Video: Woods Plays "Blood Dries Darker" at Music Hall During Northside Fest

Woods – Blood Dried Darker (Live at Northside Festival) from Big Ass Lens on Vimeo.

This comes to us via BigAssLens, which has a whole slew of great videos from days one and two of Northside.

Williamsburg Census Interviews "Will Have to be Redone"

Lazy-ass census workers covering Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg had until July 10th to survey approximately 97,000 households in the neighborhood, but they weren’t even cutting it close.

To try and make their numbers, Alvin Aviles and Sonya Merritt decided to use the internet to come up with 10,000 fake or incomplete names — and fudged their census reports. They were caught, fired, but now the U.S. Census Bureau’s all like, “Do over!”

“I want to stress that our highest priority is to get a complete and accurate count in 2010 for Brooklyn,” the bureau’s regional director told the Epoch Times. “While I regret [that] some of the work must be redone, I’m sure the people of Brooklyn share in the goal of getting this right.”

Perhaps the second time’s a charm. Williamsburg ranked dead last in the city earlier this summer for people returning their forms — which kicked off a round of idiotic press reports calling hipsters lazy, when in reality it was the hasidic community which chose not to participate.

Video: Williamsburg Burglary Suspect Caught on Tape

This guy was caught on camera inside a building in the neighborhood (don’t know which one) and later seen exiting with stolen property, according to this description. This was taken Saturday afternoon. As always, if you know something, say something.

The Next L Train Is In…51 Minutes

Choire at The Awl posted this barbaric shot of the L Train’s subway notification sign, noting it’s “MTA TRANSIT DOOMSDAY in Williamsburg.” It is indeed! Although my train mysteriously appeared despite what the MTA overlords predicted, so maybe there’s hope after all? Good luck. Stay cool out there.

[PICS] Brahms and Savoir Adore at Brooklyn Bowl for Northside

Saturday night, Cantora Records hosted their Northside Festival showcase at Brooklyn Bowl with performances by Brahms, Savoir Adore, Tony Castles and Gordon Voidwell.

From behind a plexi-glass podium, lead singer Cale Parks (who twirled his drum sticks like a smoother version of the wedding band drummer on YouTube) commanded the stage with a collected presence and captivated the audience that could not help but start dancing along. As their show continued, Brahms incorporated a light show. Although the extra stimulus was fun, Brahms’ show would have been just as strong without the added bells and whistles as their infectious energy and dance rock.

Indie pop band Savoir Adore played one their best shows Saturday night and have been adding to their repertoire with fun hooks and singalong lyrics. The crowd was especially excited to hear Savoir’s rock ballad, “TCP”– a rock opera for the Hansel and Gretel fable– and their new song, “Loveliest Creature.”

Check out pictures of Brahms and Savoir Adore along with Tony Castles and Gordon Voidwell in the gallery below!

Attn: DFA's Justin Miller Cordially Invites You To The Dance Floor Tonight at Brooklyn Bowl

As if our lineup wasn’t stacked enough, starting at midnight tonight you’ll be able to catch Justin Miller of DFA Records killing it on the tables at Brooklyn Bowl. We expect you to bring your very best dance moves, as Miller will be dropping some previously unreleased DFA jams, along with a hand delivered track from Mr. Young Turks himself.

We chatted with Justin about his take on the vinyl wars, his love for smooth 70s jazz, and his last minute trick that got Tim Burton out on the dance floor. We’re excited for a million and one obvious reasons. See you all tonight… and don’t forget to wear your proverbial party pants!

Let’s start with the dividing line in the DJ world. Vinyl or tech– which do you prefer and why?

Vinyl, definitely. I work on a computer all day and if I had to use one to DJ I would go blind. I have a visual/audio recognition when looking at the records I’m playing that helps me hear the music in my head. That just doesn’t happen for me on a computer. I think its a disservice to have too much music available to you at any one time. You tend to stick to what you know or what others might want from you. With a bag of records you shape the night into what you want it to be because you’ve already thought about it ahead of time. Oh, and records sound way BETTER!

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Reading Rainbow & The Beets at Knitting Factory

Last night Reading Rainbow and The Beets played at Knitting Factory, for an L Mag late night show. When we arrived the bouncer informed us that the DJ had called out sick, so Reading Rainbow had gone on early. No matter. The show was great — both bands have fantastic energy, with Reading Rainbow harmonizing along to frantic drum beats and guitar riffs and audience members starting up a dance party. At some point, perhaps inspired by the music or just out of pure competitive energy, there was a pushup contest in the corner. The Beets were great too — same energy but with more of a raw sound (if a full band can sound more raw than just a guy and girl with a guitar, snare drum and tom tom). No more pushups, but lots more dancing.

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DOM, Zaza, Twin Sister and Memory Tapes played at Music Hall of Williamsburg last night (pics)

Twin Sister

Last night was one of the Brooklyn Vegan showcases, featuring Zaza, DOM, Twin Sister and Memory Tapes.

I unfortunately missed the Zaza set, although heard from some folks that they were one of the better sets that night. DOM rocked it, with trippy projections on a big screen behind them (that would also flash “DOM” between songs, lest you forget who you were watching) and trying to rouse a chorus of “USA!” after they finished their song “Living in America.” One poor audience member attempted to stage dive at the very end of their set, to be met with nothing but the cold, hard floor of the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Twin Sister absolutely killed it, filling up the entire venue with their fantastic sound while Andrea Estella was running around stage barefoot singing and dancing.

Next came Memory Tapes, whose drummer is I think one of the better I’ve seen in a while. They were great, getting almost jammy at times but in a really good way, but did anyone else feel like the vocals sounded a bit flat?

All in all a great show. Pics below.

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