Antoine Dogsen or the meme that keeps on giving

Antoine Dogsen
By spinnerdisc

Now, if there was a speaker attached to the collar blasting Bed Intruder Song, this would have been perfect.

Happy Hausuween

It’s been selling out midnight screenings for a few years now, but Criterion has finally released the previously hard-to-find-but-beyond-worth-it-once-you-finally-find-it Japanese horror classic, Hausu (House), on DVD and Blu-ray just in time for a nice Halloween cash-in. There’s really no better experimental horror-comedy (with cats) out there, so it’s definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. And even if you’ve seen it, cherish the opportunity to watch this again:

Avey Tare release party

Tonight at Secret Project Robot , Animal Collective’s Dave Portner aka Avey Tare, will debut Down There, his first solo album. The party gets started around 8pm, is free, and scheduled to include several different performers and artists. From Brooklyn Vegan:

“There’s an installation by Abby Portner, comedians and dj’s Brad Truax, Josh from Animal Collective and Brian from Gang Gang Dance…should be good fun.”

Kanye West Surprise performance at Brooklyn Bowl

A little after 2am Sunday morning, as sweaty, drunk, and all but tired hipsters danced and partied to one band after another at Pichfork’s #Offline Festival at Brooklyn Bowl, guests got a big surprise. Glammed out in bling, an excited, energetic, and oh so entertaining Kanye West took the stage. Backed by DJ A-Trak, he performed five of his newest hits: “So Appalled”, “Monster”, “Devil in a New Dress”, “Power”, and “Runaway”. He was electric, charismatic, and on top of his game. It looked like he was having a good time. As an added bonus, GZA took the stage after Kanye, and performed “Liquid Swords”. Its been a great week for live music in NYC. As the impending CMJ/Pitchfork rivalry grows into a feud, the the spoils of war may be ours to reap in the form of good shows.

Whipped Cream and Heavy Metal: Waffles and Tits Takes Over the House of Yes

Yesterday, New York enjoyed a welcome Indian summer: blue skies, sunshine, and a warm breeze that made the prospect of staying inside to do work seem almost blasphemous. Most of the residents of Williamsburg instinctively gravitated outwards (to McCarren Park) and upwards (to infinite impromptu rooftop barbecues) but arguably the best time to be had was in a dark, windowless East Williamsburg warehouse – at the shamelessly booze and syrup-soaked ogle-fest known as Waffles and Tits.

The third incarnation of this daylong drinking extravaganza saw a change of venue – from the smaller, more intimate King’s County to the rough-hewn performance venue The House of Yes. Revelers paid $10 for unlimited waffles, absurdly cheap drinks ($2 for beer, $3 for bloodies), several heavy metal cover bands, a few questionably funny skits, one genuinely impressive acrobatic act, and yes, more than a little T&A.

The party started slowly. A few dozen would-be hedonists trickled in to sit, with varying degrees of awkwardness, on crushed red velvet seats to eye the scantily-clad females hawking Waffles and Tits wares.

The scene looked very different a few hours later. A motley crew of performers including Kendra Morris, Brian Gallagher, God Forbid from that Handsome Devil and Southside Slim brought down the warehouse with some serious 80s metal covers. The sweet aroma of waffle batter hung heavy in the air, which buzzed with the metallic drone of a tattoo gun (drawing – what else? – a waffle).

At some point, the bar ran out of liquor, and Bud heavies were the only thing on tap – luckily, at around the same point, the crowd became inebriated enough not to care. The waffles and music kept pumping at the House of Yes well past the show’s official 7:00 end time; by the end of the night, strippers, hipsters, overgrown frat guys, clown-costumed comedians and chicks in waffle costumes united in an oddly intimate dance party.

A few shots of the acrobatic act after the jump:

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Finally! The sequel to Birdemic is cast!

There are a few things we can be certain of about Birdemic II: The Resurrection (in 3D) : It will break cinematic ground; the Hollywood sign will not be blown up; it will definitely not be in 3D (no matter what type of glasses you are given at the door); I will be going to see it opening night. Those things are all for sure.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Birdemic: shock and Terror yet, you are seriously missing out. The movie made its way across the country and internationally appearing at independent theaters, mostly at midnight screenings. And during that time it gained cult status and was basically the coolest thing in any movie theater this year. Now: A SEQUEL!

Synopsis:   A platoon of eagles and vultures attack Hollywood, California.
Why did the eagles and vultures attack?  Who will survive?

The cast has been announced, and you will be pleased to see some familiar faces! No release date yet, but keep your eyes open and get ready!

VIDEO: Jamaica live at Girls & Boys

Parisian buzz band Jamaica played several shows during this past weeks CMJ festival.  Here is a clip of them performing their first single, “” live at the Girls & Boys weekly party.

Like what you hear? Watch more clips HERE.

Never Buy Gas Again

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