Video: "Keep It Quiet" by Ra Ra Riot (Preview)

The video, directed by Taryn Gould and Emily Kowalczyk, is a preview of “Keep It Quiet,” a song from Ra Ra Riot’s upcoming album The Orchard. The band’s second full-length album releases August 24th on Barsuk.

[PICS] Beach Fossils at Santos Party House

Last night women’s fashion and lifestyle website StyleCaster bolstered its Indie cred by co-hosting a free Beach Fossils show with music website Death + Taxes at Santos Party House.

A more aggressive spin on the lo-fi genre while still maintaining its approachable simplicity, Beach Fossils riled the crowd. A barefoot John Pena lost his mind on the bass– pacing and spinning all over the stage– while lead singer Dustin Payseur howled into his microphone… And that’s when the crowd surfing began… at 10PM… on a Tuesday night… at a fashion event. (Who saw that one coming?) The set ended with Payseur himself leaping onto the crowd, surfing until his song ended when the human pillars supporting him crumbled to the ground.

This weekend Beach Fossils launches into an extensive tour playing alongside Here We Go Magic, Bear in Heaven, and Warpaint throughout the summer. Click here for dates and check out pictures from the night in the gallery below!

More Highlights of the Northside Fest (And Some Upcoming Shows)

I think we all needed a day or two to recover after the Northside Festival, and in addition to the obviously dandy Freewilly showcase there were quite a few fresh new faces that stuck out. Beyond chatting up Michael Pitt and Britt Daniel at Tame Impala and Active Child respectively, here were a few of my highlights:

// ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER kinda made me feel like I was stuck in a K-hole at a Boards of Canada show in the 90s (in the best possible way). Daniel Lopatin turned Glasslands on Friday into an incredible drone-y sonic playground. And he has some cool videos to boot, so it makes sense that he’s playing in a month with Animal Collective at PS1.

// TAME IMPALA was the weekend’s buzzband, and Glasslands was packed & hot as hell Saturday (I haven’t felt sweat drip on me from the ceiling since I Love Techno 2007) but at least Tame Impala drizzled the crowd with a fairly refreshing dose of fuzzy psychedelia. Video here. Shirtless Aussies, who’da thunk?

// NORTH HIGHLANDS were a surprise gem, really hitting the mark with their sunny psych-pop. Soon these Brooklyners are playing on a boat & something to do with nachos?

// DARLINGS are another bunch of ‘burghers who played a much more polished set at their Public Assembly show than the last time I heard them and feel to finally have gotten the hang of the garage-pop vibe enough to land a Whitney Live show in July.

// ETERNAL SUMMERS and THE FRESH & ONLYS were also pleasant breaths of fresh air for the sweaty weekend.

Here’s to hoping for a nice & breezy summer.

McCarren Park Bathroom Rape: Suspect Still at Large


The victim told cops that she met the perp at the south end of the park, which is at the intersection of Bedford Avenue and N. 12th Street, at about 8:30 pm. She said that the two had been drinking for a while, before the cretin brought her into the bathroom at the north end of the park and forced her to have sex with him.

This occurred this past Saturday evening, June 26th. Surely somebody was around to see something, no?

Request For Information: Fart Bags

What’s with all the fart bags littered throughout McCarren Park? I first came across one of these mysterious little suckers last week and figured, well, that there’s a fart bag, there’s not much else there than just a bag for producing fart stink. But let’s irresponsibly theorize that there’s a more sinister usage for these gaseous gags. Poison? Nah. Can you smoke them? Probably not. Huffing? Yes!

You could totally huff a fart bag.

There’s even a tweet out there that somewhat supports this theory, so I’m going to roll with it. Here are the facts: People are huffing fart bags in McCarren Park. This is a problem that’s on the rise and we are just simply outraged that nobody is doing anything about it.

It’s a cheap high — you can go buy yourself a pack of six fart bags at the all-low price of $1.38 per unit, and by unit, I most certainly mean fart bag. We need to fight back.

I encourage everyone out there to step up and be a responsible citizen and SAVE OUR CHILDREN by writing to your local representatives that we need to keep our kids homes fart bag free. Are you with me?

Let’s do this for America. Let’s do this for Brooklyn.

Restless People's "Victimless Crime" Actually Isn't

The real crime is that director Sean Mattison has had this up for about a year, but I haven’t seen it anywhere on the internets before. Have I not been paying attention, or is this the first time the blogosphere is getting a hold of it? I need answers, people! Read the first ever interview with part-Tanlines Restless People, one of our newest favorite bands, over at Death+Taxes.

It's a Mark Mothersbaugh Kind of Day…

Devo’s frontman, who is responsible for the Rugrats vs. Brooklyn music scene epiphany I had earlier today, apparently smoked drugs with other famous people. Are we surprised? [Via Boing Boing, h/t Pitchfork]

The only time in my life I smoked angel dust was by accident and it was on a double date with Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson. We all went to Studio 54, and people were passing drugs all over the place. Michael Jackson had just finished doing the movie The Wiz and still looked like Michael Jackson back then; he had an Afro, and he was still black. He passed me a joint, and I thought, well OK, we don’t have marijuana in Ohio so I’ll try it.

Julian Lynch "In New Jersey"

Every time I hear a Julian Lynch song, I just can’t help but get flashbacks of last year’s Chocolate Bobka show at Monkey Town (as I pour one out for our fallen brother), with his face projecting huge across the 4 large video screens and playing a few songs via video chat for the crowd on what I remember to be a recorder– but it wasn’t. Here’s the new video for “In New Jersey” [via the new and improved GvB]: