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Double Rainbows Over Brooklyn

What do they mean? Credit, in order, to JennyDeluxe, Foursquare, and The Peach Tree. Did you spot one? Submit yours.

Thursday at 8:00 pm

Image c/o Slant Magazine

Hot on the trail of worthwhile Halloween happenings, I kept coming across events on Thursday, all kicking off at 8:00 pm. Resting up for the weekend shit show that is Halloween in NYC is overrated, so go get your Brooklyn on. All vital information is below.

Eric Drooker and David Rovics performance
A free evening of music from Rovics (called “the musical version of Democracy Now!” by Democracy Now!, so they should know) and visualizations from Drooker (New Yorker illustrator and Howl animator extraordinaire) presented by In Our Hearts (an anarchist collective) at the Brooklyn Free Store (222 Walworth St.).

“Grow a Pair” Party with Hornitos Tequila
Free tequila ’til 11:00 pm at Bar Matchless with RSVP on their Facebook page. Live sets by Titus Andronicus (you should start listening to this Jersey-based band now) and So So Glos.

Murder Poses
Torture porn from the big screen brought to bone-chilling life in the form of performance art at Galapagos Art Space. Tickets are $12.

On View: A Visual Artist Showcase
Local artists show off their work, including two films and photo slide shows at Zebulon. Free artsy mingling and music (no word on booze) afterward.

Reefer Madness
The Gallery Players stage the classic, anti-pot propaganda film turned comedy musical for one weekend only. Tickets are $18. Sorry, smoking weed in the theater is (most likely) frowned upon.

The Ring Cycle
The Bushwick Starr’s reimagining of Wagner’s classic opera with wrestlers and rock ‘n’ roll has been written up in the Times and the Voice. Check it out for $15 before it closes this weekend.

Williamsburg Owns the "50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn" List, Food, Shopping, and Drinks All Show

The L Magazine’s just published its “50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn” list, and Williamsburg took the cake in a number of categories.

Here are the awards:

  • Best Block For Cheap Eats: Bedford Ave between N. 7th and N. 8th Streets
  • Best Block For Drinking: Bedford Ave between S. 2nd and S. 1st Streets
  • Best Block For Dive Bars: Metropolitan Ave between Union and Lorimer
  • Best Block For Classy Bars: Berry and North 9th Street
  • Best Block For Coffee: Berry Street between N. 5th and N. 6th Streets
  • Best Block for Old Media (although really wouldn’t call Vice ‘old media’): N. 10th Street between Berry and Wythe
  • Best Block For Vice: North 4th Street between Bedford and Driggs Aves
  • Best Block For Vintage Shopping: Grand Street between Bedford and Driggs Aves
  • Best Block For High-end Fashion: Grand Street between Kent Ave and Havemeyer Street
  • Best Block For Books: Bedford Avenue between N. 6th and N. 7th Streets
  • Best Block For Live Music: The City Block Encompassed by Kent, S. 1st and S. 2nd Streets
  • Best Block For Records: The City Block Encompassed By Manhattan, Green, Huron and Franklin (Greenpoint)
  • Best All-Purpose Block: North 6th between Berry and Wythe
  • Best Block For Home Furnishings: Wythe Ave between S. 1st and Grand Streets
  • Best Block for Halloween Decorations: Humboldt Street between Nassau and Driggs Aves (Greenpoint)
  • Check out the full list for descriptions why these blocks made the cut over the rest of the “competition,” if there was any.

    Also, we’d like to issue a quick intern request for someone go shoot along the HTML code for this post that includes Google Maps links to all these spots. Any takers?

    Update: Thanks to the anonymous intern who sent in the HTML — who’d like to remain anonymous, since she took the time to do this –for filling in those Google Maps links! You showed me today that despite all the partisan hellfire raining down on our faces day-in and day-out, and despite the terrible economy, and the two wars, and the crime, that there is still hope in America.

    Shopping Cart Art?

    Over at Scouting NY there are some photos of a shopping cart with a very legit looking install over at Macri Square.



    Such a breathe of fresh air after the onslaught of Dick Chicken’s quick public art. Anyone want to take credit for this piece?

    Excepter Playing Last Show…for Awhile

    This is a special show as proceeds will go to cover medical bills for someone in Excepter personnel. On a more superficial level, it’s a great line-up, including a new personal favorite Blissed Out. The show happens at Shea Stadium tomorrow.

    3rd Ward Offering Class in Starting a New Religion, Finding Your Spiritual Path

    Are you a street preacher screaming through a bullhorn day-in, and day-night, but feel like you just aren’t connecting with those sully New Yorkers? Are you a subway prowler, constantly warning sleepy commuters of the impending wrath of God, but feel like nobody hears your cries? There’s good news! The reason, I would argue, is you’re being unoriginal. OK, we get it, God’s coming and he’s going to destory New York first. We’re not all that surprised. It’s time you step out of your comfort zone and try something new — like your own religion.

    Thankfully, 3rd Ward’s offering a class to help you find your own spiritual path. It’s “Start a New Religion.”

    In this class students will each write, design and craft a new spiritual path (as far out or traditional as desired), to be summed up and presented at the end of the course through presentations, handouts and booklets. Over the four weeks students will create hymns that can be used to exalt their beatitudes, define the tenets of their path so others will know what it’s all about, produce propaganda in order to call the willing to the Light, as well as explore the role of (read: draw/mold/create) deities in their new spiritual path.

    Bob Doto’s teaching. It’s $185 for non-members, starting October 27th. Sign up now before the Gate closes its doors!

    Robert Smith appears on this new Crystal Castles song!

    So, who wants to put together a joint-Halloween costume where we dress as Robert Smith and Alice Glass and walk around parties being way more goth than EVERYONE? Done. Let’s do it.

    This new Crystal Castles jam, “Not in Love,” featuring Robert Smith is sure to be appearing on the stereos of every hip party this spooky holiday season. It is catchy and really does sound like an equal mix of The Cure and Crystal Castles. Meaning: It is awesome. Listen over at Pitchfork.