New Girl Crisis: "Tell It To My Heart", Taylor Dayne cover

The all-girl, Brooklyn-based, indie, super group, Girl Crisis, have followed up their previous performance (Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” — after the jump) with a cover of another 90’s jam: Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart”.

Formed by Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, Class Actress’s Elizabeth Harper and This Frontier Needs Heroes’ Jessica Lauretti and Bek Andersen, the ladies and a few friends meet twice a year to cover a mainstream classic — male singers (like Nirvana and Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”) in the winter and females (Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit and Sade’s “Smooth Operator”) in the summer — with a decidedly lo-fi twist. Songs are stripped down and re-arranged then performed acoustically in Harper’s Greenpoint living room.  The intimate scene is captured on saturated, jumpy Super 8 film and posted on their YouTube page.

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What's Showing at indieScreen This Weekend?

Though taking the L into the city may help you find a soulmate, it’s no longer necessary to leave Williamsburg to catch a new release. Thanks to indieScreen, located on S 2nd and Kent, there’s a bona fide movie theatre in the neighborhood for the first time since 2002. And if Junior Mints aren’t an acceptable dinner substitute, choose something from the extensive menu at their restaurant. This weekend’s showtimes are below.  Enjoy the movie, bon appétit, etc.

(Head to indieScreen for tickets, menu, and more.)

SEP 10 – 7pm

SEP 10 – 11pm

SEP 11 – 8pm

SEP 11 – 10pm

SEP 12 – 4pm

SEP 12 – 6pm

SEP 12 – 8pm

Further proof…

That hipsterdom truly is trans-Atlantic:

Band to Watch: Beige

Beige - Brooklyn Band


There are lots of great reasons to go to Coco66 tonight, ahem, John Waters will be there. But after you check him out, be sure to stick around for Beige. This up-and-coming band’s reverb-drenched drone (which is much more colorful than their name lets on) has been in heavy rotation over here at the FREEwilliamsburg offices.

Beige has been playing regularly at Cameo and Glasslands and is definitely a band you will be hearing more about in days to come.

Tonight they are playing with Violens. (Doors are 10pm, with Beige performing at 11 and Violens at midnight.)

MP3: “In Kind”

Don't call it a comeback: New Sufjan Stevens jam

I, for one, am glad Sufjan Stevens is back in the public eye. And to be back in the way he currently is – releasing a ton of stuff in a short period of time that is, for the most part, un-gimmicky – is such a relief. I’m not sure how many more encyclopedic albums about state history or masturbatory opuses about highways I could handle. With the All Delighted People EP, as well as this new song, he is back to just saying to us, “Hey, remember how good I am at writing songs? That’s right: Way better than most people.”

With this electronically crackling new song “Too Much,” Suf allows us deeper into the forthcoming The Age of Adz, and returns to a place where he croons plaintively relatable lyrics. It’s easy to say this electronic wave is a new direction for the guy, but remember the two albums before Michigan (A Sun Came and Enjoy Your Rabbit)? He is now able to combine the chaotic machine sounds on those records with crazy good melodies and emotional weight. Halfway through the track, a marching band horn section erupts amidst the glitches and the composer muscles are flexed in full force to create a cinematic, emotional swell.

The song is available for free at Sufjan’s Bandcamp pageThe Age of Adz is coming out October 12.

Han Navel: Job

A song for our times. [Thanks Merica]

UPDATE: This one may be even better: [Read more…]

Tonight: John Waters weirds out Coco66

When first moving to New York, I found myself, for whatever reason, watching Pink Flamingos with alarming frequency. Maybe it was because I was unemployed. Maybe it was because the movie is undeniably hilarious. But I think it was because more than anyone, John Waters understands that it is OK to revel in the dark and bizarre. Not just to acknowledge it or laugh at it, but to show that his is, in fact, a better way to view the world than the way you’re used to.

Tonight, at Coco66, we can delve into where this worldview of his came from. As part of the Brooklyn Book Festival’s “Bookend” events, Waters will be interviewed by Carolyn Kellogg of L.A. Times about his new book Role Models. In the book, he discusses the people who shaped his creative and weird outlook on the world – from playwrights to Baltimore locals to Little Richard. Admission includes a copy of Role Models. There is no way this will not be awesome.

Argentine Collective MONDONGO Art Opening Tonight, And Many More

It happens around this time every year– dozens of art galleries ring in the fall season by effectively creating massive art-walks (read: booze and crazy people), and tonight has a lengthy list of choices.

One good one is DUMBO’s Bose Pacia gallery, hosting an opening reception for its exhibit Material Witness, featuring LA artist Bari Kumar and Buenos Aires collective MONDONGO (whose mixed-media works incorporate all different kinds of materials into large-scale pieces with multiple layers and various historical contexts).