipster woman. We’re all too-skinny obnoxious know-it-alls who sneer at you for listening to last year’s Billboard Charts topper (unless it’s Lady Gaga, of course). Maybe you like the masochism, I don’t know. Maybe you have a tattoo fetish. Maybe going to rock shows and eating all-organic locally sourced beef and/or vegan meals found in dumpsters is cheaper than that new Ferrari you’d otherwise get in your quarter or mid-life crisis. Maybe you’ve been reading the collected works of Mystery the Pickup Artist and want to expand your repertoire (in which case, stop; there’s a strong chance you shouldn’t be dating any girls, anywhere, ever). Maybe you’re a slightly nerdy boy in a low-fi surf rock band who loves to bake his own pies but is too desperately shy to work up the nerve to talk to the gorgeous brunette with half her head shaved and a tattoo of some Joy Division lyrics on her thigh (in which case, you’re adorable, email me). Whatever your reason, it’s obvious you’re going to need some help. Because I’ve seen you doing it wrong.

Go read the whole thing.

Quick Cliff’s Notes for ya:

Step One: Come to us.
Step Two: Yes, just talk to us.
Step Three: Don’t be creepy.
Step Four: Bone up on pop culture.
Step Five: It’s not called flakiness, it’s called letting your plans evolve.

Win Tickets to the SPIN and Ray-Ban Party

CMJ should keep you busy this week, but one lucky reader should save space in their calendar for Thursday night. That’s because we’re giving away a pair of tickets to the Rare Finds party, presented by SPIN and Ray-Ban.

Local Natives are headlining, and Titus Andronicus will also playing a set. It’s a private event, so CMJ badges won’t get you in — plus there will be free booze, a DJ Set from Geologist of Animal Collective and (we’re guessing) plenty of Wayfarers.

The party kicks off at 9pm on the 21st, at the firehouse at 87 Lafayette Street.

For your chance at a pair of tickets, please follow @freedubya on Twitter and send us an @reply using the hashtag of the evening: #rarefinds. We’ll be picking one follower on Wednesday to win two tickets to the party.

Watch: Deerhunter play new jams "Memory Boy", "Don't Cry" Live

What better way to counter your Monday morning misery, than to catch some fresh and exclusive footage of Deerhunter playing in Manhattan last Friday? Probably one of the most hyped bands nowadays, Deerhunter have been cleaning up with monster critical acclaim from their latest album Halcyon Digest. Those lucky enough to get into the sold out show were treated to a diesel 15 song set that touched upon nearly all of their records. For a taste of it, check out the sweet BIG ASS LENS footage below of “Memory Boy”, “Rainwater Cassette Exchange” and “Don’t Cry”. More video of Deerhunter playing “Desire Lines”, “Hazel Street” and “Never Stops” over at BAL.

Listen to their entire DC concert (NPR)
Amid Cacophony and Rapture, a Plaintive Quality Prevails (NYT Review)

Lighning Bolt, Dan Deacon and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone played Masonic Temple

Dan Deacon Ensemble

The best and worst thing about DIY shows is that you don’t know what is going to happen. We aren’t in a situation where bands have elaborate riders with bowls only the green M&Ms or a long list of lighting cues or – really anything. The live music atmosphere that so many of us grew up with and are still a part of today is one where bands will play anywhere (how many shows did you go to in VFW halls growing up?), they roll up in their busted and dirty vans, the venues are serving cheap beer out of cases they bought from the deli down the street and there is a room full of sweaty, passionate and appreciative people. It is in this scene where anything can go wrong, or go oh-so right, or be an amazing combination of the two. Something only seen here and in this moment in time. I would say the show at the Ridgewood Masonic Temple on Friday night was one of those.
[Read more…]

R.I.P. Michael "Eyedea" Larsen

28-year-old rapper Michael Larsen, AKA Eyedea was announced dead this morning due to unknown causes. Larsen was renowned as a great MC and freestyler. He released three albums with collaborator DJ Abilities, as well as working with many amazing figures in the underground hip hop world.

Larsen’s mother Kathy Averill broke the news of his passing via Facebook today. A memorial fund in his name is being arranged.

It is with great pain and sadness that I tell you my son Mikey (Eyedea) has passed away.
At this time we kindly request you respect our privacy as we process this devastating loss.

-Kathy Averill

Please Respect the wishes of the family, we will pass on more information at a later date.

Watch the video for the song “Smile” from the album By The Throat below.

Essex's Son Visits CMJ

If you’ve been listening to more ambient and electronic styles of music lately, Gold Panda‘s name pops up pretty often. Having seen this man hit the decks at Field Day in London this past summer, I will say that you are in for a huge treat. Below is his full schedule. Do not miss.

18 AOL Spinner show (streamed live at 8.30pm, EST) – invite only
21 Pitchfork Showcase, 9.00pm, 61 Wythe Avenue, Brklyn
22 Webster Hall w/Fourtet show 7.00pm, Webster Hall, 156 Ludlow St
23 Fixed party , TBC (evening show) 70 N 6th Street, Brklyn
23 Urban Outfitters (daytime event, TBC 12-6) Soho Store, 575 Broadway, NYC