Bushwick Ninja Anarchists Making Real Anarchists Look Bad

Over on the anarchist forums, anonymous commenters are furiously debating the actions of the Williamsburg Bubble Tea Ninjas. One writes:

Looks like it [ed: Williamsburg] needed a little broken glass around the place, too clean and liberal smugville, the broken glass glitters beautifully at night in the headlights, or at sunrise as the slanting rays of the sun remind us that nothing is permanent.

Many over there do however believe it was a terrible move by the anarchist ninjas, as they’re making real anarchists look like stupid, violent, nihilistic and irrational ninja anarchists. Which they totally aren’t! One writes, you ninjas shouldn’t be attacking quaint little boutiques, storefronts, and normal people cars, but the system.

Attack the rich, attack banks, attack the RULING CLASS not yuppies or hipsters. it might not be as easy, because they usually don’t just park their cars on the street, and they usually have security guard stations and don’t run boutiques but multinational corporations.

Quite the debate going on over there, where everyone is “anon” and forever temporarily unidentified in that damn system of Google Cache. Fight the power, anarchists, friends of the hipsters.

Bloomberg: Blog Reader!

Mayor Bloomberg is “a very plugged-in mayor” and he “reads a lot of blogs.”

Brooklyn Kickball Expands, Adds Tuesday Night Games

After a few years of packed Sunday afternoons at McCarren Park, and endless e-threads between hopefuls on the rookie list, Brooklyn Kickball commissioner Kevin “K Fucking D” Dailey today announced the birth of Tuesday Night Kickball.
He writes, “To be short and clear, the league is expanding to Tuesday! We’re gonna take another dead night and make it the best time of the week.”
It’s an expansion league of sorts which, Dailey notes, will have the same rules and be open to challenges from the big boys on Sundays, thereby allowing cross-league pollination. It won’t be pre-scheduled like the majors on Sunday, but will have a Queue Board “just like back in the day.”
Come September, Dailey will incorporate Tuesday night teams into the playoffs, setting the scene for a future cross-league rivalry of epic Williamsburg sporting proportions.
Players can sign up for the Tuesday night spots here at $700 a team or $100 as a free agent.

April Smith and the Great Radio Show

Last Saturday, Mr. Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion strayed from its home on the range to broadcast the 10th Annual Talent Tee-Off battle of the bands from the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. The grand prize was awarded to Williamsburg/Bushwick based April Smith and the Great Picture Show. (Thanks to my mom, actually, for bringing the show and April’s regional relevance to my attention!) If you want to listen to the show, go ahead and click here.
The retro outfit’s radio hoopla helped spark some contemporary success; their newest release, Songs for a Sinking Ship, had a commendable run on the iTunes charts. (Note: may make a good present for parents)

McCarren Park Hungry, May Ingest Union Ave

The Post has word the city is considering the Open Space Alliance’s proposal to close Union Ave b/t Driggs and Bayard and turn the space into some sort of pedestrian plaza extension of McCarren Park.

City officials have not indicated their support for the project or whether the site would stay asphalt or become grass, though Thayer, also a Parks Department administrator, remains confident that the change will happen.

The street is currently the home of the Greenmarket, whose director Michale Hurwitz told the Post, ‚”All I care about is that we have a home.” We care about that too! Greenpoint traffic headed towards the BQE on Union would be diverted onto Lorimer or North 12th, meaning less cars passing by the dog park and more pedestrians in their place. Win.

Broke, Un-tethered Artists Hate You Bubble Tea Anarchists Too!

Sez le commenter:

I’m broke, live off the grid, make art, and work in Williamsburg – and I HATE these losers. Go get a real education, you fucks.

Related: Are Williamsburg anarchist ninjas our very own tea partiers? Discuss.

Clip: Zach Galifianakis in Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!

Zach Galifianakis (whose last name movable type hilariously spell-checks to egalitarianism or galileans) shows up in this coming Sunday’s episode of Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job! as “the greatest dancer of his generation” and now leotard-clad dance instructor who rules with an iron lip.

Clip via Pop Candy

Hipster Foldables: The 'Stache Box

stacheboxillus.jpgSure, beards are part of the required uniform now in Williamsburg. But we still have a fondness for the classic hipster stache. Thanks to Bryan of Paper Foldables for creating his latest masterpiece: The Hipster Stache Box:
The Hipster Nutcracker
Mr. Skinny Jeans
The Gutter Punk
The Hipster Grifter
Hip Kyp Malone