Brooklyn Winery Set to Open This Friday

Brooklyn Winery

(photo c/o Kevin Hayden)

The old Supreme Trading space has taken on a new purpose this year, and Brooklyn Winery will be open on October 22 — so that New Yorkers can learn the winemaking process from grape to bottle.

Brooklyn Winery’s packages range from $300 to participate with a “community barrel” (which comes out to 24 bottles of wine per person) all the way up to $5,700 for a full barrel of wine (which will generate 300 bottles of wine when the process is complete). Owner Brian Levanthal explains that “customers really get to craft their wine at the facility,” with the help of an expert winemaker.

And no, you can’t just sign up to make one or two bottles! “It’s a commitment. The process takes about a year,” says Levanthal. As such, costs at the winery include everything: the grapes, storage, access to the equipment, the sessions, the wine bottles, customized labels and more throughout the year.

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A strange anti-piracy PSA

Gilbert Gottfried’s argument comparing stealing music to stealing food doesn’t really hold up. Because I am positive that employees at Burger King do in fact give out tons of free food. I know this from experience. The push to have people legally buy music is a good idea, and maybe having Gilbert Gottfried yell at you about it is one of the only ways to get through to the torrenting youth of today. But still it’s a bit confusing. Does Gilbert Gottfried even make music?

The 20 Best Restaurants in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick

Gwynnett St.

TAGS: American Nouveau, Fairly Expensive, Fancy Cocktails, Graham, Recently Opened, Recommended

WD-50 Veteran,Justin Hilbert, brings impeccable locavore cuisine to the Graham Avenue stop. The desserts show his love of molecular gastronomy without compromisong flavor and the Amish Chicken is the best chicken we have ever eaten, um, anywhere. Simply amazing. From the NY Times: Mr. Hilbert’s style of cuisine is not yet common in this pocket of Williamsburg. In fact, cooking this sophisticated would be a find anywhere in New York.

And while it is a restaurant in Brooklyn, Gwynnett St. is not really a Brooklyn restaurant. There are no butchers’ tools hanging from reclaimed barn doors. Under the eye of Carl McCoy, the proprietor, the dining room staff is calmly professional, utterly free of pretense and attitude. Nobody is the least bit likely to pull up a chair and offer to show you pictures of the sauerkraut the chef is currently fermenting inside a pair of Red Wing boots.


FREEwilly CMJ Showcase Spotlight: Nashville's Garage Darlings Pujol

Photo c/o Alexa Zoe Sullivant

If Jack White has anything to say about it, one of Nashville’s brightest stars, Pujol, will be at the top of everyone’s “OMG, I <3 This Band” playlist very very soon, if not already. With a sound reminiscent of your high school boyfriend’s band– you know that swoon-inducing kind of rock you wouldn’t really be into unless he was singing about you, until of course you learned a thing or two about music. This time Daniel Pujol, who’s last name is just darn cool enough as a moniker, may as well be singing about all of us. The boys will like the no-fuss delivery and the girls will, well, they’ll love it too.

Along with fellow Nashville boys, Turbo Fruits, the crew reminded Brooklyn that a good guitar hook, reverb or not, will get a crowd moving at Saturday’s Death By Audio show. On Jonas Stein of Turbo Fruits newest endeavor, Turbo Time Records, we can expect tons of vinyl coming in the direction of fans eager to eat up the booming southern city’s sound– thanks to friends JEFF The Brotherhood and the like, who’ve already paved pothole free lanes for any boy with a large sound holding a guitar. The label, which launched on October 12th with limited edition presses of both bands, will be announcing a larger roster soon– think Underwater Peoples via the Mississippi River (that’s close to Nashville, right!?).

We’re excited to have Pujol as a part of our CMJ lineup tomorrow night at Glasslands, for many other reasons than the fact that our readers will be able to say “Oh yeah, I saw that band before they got ridiculously huge”– although we’ve always been the kind of assholes who don’t mind bragging rights.

Check out the interview with Mr. Pujol after the jump for a little more insight on what makes him tick, what song he can’t live without, and what planet he’d live on if music wasn’t his thing.

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MIXTAPE: Music of the freedubya / S+S CMJ Showcase

We know how it is: biting your nails, waiting in constant anticipation for our CMJ showcase tomorrow night. Don’t worry, we don’t blame ya. But seriously, in the meantime (read: one day) before we get all crazy (fog, projectors, wheatpaste, geometric straw structures anyone??!) here are some gems to grab, plug into your ears and bleach the brain with Good before it all goes down.

As said this is the Glasslandic Age.

DOORS at 5:30. Party ’til LATE. Open bars announced tomorrow. $7

FREEwilly CMJ Showcase Spotlight: The Ethereal Darkness of Zambri

Fronted by sister act Jessica and Cristi Jo, Zambri evokes a multitude of sound– almost as if they had recorded one perfectly pop love song and then buried it below another track filled with rhythmic sadness. A mix of ethereal vocals and gloomy undertones fill their debut EP, Bang For Changes, with an evolving dichotomy which can simply be described as beautifully relentless.

But a lot has changed for Zambri since the summer of 2009– with the inclusion of a live band, working with producer Chris Coady (who’s resume includes all your favorite bands– Delorean, Islands, Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lemonade, Telepathe, TV on the Radio… well, you get the point), and a slight shift in sound.

Not to worry, the sisters haven’t lost that solemn yet airy harmony… but if tracks like “Carry“, a collaboration with Bear In Heaven‘s Jon Philpot, are any indication we can expect a tonality that has matured past taking photos of their own feet– an era every girl must go through in order to stumble upon self realization. I suspect Zambri’s full length debut will be just that, fully realized, and far from disappointing.

FREEwilliamsburg got a chance to catch up with Cristi Jo while planning tomorrow night’s CMJ showcase at Glasslands (with the honorable Stadiums & Shrines) about the ready to be mixed full length, whether or not it is easy to create with one’s sister, and what it’s like to get bit on the ass by a loving fan. If you haven’t already, check out the rest of our awesome lineup and RSVP here to check out Zambri, and be sure to carry on after the jump to get to know the girls a little better.

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CMJ Friday Fun with BUST Magazine, Big Freedia and Javelin

You can pick up tickets here & RSVP (and stalk who else is going) here.

Mayer Hawthorne and the County played Music Hall of Williamsburg

There’s some words to describe Mayer Hawthorne at Music Hall of Williamsburg last night: Swagger. Fresh. Showmanship. Fly-as-hell. This is a guy who knows how to stoke whatever flame he has going for himself. And when that flame is super big to begin with – getting it stoked is a huge accomplishment. Did you know that Mayer Hawthorne is merely this dude’s porno name? Meaning: It is his middle name (raised as Andrew Mayer Cohen) and the street he grew up on (Hawthorne). When a guy comes to the stage with enough confidence to go by this kind of name, you know it is something special.

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