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If you want to spend your Saturday night dancing, we strongly suggest you get yourself down to the gallery bar at Le Poisson Rouge for I Love Vinyl. Expect to hear anything from hip hop to house, dancehall to disco, soul to salsa, and everything in between. The only music policy is that its pressed on wax and it’s the jam.

If you click here, you can get in for free before 11pm.

Nick Thorburn will be playing Unicorns songs tonight

To a lot of people, The Unicorns have become this legendary band. The kind of band that releases perfect tunes for a minute, then disbands and no members’ new project is ever as good as as right-place-right-time as they were before. These are the In an Aeroplane Over The Seas or the Relationship of Commands. For The Unicorns, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone? was the record able to play your heart- and mindstrings in just the right ways.

Tonight at  Music Hall of Williamsburg, you have a chance to see some of these Unicorns hits played live. Nick Thorburn will be performing along with the comedy troupe Big Terrific. Thorburn will be playing hits from across his career, including Islands and Human Highway, but you better believe that if the crowd hears that plunking keyboard and the opening lines of “I Don’t Want To Die,” or the riffage of “The Clap,” it’ll all be over.

This is a one-night-only engagement, so if you missed the ship on seeing The Unicorns live, or if you love live comedy, or if you are into enjoyment, or crave special guests, you won’t want to miss it.

How the Chinese View The Ground Zero Mosque Affair

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on here, but it does revisit the matter in a new light.

Jen-N-Outlaw's Fish-Fry Truck

c/o Gothamist

Know how to eat crayfish? Paul Outlaw who co-owns Jen-N-Outlaw’s Fish-Fry truck explained clearly to The New York Times “You rip it open,” he said, demonstrating how to pinch the bottom of the tail to extract a bit of meat. “And then you want to crush the head and suck the brain”. If you live in Bushwick, you’ve surely come across the Fish-Fry Truck which has become the weekend hot spot for Southern Cooking.

The truck opened for business earlier this month, when Bushwick Artist couple Paul Outlaw & Jennifer Catron converted an old box truck into a hydraulic-driven food truck that unfolds into an eating area, complete with a table, benches, and a tow-top. Their menu consists of a crawfish boil, world famous spicy boil with potatoes and corn, catfish po-boy, crispy catfish served with fresh coleslaw, spicy sauce, all on a french loaf, and hand made fried pickles with amazing buttermilk dill dipping sauce.

On Saturdays the truck will be parked around Bogart Street in Bushwick. To find their exact location, follow them on Twitter @jenandoutlaws. In the Fall the truck will move to Manhattan, specifically around the Chelsea galleries. We’re all for Southern goodness in the hood, give them a try before they’re gone!

Sufjan Stevens: "I Walked"

Last week, Sufjan Stevens surprised us with his All Delighted People EP. Now, he’s starting our weekend off right with a free track from his upcoming record, The Age of Adz. Grab “I Walked” here. Asthmatic Kitty has the 411 about his upcoming record, due out October 12:

It’s much too soon to cast descriptive lots, but we can say the new album sounds nothing like the All Delighted EP (although it shares similar themes of love, loss, and the apocalypse). Nor is this new album built around any conceptual underpinning (no odes to states, astrology, or urban expressways).

We can say it shows an extensive use of electronics (banjos and acoustic guitars give way to drum machines and analog synthesizers), and an obsession with cosmic fantasies (space, heaven, aliens, love), to create an explicit pop-song extravaganza, augmented by heavy orchestration, and maybe even a few danceable moments. Enjoy Your Rabbit meets the BQE. But with songs. Verse, chorus, bridge, backbeat. Gated reverb. Space echo. Get your boogey on.

The “Adz” of the title loosely refers to the apocalyptic paintings of outsider artist Royal Robertson (1930-1997), whose work is used for the album cover, interior design, and as general inspiration for the tone of the album.

"Freedom": Chapters 1 and 2

Unless you have a review copy or grabbed the leak on Amazon you’re going to have to wait until Tuesday to read the new Jonathan Franzen. Thankfully, The New Yorker has a sneak peak of the first two chapters.

If you’re jealous of President Obama for getting his hands on an advance copy of Jonathan Franzen’s new novel “Freedom,” don’t fret: versions of the book’s first two chapters, originally published in the June 8, 2009, and May 31, 2010, issues of the magazine, are available on our Web site. Read “Good Neighbors” and “Agreeable” while you wait—patiently or impatiently—for the book to go on sale Tuesday.

Zachary Cale premiers full band line up

Zachary Cale premiered his new full band line up at Death By Audio last night. A video montage of the set’s first three songs is below. Those that missed out will have more chances to catch Cale’s stellar, Dylan infused song writing in and around Brooklyn soon:

09/30 Union Pool, Brooklyn
10/14 Barbes, Brooklyn
10/19 Union Hall, Brooklyn

Welcome, Whiskey Brooklyn!

We couldn’t be more excited to get a peek at the latest addition to the Williamsburg bar scene. The brains behind Whiskey Town and Whiskey Tavern’s third baby, Whiskey Brooklyn, might not have the most creative name – but if it ain’t broke…

The Whiskey Brooklyn.

Credit: The Whiskey Brooklyn.

Once an abandoned tonic water factory, Whiskey Brooklyn is housed in an underground brick-walled cellar — the perfect spot to curl up with a tumbler full of belly-warming whiskey as the weather turns cool. We’re also excited about the addition of another U-shaped bar in the ‘burg (“perfect for eye [sexing] across,” Thrillist saliently notes).

The menu is strangely disparate, but delicious-sounding all the same.  Will anyone actually attempt to eat the “Bowl O’ Bacon” and the Hostess cupcake with a shot of White Russian all in one sitting? We don’t know, but we’ll be interested to see if the bar installs an automatic defibrillator to revive the ambitious ones.

The space itself is similarly enterprising: Whiskey Brooklyn has a Barcade-esque gaming room… but it attempts to do the Williamsburg landmark one better with a pair of shuffleboard tables. In addition to the stiff stuff, Whiskey Brooklyn will also offer a full bar menu, including the usual assortment of beers, Picklebacks, Spicy Picklebacks (it sounds like what it is) and a variety of whiskey-inspired cocktails.

Stay tuned for a full review of Whiskey Brooklyn next week.

Whiskey Brooklyn, opening Monday. 44 Berry St., on 11th; 718.387.8444