[PICS] Ra Ra Riot at Bowery Hotel 4.14.10


Fancy Wine Bar The Counting Room Opens

Screen shot 2010-04-15 at 3.57.37 PM.png
Sound Fix Records has a new neighbor: The Counting Room-an upscale multilevel wine bar that has taken over part of the former seltzer factory at 44 Berry Street.
The Counting Room offers a selection of wines from The Old World. The wines are decently priced at $8-$11 dollars a glass, half bottles which range from $16-$25, and full bottles from $25-$45. Instead of 2 and 4-top tables, long picnic benches are scattered throughout the industrial, airy space. Several retractable garage doors line the upstairs and when opened it almost feels like you’re drinking outside.
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This is a pretty interesting story about a cover song duo who’s actually found a way to make some scratch:

You can add the band Pomplamoose to the long and growing list of YouTube sensations, with its cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Its members don’t have a record deal or a publicist, but that song’s video has been viewed almost 4 million times on YouTube alone….
“There’s no hidden sounds, there’s no lip-synching, there’s no overdubbing. What you see is what you hear,” Conte says. “Sometimes, there might be two or three Natalys harmonizing with herself, and then you’ll see those three videos juxtaposed together on the screen.”
The group has made no hard copies of its albums; no CDs have been printed. Nevertheless, they make their living on sales, having sold about 100,000 songs last year.
Pomplamoose is one of the first bands to be invited into YouTube’s Musicians Wanted program, which is an ad-revenue sharing program. YouTube places ads next to or on a video, and then shares the revenue for that ad, 50-50, with the artist. Income sources like this allow for bands to survive without the help of a major label

Here they are in action. We actually prefer their version of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone:” [via]

NYPD to Anarchist Film Festival: "Who’s running this, who’s involved?"

The Times caught up with Johnny Ludolph, one of the guys arrested this week at 13 Thames Art Space out in Bushwick for allegedly having an old unpaid beer on the sidewalk ticket. Turns out the cops’ warrant-less entrance was due to reports of squatters in the building and an open door.
The Times picks up here:

But when he arrived at the 90th Precinct station house, Mr. Ludolph said, the police seemed most interested in asking him about the fliers.
The fliers were for the NYC Anarchist Film Festival. The address: 13 Thames Street. Some fliers included the formula ‚”energy x mass + love =” next to an illustration of an explosion. One showed a stylized image of a helmeted police officer carrying a plastic shield and covered by flames.
‚”They asked me, ‘Who’s running this, who’s involved?’ ” Mr. Ludolph said Wednesday afternoon as he sat on a wooden table inside 13 Thames. Mr. Ludolph said he told the police he did not know.

The explosion, they forgot to note, is in the shape of a heart. Ah anarchists, killing the authorities with love one flyer at a time.

[PICS] The Low Anthem and Timber Timbre at Bowery Ballroom

IMG_0069.jpg Last night, The Low Anthem played their first of two New York shows at Bowery Ballroom along with Timber Timbre and The Woes.
Strolling in on the middle of Timber Timbre’s set felt more like an unwanted intrusion with the lights so dim and the crowd so quiet. The hushed setting was the perfect backdrop for Timber Timbre’s eerie folk music and heavy bass drum. (It was however the worst backdrop for shooting any photos.) The changes from gentle violin and minimal guitar to the booming kick drum was genuinely startling but extremely engaging. The crowd was so absorbed I thought I heard the ice shifting in plastic cups and it felt inappropriate to be a little bit buzzed from dinner.
Low Anthem perpetuated this feeling of soothing and minimalist folk rock with their emotive group vocals and harmonies. The diverse instrumental sounds courtesy of Mat Davidson who moved from singing saw to drums and back round again enriched the entire romantic experience. Opting for newly written songs, The Low Anthem set did however include their fan favorite, “Charlie Darwin.” The entire set was a beautiful collection of folk songs performed to showcase the genuine musicianship and band’s cohesiveness.
Catch the Low Anthem’s second show tomorrow night (April 16th) with Timber Timbre at the Bell House and more pictures after the jump!

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Plants and Animals take us to La La Land

At Union Hall last night, Plants and Animals treated the audience to a whole bunch of new tunes from their forthcoming album “La La Land,” a worthy follow up for fans of their critically acclaimed, but perhaps under-appreciated, 2008 debut, Parc Avenue. Opening with the lead single, and album start-off, Tom Cruz (which you can stream, along with the rest of the album ), the band powered through 8 of the 11 new tracks, reaching into their back catalogue just once to pull out Faerie Dance. The tiny basement space was packed with a sold out crowd, and some of the most lush, dynamic guitar-rock I’ve ever heard from a 3 piece. I had my camera in tow to capture some pictures, and a video of one of my favorite new tracks, Undone Melody. Looking back, it seems the in-cam mic was almost as blown out as my ear drums, but hell, if you want to see and hear some new Plants and Animals, this is what I’ve got for ya.

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Soft Circle's Hisham Bharoocha Orchestrates Another Drum Circle Today

Many of you may recognize Hisham Bharoocha as former Black Dice member and solo-artist as Soft Circle. However, he has been a keen collaborator and orchestrator of the Boredum’s Boadrum project. Going it alone, Bharoocha will lead a 40 drummer Earth Day celebration today at Loomstate. Other noteworthy drummers include members of Oneida, Lichens, Pit Er Pat, Aa, and Jah Division among others.
Chris Taylor (of Grizzly Bear) will DJ.
Loomstate is located at:
356 West 58th St (Between 8th + 9th Ave)
More details can be found here.

NYPD Raids 13 Thames, Arrests Two

Seems the NYPD raided the 13 Thames Art Space and arrested a couple residents, or “members of the collective.” This comes just three days before the group’s NYC Anarchist Film Festival, so yes, put on your conspiracy hats!
The organizers statement:

Today in Brooklyn NY, the NYPD entered without a warrant 13 Thames Art Space, a Bushwick based art and performance space where members of the Independent Anarchist Media (I AM) Collective have been organizing the Fourth Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in honor of Brad Will.
Two plainclothes detectives entered first, followed quickly by a Lieutenant and vans full of blue shirt officers. After corralling everyone present in the back room, they searched the space and detained two members of the collective.
The I AM collective was preparing for the NYC Anarchist Film Festival, a showcase of resistance movements and insurrectionary events from around the world presented from an anarchist and anti-authoritarian perspective.
Our response to the raid: regardless of these attacks, the film festival will happen as planned on Friday April 16, 2010 at Judson Memorial Church. The voice of decentralized creative communities will not be silenced by police repression. They cannot raid us, because we are everywhere.

Were you there!? Write us but I swear to god DO IT FROM A FREE WIFI ZONE WITH MASKED COMPUTER IPS SO THEY CANNOT TRACE YOU!!!111!!!!