[MP3] Paul the Psychic Octopus's "Newborns"

FREEwilliamsburg is proud to premiere the first single by Paul the Psychic Octopus. It’s appropriately called Newborns. Singer on the track is Victoria Tresko. She rocks, and writes, “We were really stoned in Portland, and picked up some old journal and made a song. It never became anything. I think it’s fate is paul the psychic octopus.”

We agree! Consider PtPO locked down. But why stop here? Let’s make a PtPO mixtape!

If you’re in a band, and would like to be on FREEwilliamsburg’s Friends of Paul the Psychic Octopus Compilation, please, send in your unreleased singles. Additionally, if you can make a kick-ass album cover, go for it and send that in too. Group creation everybody. UGC. “There comes a time, when we heed a certain call.” -MJ

Mp3: Paul the Psychic Octopus – Newborns

"Paul the Psychic Octopus" Would Be A Good Band Name, Others Agree, So Let's Lock It Down

Paul the Psychic Octopus is just your average old octopus, ho-hum.

That is until it’s feeding time, of course, and he’s some kind of crazy oracle Cephalopod that correctly predicts the results of major German football matches. He communicates this information by landing on one of two boxes containing food labeled with the competing teams’ flags.

His choices have pissed off some fans, and so now people want to eat him. (ed: please don’t. his name is paul. too human. human rules apply here.)

Now, as expected in this day and age, people see the phrase “Paul the Psychic Octopus” and think hot damn, that’s some sort of great band name or kid’s show or something. This is totally true, and it would be a great band name for your new band, right? But you better act quick.

First band, musician, or artist to send us a song by your new name as “Paul the Psychic Octopus,” or just “Psychic Octopus” wins the race, I think. We’ll post it, thereby helping your Google ranking, and I’m sure some sort of copyright lawyer or whoever handles those disputes can use that it the court of law to back up your claim. Also, hell, you’ll be the first band of hopefully many on our just announced new indie label, Psychic Animals.

Adderall, OxyContin, and Percoset Ring Catering to Yuppies, Busted

This news may be hard to swallow (or snort) for you pillheads, but it’s true.

A 26-year-old Brooklyn resident who helped run the city’s biggest perscription pill drug ring catering “mainly to students and yuppies,” per the Post’s words, has been arrested. His three main wholesale dealers, ranging in ages 23-45, were taken down too.

What will the advertising industry do now? Go back to drinking? Please. When are Ludes coming back? I’ve been waiting for those puppies since Drug Wars on the TI-83.

[h/t Gawker]

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ThunderCats Writer Murdered by Roommate, Remains Scattered Around Town

The writer who created ThunderCats and SilverHawks was murdered last month in Florida, and police have now identified his roommate as a potential suspect “after learning he bought two bottles of bleach in May, just before one of the comic book author’s limbs was found in the bin of a Tampa motel.” Thundercats, Ho!-ly shit.

10 Tweets to Show Your Boss Why You Were Late

This morning’s L train woes, blamed on mechanical problems at the Graham Ave. stop, could rank towards the top for Worst Morning Commute of the Year (it was hot, smelly, crowded, 25-minute delay, no seats, etc.).
Here are your thoughts, expressed in 140 characters or less on the popular micro-braindumping service, Twitters:
  • jessmisener: The L train was seriously PMSing this morning
  • djbennyb: damn L train made me late to the dentist. I waited for it 45 mins!! The dentist better see me
  • JuliaPrieto: Crazy L train delays. It would be very useful if the MTA had text updates and users could opt in for updates about certain trains.
  • joshknowles: Major L train failure. Stood at the station for 45 min dripping in sweat due to a stalled train. Awesome way to start the day. #notawesome
  • misterdisco: Waited 25 minutes underground for an L train to come on the day where I absolutely needed to be at work at 9. The MTA is a cruel joke.
  • stainedandlit: L train delays, I did so well with getting up and out of the house, too! Ugh, always late.
  • ryanpfluger: fuck you l train. I hate you almost every day. Almost
  • robotconscience: Don’t even think of getting on the L train right now.#subwaywoes
  • josephkeefer: Oh L train pulling some more of your beautiful magic, rush hour is when you’re supposed in a train stuck at a station for 25 minutes right?
  • emii: Arghhhh no L train- apparently the conductor decided to leave a train in the tracks. awesome.

That’s all folks! Get a bike.

Cajun Eatery 'Honeychiles' Opens in The Charleston

What do you get when you cross three Southern punk rockers, Louisiana classics like jambalaya, poʼboys, and crawfish, and The Charleston – the oldest surviving dive bar in Williamsburg? Honeychiles!

The opening menu will include Southern bar favorites such as Cajun boiled peanuts and smoked cheddar nʼ green onion hush puppies. Honeychiles will also feature nightly specials that will introduce Williamsburg to lesser known Cajun staples like étouffé and machoux and even lesser known Southern game meats… You know… Gator, turtle, pheasant.

The Charleston, which houses the Honeychiles kitchen, is a full service bar, so patrons can put on a little New Orleans swagger to round out their meal. To welcome his new neighbors, Charleston manager Dorian Delamater is bringing in several single batch bourbons and a selection of Louisiana based micro-brews. Honeychiles partners Jesse Crawford and Josh Martin are probably better known, respectively, as the drummer and guitar player of the Brooklyn punk rock dynamo Exhumans. Jameson Proctor quit working as chef de cuisine then director of operations of Tom Colicchioʼs ʻwichcraft restaurants to play organ and piano in Williamsburgʼs country rock revivalists The Weight. All three, in response to recent tough economic times, have decided to open a restaurant and start working… in their spare time.

Honeychiles will be throwing an opening party, or “fais do do” if you will, on Thursday, July 8th with a crawfish boil!

Honeychiles will be open Sunday to Wednesday from 5 PM to 2 AM and Thursday to Saturday from 5 PM to 3 AM. Delivery will be available during all opening hours. Weekend lunch will start in August.

[VIDEO] Daddy's Dime: An Ode to Hipster Chicks

This one’s for the ladies out there: Daddy’s Dime by Paul Loren and performed by The Well-Informed.

Paul says he created it “as an au courant homage to the hip ladies living in our neck of the woods.”

It’s catchy! Download the mp3 here.