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Woman Who Beat (Killed?) Dog at North 7th and Driggs Charged

The woman who bodyslammed her dog on the street at North 7th and Driggs after proclaiming to be the “Queen of Brooklynhas been charged with pot possession and animal tourture. No word as to if the dog survived the ordeal.

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[UPDATED] Meet Xenon the Stalker Prince, the "Well-Known Douche" Creeping on Asian Girls in Williamsburg

Ms. Anonymous writes in to warn us of a “well-known douche” who’s been stalking Asian girls around town.

Hi, I’d appreciate it if you could keep me anonymous, but there’s a well-known douche named [redacted] wandering Wburg stalking Asian gals, and I’d love it if you could expose him so the innocents can avoid.

Her experience with him began late last year at Union Pool, where she was drinking with some friends when a very strange man approached. He wanted some action, maybe a number, but Ms. Anon politely declined interest. She moved outside with her friends to escape the situation, but the man followed.

She moved again, and again he followed, until eventually he was chasing her around Union Pool and almost fighting her friends who told the guy to chill out. Later, she stopped by Macri Park, where another Asian girl commiserated about her experience with “The Douche.” Girl #2 has been collecting the guy’s “ridiculously stupid [business] cards” for some time.

Ms. Anonymous took to Facebook, where she put up a post and saw 6-7 fellow Williamsburg Asians respond with similar stories. So who is this guy? The girls have pieced together an identity.

He describes himself sometimes as an astronaut, others, a wizard. He lives here in Brooklyn in an iconic artists loft, but of course, he’s from “Planet Xenon,” in space. His mackery involves walking up to Asian girls in McCarren Park, or at bars, and saying, no matter how many times he’s met them, “Hey, I’ve never met you before.”

“That’s your opening line???,” our anonymous tipster metaphorically asks, “And we’ve met three times.”

“Get this freak help,” she concludes, “so he stops chasing Asian girls down alleys yelling, ‘But I’ve never met you before!!’.”

So tell us, Asian girls of Williamsburg, have you met Xenon the Stalker Prince? Is he as strange as Ms. Anonymous makes him seen? Do let us know. Xenon, are you out there? Or have you fulfilled your Asian appetite and returned home to your space palace? Want to write in to defend your ways? If anybody has a photo of these cards, do send them on in. Together, we can fight to keep Williamsburg free of space princes who stalk and sexually devour our Asian citizens.

UPDATE 7/16 10:19am: Xenon Responds:

Greetings from Planet Xenon,

This is really messed up. I’m not a stalker or a creep, and calling me a douche is a matter of opinion. I will admit that sometimes people don’t “get me” and think I’m strange. But maybe they are too caught up in their own isolation bubble of uber urban coolness to make a new friend or think outside of the box. I just like talking/ meeting people in general, not just asian girls. I try to meet and talk too as many people as i can everyday… bums, mta workers, cabbies, and people of every race and background. That’s why I’m in New York, to experience life and meet interesting people and trade stories etc. When you are outgoing and put yourself out there like I do, there are always going to be a few people that don’t like you for whatever reason. I’ve only said that planet xenon thing a couple of times as a joke. And the girl that said I followed her into another room failed to mention that was where the bar was, and I went there to buy myself a drink. I even offered to buy her a drink to make up for not remembering her. I was just trying to be a nice guy! I’m always polite to the people I meet and if someone says they are in a conversation or not interested I simply walk away. The article is totally misleading and skewed. Now you have people calling me a stalker, creeper, molester, and all of this other stuff. I am really upset that you portrayed me in such a light. It’s complete hipster, bullshit, journalism! I thought being awkward and misunderstood was a badge of honor in williamsburg with all of the weird hair styles, fashions, and black framed nerd glasses that are so ever apparent. It’s really sad how people jump on the band wagon to anonymously say horrible things about someone or someone’s work online. Unfortunately, most people don’t go out of their way to be kind.


Friendly Misunderstood Alien

As of this Friday morning, we’ve turned off comments. Sorry guys, but everyone was tryin’ to name names and it’s best we keep Xenon anonymous! I must say though, a lot of you came out of the woodwork to say you’ve met the prince too.

Improv Everywhere's Charlie Todd Takes on Gawker.TV for Ripping His Content

That Star Wars on the 6 Train video we posted the other day was made by — surprise! — Improv Everywhere. The group’s creator, Charlie Todd, saw the fine folks at Gawker.TV rip his video from Youtube and host in themselves — thereby sucking out his ad dollars with a giant straw of snarkiness (they call his video “an upgrade”).

On Tumblr, Charlie Todd fights back:

So posted about my Star Wars Subway Car video today, but instead of embedding my video from YouTube like the rest of the Internet does, they ripped it from YouTube and uploaded it to their own site without permission. So I get no credit for any of the views of the video on their site. How nice! Also, by uploading their own ripped version of the video, they can prevent me from seeing any AdSense revenue and focus on making their own money from the ads surrounding the post. Awesome! And they link to Buzzfeed at the end of the post rather than, you know, linking to the group that made the video they ripped off. Cool! Oh, and to top it off, they throw in a little snarky comment about this being an upgrade from our previous antics. Sweet!

Thanks! It’s such an honor to have you take my content in full and use it for your own benefit!

After reaching out and requesting they update the post with a little credit and a YouTube embed, Gawker.TV complied. “For now,” Charlie wrote this morning, “the Rebel Alliance has won.”

Long story short, content creators beware. Gawker media might eat your souls and monetize the memories. But they’ll spit them back out if you ask nicely!

Alexa Chung Literally Dropping Cash All Over Williamsburg

Alexa Chung, model, actress?, and rich person dating a musician was strolling the tree-lined streets of Williamsburg with her boyfriend Alex Turner (lead singer, Arctic Monkeys), when she was caught off guard by the paparazzi. She took off running and began showering our streets with cash.

Ticket Giveaway: Weezer & AWOLNATION Friday at Williamsburg Waterfront

This Friday night, Weezer’s playing the Williamsburg Waterfront with AWOLNATION and Rival School. It’s gonna be nice out! Like, 93 degrees and sunny nice. But here’s the thing: tickets are $54.

Luckily for you guys, some reps from AWOLNATION hit us up and are offering a pair of tickets for our readers.

Want to win? We want you to too.

Here’s what you gotta do: First, go check out some AWOL tunes then pop over to our Facebook page and let us know which song you like best. Guilty Filthy Soul’s a jam.

Winner will be notified a little after noon tomorrow.

[ed: Want to hedge your bets? We’re not the only ones in on this party.]

[MP3] Screaming Females "I Don't Mind It" + TOUR DATES

New Brunswick’s Screaming Females announced their fall tour dates today and sent out the first mp3 from their upcoming Castle Talk, which streets in September.

They play Siren Fest this Saturday and Marissa’s solo project, Noun, is playing SummerScreen this coming Wednesday for Romeo + Juliet.

MP3: Screaming Females “I Don’t Mind It”