The Coens Brother Remake "True Grit"

And they’ve teamed up with Jeff Bridges again. I’m looking forward to this, even though something about seeing Matt Damon in a Coen Brothers movie doens’t qite fit.

Breaking News: Best Coast likes the beach

The thing that I like about Best Coast is how much it feels like you’re reading a teenage girl’s Live Journal from 1998. But now that CNN is reporting on this, it’s sort of like your parents reading your Live Journal. Which is kind of creepy, but also it’s not like they’re hearing anything that they don’t know already. Boys! Beaches! Rap music!

Smoke Monster Rolls Up Metro [VIDEO]

Saw this truck pulling up Metropolitan Ave. this morning, clearly on the verge of either exploding or just breaking down. The Goods Truck’s burgers are tastin’ extra smokey this morning!

Terry Gross Interviews Jon Stewart; Tickets Sold Out!

The host of NPR’s Fresh Air, Terry Gross (a Sheepshead Bay native) will interview Jon Stewart on Wednesday at 92nd Street Y on 1395 Lexington Ave. and the tickets are sold out! Rumor has it tickets are floating around Craigslist, and other online sites. If you’re dying to go, be ready to shell out over $215. The tickets originally went on sale for $50. The venue opened a remote site on location to watch the conversation unfold, but sure enough, those $15 tickets were gone quick. Stewart of course, hosts The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central.  More and more in recent years, Stewart has blurred the line where the jokes stop and the real news begins.  Between Gross and Stewart, these two have talked with many of the most interesting and influential people in art and politics. Their conversation will no doubt, be an entertaining one.  I wouldn’t hold your breath, but if you can’t swing the couple hundred bucks, it might not be too late to go. According to 92Y’s website,

Currently, all seats are reserved for this event. Seating capacity for events varies. For the benefit of our patrons, a limited number of tickets for sold out events may be available one hour before curtain. Call Y-Charge at 212.415.5500 during our Hours of Operation for more information.

Grass Widow is here

San Francisco based Kill Rock Stars signee Grass Widow played their first of two ToddP shows at the Old Firehouse/DCTV last night. A video edit of said show featuring the songs ‘Shadow’ and ‘Uncertain Memory’ off of their new album ‘Past Time’ can be found below, along with details for tonight’s outing at Monster Island in Williamsburg.

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The Roots and John Legend cover Arcade Fire

I was pretty excited to hear a soul cover of “Wake Up.” With it’s hopefulness and positive energy I was really hoping this would be a banger. But I guess when the original is so huge sounding, anything else will always seem to fall flat. But if anyone can get away with this cover, I’ll let The Roots do it.

Sufjan Stevens, 'The Age Of Adz'

NPR is currently streaming the new Sufjan record in its entirety. You can check it out here.

"Bored to Death" Premiers in Brooklyn

HBO’s “Bored to Death” takes place all over Brooklyn, and stars Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson. Show writer Jonathan Ames spoke about his life and love of the burrough at the premiere screening of the second season of the witty detective-comedy.

From NITESIDE:  Jonathan Ames