PBR Gets An Upgrade in China

While the Brooklyn hipster may be ever-associated with swilling the cheaper version of this medallion-winning brew, Pabst Brewing Co. (under new management) has begun selling a “fancy-pants” beer in China called 1844, which sells for 300 yuan ($45 US) per 720ml bottle.

Pabst Brewmaster-Asia Alan Kornhauser claims the beer is aimed at China’s “Nouveau riche,” and will be served at business dinners and banquets–

“normally, you’d drink brandy, and this beer kind of has the look of brandy—it’s a reddish-brown color, but it won’t hurt you as much.”

No doubt a Freewilly prize will go out to the first “Hipster Drinking an 1844” photo we get in our inbox.

[h/t New Yorker]

Naked Cowboy sues Naked Cowgirl

image c/o behindblondiepark.com

There’s trouble a-brewing on the range, um, we mean Times Square. Turns out Robert Burck, aka The Naked Cowboy, has a burr in his saddle tighty-whities about an impostor known as The Naked Cowgirl who is cramping his style and perhaps his copyright:

“No one else should be profiting off the Naked Cowboy brand,” said Burck’s lawyer, Joe Jackson. “This woman is confusing tourists and destroying the brand.”

Burck filed the trademark infringement suit against the cowgirl, whose real name is Sandra Brodsky, in Manhattan federal court. Burck said his idea – which he trademarked in 2000 – is about clean, wholesome fun. He claims the cowgirl is tarnishing the name with her antics. “She has been observed using visual profanity (flipping the bird at the camera) when photographing with people in Times Square,” the lawsuit states. “This is inconsistent with the manner in which the Naked Cowboy conducts business.”

Somehow we don’t think said cowgirl is gonna deter the housewives from Omaha, in town to see Shrek on Broadway, from taking photos with our city’s favorite homoerotic exhibitionist.

A Palin Supporter's Thoughts On Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Urban Infidel:

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a haven for the metrosexual, trust funded left and their ilk.

Their ilk!

Brooklyn Couples Wanted To Destroy Their Lives For HBO

Paroozing Craigslist is one way of potentially ruining a relationship– but this time it’s at the hands of HBO and not random sex with strangers, well, maybe not that. The post is pretty vague, but we imagine that the producers of Taxicab Confessions want slutty hipster couples to air out all their sexual frustration with one another on camera. Should be awesome. Let us know if you make it to the casting, we’re rooting for you!

Beach House – Walk in the Park

I continue to love Beach House’s latest record, Teen Dream. For anyone who got picked on in high school, this new, freaky video by Allen Cordell is like a fever dream.

Ticket Giveaway: Twin Shadow at Coco66

Dudes, if you’re not listening to Twin Shadow, I don’t even know how to explain how disappointed I am with you. The moniker of Bushwick’s well-dressed George Lewis Jr., Twin Shadow’s debut album has been literally spinning on repeat on every possible audio device in my apartment. Forget is a seamless blend of smooth lust infused vocals, synth lullabies, and whispering drum beats, not to mention “I Can’t Wait” induces heartfelt Molly Ringwald dances like woah.

Unfortunately for you, Terrible Records isn’t releasing this lovely gem until September 28th– giving you plenty of time to long for June once again. Seriously though, I can’t stop listening to these new wave jazz sounds that make me want to “secret handshake” in white linens. Mr. Lewis, I hope this stuff is getting you laid.

So if you’re looking to dance and make sexy time, check out Twin Shadow with our faves Hooray for Earth at Coco66 this Friday… or just win a pair of tickets for you and a friend by commenting below (and using your real email) about how you may or may not ooze sex just like this man’s chest hair.

Williamsburg Bridge Bike Lane, Circa 1980's

Things have improved, yes.

[h/t PINP & Neighborhood’r]

Update 4:20: @DustinFinn suggests we do a little comparison. Here’s a pic of the lane now by flickr user ubin_malla (after the jump):

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Things For Which We Patiently Await: Nick & Mallory's Williamsburg Tour for Japanese People

Nick and Mallory are filming a Williamsburg Tour for Japanese People. So far, they’ve shot the intro.

Their goal “is to make an informational video-based website for a hipster in Tokyo to reference before her first trip to NYC.”

Stay tuned, we guess?