Laurie Anderson thinks you need to stop worrying so much about paying rent.

Laurie Anderson in Delusion, Photo Credit: Lou Reed

Laurie Anderson, who has been making amazing, cutting edge work since before you could say the word “paintbrush,” has just opened the 2010 BAM Next Wave festival with her new piece – Delusion . It’s a multimedia performance about memory, identity and longing that incorporates everything from music to projections to video to animation and more (and yes, you need to go see it).

An artistic legend, Anderson is the only person ever named artist-in-residence for NASA and also happens to be married to Lou Reed. Free Williamsburg was lucky enough to get the chance to discuss her new piece, the importance of trusting yourself, and why all you kids living in Bushwick should stop worrying so much about paying your rent.

Delusion is at the BAM Harvey Theater (651 Fulton St) Sep 21—25, Sep 28—30, Oct 1 &2 at 7:30pm, and Sep 26 &Oct 3 at 3pm. Tickets start at $20

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The Hardest Working Proctologist in Brooklyn

Federal agents arrested Brighton Beach Proctologist Dr. Boris Sachakov on charges of defrauding Medicare $3.5 million through fake medical bills. Investigators from the Medicare Fraud Strike Force started looking into Sachakov’s Medicare claims after getting complaints from clients at his Colon and Rectal Care of New York. The Clients claimed Sachakov reported services they did not receive. From NY Daily News:

The red flags included $60,020 in bills for 85 hemorrhoidectomies Sachakov claimed he had performed on one unfortunate patient in 20 months…He was supposedly so busy he claimed to have performed 6,593 hemorrhoidectomies and other procedures between February 2009 and January 2010.

The next busiest proctology clinic in the country billed Medicare for a mere 381 procedures in the same time period, a criminal complaint said.

If convicted for his heinous crimes, Sachakov is looking at a $250,000 fine, and up to 10 years in prison. Don’t drop the soap near this guy.

30 Free Tickets: Stars At Terminal 5, 9/24

UPDATED:  and we have our winners.

We have 15 pairs of tickets to give away for tomorrow’s show at Terminal 5. Head on over to Facebook and comment (with your real name). We will choose 15 names at random to be added to the guest list with a plus one.

Stars’ fifth studio album, The Five Ghosts, was released in June.

Paula Abdul and Scat Cat have competition

Because it’s Friday, here’s a video of an Indian boy in full Gene Autry regalia jamming out with a Transformer ripoff to a peppy tune about sneaking into a weird amusement park and dancing on the statues… or something. To be honest, my Tamil is a little rusty.

New Restaurants & Bars Round Up

c/o Grub Street

There have been a slew of new bars & restaurants opening in the neighborhood over the past few weeks. Below are a few of our favorites:

Ako Sushi: Bedford Avenue’s newest sushi join offers “fresh seasonal gourmet creations”

B.A.D. (Breakfast All Day): Add it to your list of late night eateries. B.A.D. serves breakfast items at all hours of the day, & also offers burgers, meatballs, and a wide variety of vegan/vegetarian options.

Cariño: Mexican joint from the owners of the now shuttered Bonita.

El Tecolote: The owner of the recently closed Mercat Negre reopen the space under a different name and concept. The result is El Tecolote, and the concept is a simple, classic Mexico City style taqueria.

Le Comptoir: A French bistro that’s currently only open for breakfast and lunch, but will soon expand to offer dinner.

Old Rooster: Polish style beer hall serving a full lunch & dinner menu until Midnight.

Tomo: Fresh sushi & Japanese fusion comes to Bushwick.

The Anchorman Mixtape

And yes, it’s kind of a big deal. The mix is by the rapper k-os and features guest spots by Drake and, more importantly, Ron Burgundy.

Taxicab Confessions?

If you’ve ever paid your cab driver, stumbled towards your apartment building, and then thought, “Wait a second, that price can’t be right,” this story may be of interest. The NYPD arrested 59 of “the worst of the worst” shady cabbies in a crackdown against passenger fraud. All tolled, the bad drivers stole around $1.1 million from passengers they overcharged in 286,000 trips over a 20-month span.

From Gothamist:
Some of the drivers arrested will be charged with felonies, others with misdemeanors, and if convicted, could face up to four years in prison. Among those arrested were two of the absolute worst offenders, Santiago Rossi and Mfamara Camara. Rossi, 66, overcharged riders approximately $11,066.45 over the course of 5,127 trips. Camara, 38, ripped riders off $15,502.30, over just 4,772 trips.

Pie bake-off

Perhaps a little late to make a pie yourself, but not to late to go eat. The raffle items don’t look half-bad, either.