Ninja Vandals in Williamsburg?

2888941372_bf0741f5cc.jpgFrom the mailbag:

I wanted to see if you had heard anything about another vigilante attack on N 6th St last night (Sat 4/17) between Bedford and Berry. I live on the block, and my friends and roommate reported seeing a “Ninja looking” crew dressed in all black run down the street from Bedford to Berry along the road and smash the drivers side window of every car on the block. I confirmed when I returned home later that night, drunk and stumbling and saw patches of glass all the way down N 6th. Apparently they scrambled at the intersection of N 6th and Berry as cop cars came from every direction and were even reversing back up N 6th st towards the intersection. With the American Apparell attack on our street a month or two ago, I’m starting to wonder WTF is going on

If you have any information or pictures, let us know in comments. [image via]
UPDATE: Here’s another version of events from Williamsburger Stephanie Palumbo:

I heard it from my apt and then my boyfriend called me from outside on the street. He saw it happen.. said the kids were stopping cars and harassing people in them. They turned over all of the garbage cans on the street and then one of the kids grabbed one of the garbage cans and smashed it into the window at the tea house on the corner of N 8th and Bedford. Then they smashed a car window and kept running down the street (toward N 7th). They were screaming, “Take back the night!” which makes no sense – it’s an anti-rape slogan but those protests are nonviolent and totally different.
We suspect it has something to do with the Anarchist Book Fair that was going on in the city and also the police raid a few days earlier on an anarchist art collective in Bushwick. My boyfriend said they were all young and white and looked like bored rich kids. They seemed to be just playing dress up or something and had absolutely no coherent message

A couple of pix [thanks Stephanie] after the jump.

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Future Islands Through the Eyes of a Rude Dude

Just in case you needed more convincing, here’s the video for Future Islands “Tin Man” directed by one part Rude Dude, Jay Buim:

Future Islands – Tin Man from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Tonight: Rude Dudes at The Woods

Check out our favorite Rude Dudes at The Woods tonight! And if you haven’t downloaded their mixtape yet, you’re losing at life.
Flyer by Behold the Destroyer

Fund the Bent Festival at Kickstarter, Get Mp3's, DVD's, & a Noise Toy!

Bent Festival, the annual DIY music & art fest taking place 4/22 – 4/24 here in Brooklyn, has a project page up on Kickstarter, and is currently a little over $1k short of their $2k goal. Donations, they write, “will go toward paying artists, travel expenses for out-of-towners, and materials for installations and workshops.” Plus, you’ll get some pretty rad stuff.
Here’s what the various amounts of funding will get project backers:

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Do it! You’ve got four days left.

Willie Nelson High On Larry King

Pedal Pumping

I’ve got a new piece on a bizarro fetish over at The Awl:

In case you’re not familiar, pedal pumping is a car/foot fetish for men who enjoy watching women pump the gas, generally in vintage cars, until they strand themselves by flooding the engine or draining the battery. Um, what? Countless variations on this scenario exist‚Äîgirls getting cars stuck in mud, Asians revving mopeds in the desert, stranded pedal pumpers with ‚”stinky work shoes.” According to The Daily Beast, Michelle McGee even confesses to making a few pedal pump videos. So evidently there’s a market for painted hags who look like Skeletor pumping the gas with swastikas on their toes too. Most of the videos make up for their poor production values with sophisticated dialogue like ‚”start, godammit,” ‚”no, I don’t wanna be stuck here,” and ‚”fuck this Mustang.”
A search for the fetish yields over 200,000 Google returns and thousands of YouTube videos. There are hundreds of websites that cater to the fetish including,, and [All sort of/not really/but kind of Not Safe For Work?]

Videos and the rest of the article here.

Stephen Colbert Tips His Hat to Hipsters

Hipsters got a Tip of Stephen Colbert’s hat last night, “because as a demographic they are consistently not filling out Obama’s census.” Yep, he heard about it on NPR. As you know by now, it’s not neccessarily the Hipsters fault. Still, well played by Sir Colbert, who noted the low return rates are part of a grand hipster scheme to get less representation, and therefore less neighborhood resources, which in turn will lead to a neighborhood in disrepair, lower rent, and a return to the gritty neighborhood of the 90’s.
But yes, good old Nate Stark, he of Academy Records on North 6th and source in NPR’s article saw his $5 quote replayed on Colbert, saying, “I guess it’s laziness and like, what’s the point? When it comes down to it, nobody wants to fill out like another form that’s just like getting sent to your house that really relatively has nothing to do with your life. I mean people would do if they got like five bucks.”

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Cerebral Ballzy EP Release Party Tonight

If you feel like getting sweaty tonight, head out to Public Assembly tonight to celebrate the release of Cerebral Ballzy‘s EP.
These boys have been known to get kicked our of their own shows before, so you know it’ll be a good time.
$5 / FREE Colt 45 / 9pm