PBR: Sold for $250 Million to C. Dean Metropoulos, Pickle Guy

PBR’s been sold to a guy who once managed Vlasic Pickles. How appropriate! The deal went down for $250 million, though as Consumerist notes, “for only a dollar more they could have gotten a shot of Jameson to go along with it.” Recession Special!

Hipster NYC Bicyclists Appear on Judge Judy

Two tattoo’d NYC bike messengers went before Judge Judy to argue over a lost (or stolen & sold) bicycle. This clip has all the important markings — flannels, tattoos, fire, a “friend’s band,” the internet, custom bikes, and fashionable hair. It truly is the biggest thing to hit our judicial system.
The Plaintiff, Christopher Villanella, believes his former roommate John Foraker sold his custom bicycle for money. The bike was built by Velo Brooklyn (1342 Dekalb Avenue), and he paid almost $2,000 for it.
The banter between Judge Judy and her Bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd about bicycle prices is a particular highlight. Watch the whole clip after the jump.

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Opening June 9th: 3rd Ward's Food Truck


We first told you about 3rd Ward’s shiny little food truck, Goods, back in October. Since we’re practically neighbors, we’ve noticed some activity in the lot over the past few weeks and had a chance to take a look. It’s classy! And with the rest of the lot, Goods should offer a fun little yard to grab some grub just steps from the Lorimer stop.

The food will be your standard American fare, although prepared by Alex McCrery, identified by the Brooklyn Paper as “former sous-chef at New Orleans’s legendary Commander’s Palace.”

The 25-foot 1946 Spartan trailer (they used to make airplanes in WW2!) from a junkyard in Ithaca will serve fare for all three meals. We’re looking at burgers, hot dogs, Brooklyn Lager-battered fish and chips, biscuits, sausage egg and cheese, hash browns, and Intelligentsia coffee. They will deliver, offer take-out, and host a 35-seat garden out back.

Opening day: June 9th.

"The Woods" Expansion Plan Nixed by Community Board

Neighbors of “The Woods” took over a recent Community Board 1 Public Safety Committee meeting to stomp out a plan that would expand their backyard garden by like, seven stools.
Bar owners Dave Rosen and Matt Relkin “wanted to add seven stools in an adjacent backyard and have the area serve as a meeting place for community groups and the pick-up spot for a neighborhood community-supported agriculture group to grab its vegetables this summer,” but neighbors can’t handle any more noise.

Opening: Re:Group: Beyond Models of Consensus

Eyebeam just announced a really interesting show called Re:Group, which aims to examine “models of participation and participation as a model in art and activism.” It opens June 10th with a talk at 5pm and reception 6-8pm.

Re:Group features work by thirteen artists, designers, hackers, activists, and collectives exploring both the potential and limitations of participation, networked collaboration, and distributed labor. From the “crowdsourced” projects Ten Thousand Cents and White Glove Tracking to the tactical media art of The Yes Men and Ubermorgen, from the urban interventions of John Hawke and The Institute of Infinitely Small Things to the open platforms of Ushahidi and MakerBot – the exhibition represents a diverse range of critically and socially engaged work that rethinks the institutional practices within urban planning, civil engineering, transportation, industrial design and production, relief work, and the news media.


L Train Woman Saved by Mystery Man

A subway hero descends then vanishes:

After a woman fainted onto the tracks Monday evening at the Union Square station, the man jumped onto the track bed to try to revive her, witnesses told the police. Seeing the lights of an Eighth Avenue-bound L train, and probably realizing he was out of time, he hastily positioned her body in the trench between the tracks, then hoisted himself out as the train roared in, the police said.

Coming soon: FREErosendale?

Picture_from_railbridge2.jpgThe New York Times ran a trend piece yesterday on a pioneering population of hipsters who have chosen to live their fringe lifestyle in more the geographic sense. The story goes: settling young artist types, who used to take root in Williamsburg for its low rent-to-space ratio, have started falling even farther from the Big Apple [tree]. Rosendale, NY, just 90 miles north, sounds like it has everything an emigrant from the borough could want: a cafe/nightclub with an “eclectic menu” and a “Brooklyn feel”, copies of The Brooklyn Rail, and the occasional Maggie Gyllenhaal sighting. Williamsburg expats may feel right at home in Rosendale, which ‚”lacks a supermarket but has a surprising number of restaurants ‚Äî four on Main Street alone, including the¬†Rosendale Cafe, a stalwart¬†vegetarian¬†and folk-music institution.”
So hipsters are getting out of town! For the internet’s sake, I hope this rural hipster migration is real because ‚”hicksters” is just too appropriate of a neologism to go unused.
Pictured- the new “just over the river,” from the town of Rosendale’s website.
[Original Article – NYTimes]

26-year-old Woman Falls on L Train Tracks, is OK!

A 26-year-old woman fell into the tracks at Union Square yesterday evening, creating a flurry of police activity and concerned commuters. According to Gothamist, CBS & the New York Post, here’s what happened: The woman fainted and fell onto the tracks after feeling “dizzy,” and was run over by an 8th Avenue-bound L train.
CBS: “Emergency Medical Technicians who first reached her were shocked to find nothing more than a few cuts to her head.”
Gothamist commenter: “I was there and saw the whole thing. The train DID NOT stop before hitting her, it went right over her. I don’t know why they would say that it stopped, but hopefully the part about her being OK is true.”
NYPOST: “Cops said the woman may have fainted and there was no criminality.”
Reports differ as to whether or not the train stopped, but either way, she must’ve fallen into the middle portion between the tracks as she didn’t suffer any serious injuries other than cuts on her head. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital. According to a witness who tweeted about the scene, “she may have lived cuz she was sort of lying down in the middle.”