Primus / Gogol Bordello At Williamsburg Waterfront, Also… Weezer

This is perhaps one of the more bizarre pairings we’ve ever heard of, but blast-from-the-past band Primus will be performing with Gogol Bordello on July 30th at the Williamsburg Waterfront. Presale begins at noon.
Also, Weezer is slotted to play July 16. Tickets go on sale for that show tomorrow at 10:00 AM.

Gogol Bordello- “Start Wearing Purple” – March 09, 2010 @ The Fillmore / Irving Plaza, New York

The most efficient use of apartment space… ever

Wait, so how exactly can one fit 24 rooms into a 344 square foot apartment? Oh, by being an absolute genius.

It’s about time someone designed a place where the rooms come to me instead the other way around. Just think about how many more residents the Domino Sugar developers could squeeze in if they utilized this kind of design!

Williamsburg Freelance Writer Rejected Because She's "Not Bushwick Enough"

A freelancer writer who we’ll call “SS” had hoped her second article for a New York City print publication would be running next week. Last night, she optimistically tweeted, “2nd article will be running next week in the [paper name redacted so she can keep trying!].” However, much to her dismay, the Williamsburg resident was rejected this morning because she’s “not Bushwick enough.”
She updated her followers, “wait, just kidding, got rejected because i’m “NOT BUSHWICK ENOUGH.” what, i live in williamsburg, can’t write about bushwick? whatevs.”
Whatevs indeed! So what does she write about? Well, I don’t know. But a word cloud of her most recent LiveJournal blog post might give you a clue:
What is it to “Be Bushwick”? I mean, it’s different than to “Be Williamsburg”? Is the great media magnification glass that’s been hovering over Williamsburg for the last few years shifting slowly to Bushwick? Regardless, this particular paper seems to be going hyper-local by declaring all writers who write about a neighborhood must indeed call that neighborhood home. It’s like politics! Notice to all freelance hopefuls, start the Great Media Land Grab now.

Time-traveling Hipster Caught in 1940 Photo?

The above photo was taken in 1940 and is currently on display at a Canadian museum. In it, the viewer can see scores of 1940-era gents and ladies, in their sassy fedora hats, classy suits and ties, and then, right there about three people deep, that dude.
What’s his deal? Is that a digital SLR he’s got just below his screen-printed tee? That face. His emotions are way to “meh” here compared to the others in the photograph. To the analysis!
A week or so late because I was busy time traveling, h/t Boing Boing, Gizmodo

Man Acquitted of Rape Using "Skinny Jeans" Defense

Nicholas Gonzales, an accused rapist in Sydney, Australia, has been acquitted of raping a 24-year old woman because his lawyer argued her jeans were too tight to be removed by Nicholas alone, making the sex consensual.
He successfully argued ‚”it’s difficult for skinny jeans to be taken off by someone else unless the wearer’s assisting, collaborating, consenting.”
This is bad news. Notice to skinny jeans-wearing citizens of the 11211: your size 0 slim fits are now recognized as an Australian voice of consent.

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Oh, and a big F.U. to the morons who are supporting Arizona’s backwards immigration law. (NSFW)

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Celebrate Brooklyn 2010 Schedule Released, Includes Sonic Youth, the Roots, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

Prospect Park will once again be home to live music this summer, as Celebrate Brooklyn is back with a line-up that includes both free and ticketed benefit shows.
Full schedule is listed below the jump, via Brooklyn Vegan.

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Who is Iamamiwhoami?

We’re gonna go with The Knife:

More videos and the back-story on Buzzfeed.