Download: Live Recording of Keepaway at FREEwilly Northside Fest Showcase

Our beloved headliners from Sunday night’s Northside showcase at Brooklyn Bowl, Keepaway, are the first full set recording to be released by NYC Taper, who happened to be in attendance. As the trio took the stage, they gave shout outs to Kobe Bryant, Lil’ B, as well as the man responsible for Intro to Based 101 before diving head first into a set filled with rhythmic keys reminiscent of the Rugrats theme song. Basically, really fucking rad.

So if you have fond memories of the show, or you couldn’t make it because you’re lame, relive the whole thing right here. We’ll keep you posted on recordings from the rest of Sunday’s artists.

Tip Line: "They played tug-a-war with a cat."

OK so this is disturbing as all hell (ed: warning! do not read if you are a human with any hint of a soul.) but what the heck, the tipser wrote to us hoping we can do something and posting her story is about the best we can do. One of our editors responded to her email w/ a few vet #’s in the neighborhood as well. Somebody get animal control over there or something!

I need help!I called 311 the police and animal Cruelty, asapc…etc

no one will help me, help these poor cats please!!! In my back yard 2 part pitt-bull dog where let out with out a leash and brutally and viciously ripped apart 3 cats. They tortured these animals while their owners stood by and did nothing. They played tug-a-war with a cat. The most disturbing thing i have seen. This is a shared back yard with 4 building. The other cats ran and hid and the dogs continued to find more cats to drag out of their hiding space and rip them apart. There is 3 bloody cats in this back yard of my neighbors building. One cat is still part alive and suffering and animal control and the NYC police would not come or do anything. This is animal abuse. Please help!!! this dogs are evil are not under control of their owners. The dog owners let this go on for over an hour while we continued to cry and scream from our 4th floor windows unable to get back there. I called everyone i can think of…this can not happen again…something NEEDS to be done. who can help.

Dog owners live [ed: redacted, If you are the authorities & need the exact address, email me, but it’s on the 500 block of] Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

please help.

That’s from the inbox. 🙁 I highly recommend you click here to watch a kitten riding on the back of a tortoise to get the bad taste out of your mouth.

Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij: "What Makes Brooklyn Special Is…"

…the music, duh! Well, he didn’t quite use those exact words, but yes, Rostam is right. The video is brought to us by Converse, as the final installment of teasers for a single song collabo between Vampire Weekend, Kid Cudi, and Best Coast which should be released via free download on the staple kicks’ respective websites. Should be interesting?

Flickr Pic: The North Side (aka Girls & Bikes)

Domino Developers Cut a Deal w/ Councilman Steve Levin; Approval Likely

City Councilman Steve Levin (D-Williamsburg) supposedly cut a deal with Domino developers that will have them lowering the proposed height of the two towers from 40 floors to 34, and still include 660 affordable-housing units. So, get ready for a few thousand new neighbors (could be a while though…)!

The concession did not at first appease Councilman Steve Levin (D–Williamsburg), who initially wanted the project cut by 600 units. Domino initially resisted, saying that each floor of luxury housing that is cut from the project — already expensive because much of the former sugar is a city landmark — would cost the developer $5 million.

But a last-minute plea from Mayor Bloomberg, convinced Levin to soften his stance. And Domino caved after a late petition drive by industrial landowners near the project site triggered a requirement that the Council pass the project by a supermajority instead of a simple majority. A source said that Domino supporters were worried that they might not have enough votes under the new circumstances.

The Brooklyn Paper, h/t Brownstoner

There Is Now A Pretty Good Chance You'll End Up On A Mechanical Bull By 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, I write you today with esteemed honor, buoyed by an overwhelming sense of relief, as it’s breathlessly being reported by Eater that yes, there is now a fully functioning mechanical bull in Williamsburg.

We’ve made it. How we got this far without our frattier types rocking away their warm, sweaty nights on the hinds of history is beyond me. Where did all the cowboys go? It doesn’t really matter, as here is where they will go now: Viva El Toro, a new restaurant right next to Radegast. Eater got a quick look:

A pop in revealed a long bar with a few TV’s showing baseball to a sparse Monday night crowd. But that’s when it came into view. At the top of a small set of stairs was the machine that changed North Williamsburg forever. El Toro. A mechanical effing bull.

Please send all pictures of hipsters on bulls to our tipline. It’s what’s right for the country, the neighborhood, and you.

Die Antwoord's First Show In New York

Here they are at Vice and Intel’s Creator’s Project. Brooklyn Vegan has some great pictures of the event as well.

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