Grand Ferry Park Now Home to Free Stand-up Comedy Shows; First is Sunday @ 5:30 UPDATED

This Next Sunday, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM, Grand Ferry Park will be home to Comedy in the Park, the first of at least three free stand-up comedy shows on the Williamsburg waterfront this summer.
Host Paul Marino hopes the combination of a beautiful location, funny & diverse line-up, proximity to Bedford, and the fact that it’s a free show, will lead to an awesome new outdoor comedy series. We hope it works out!
The Parks Department granted permits for the first three shows and are awaiting to see how things go before making a decision on continuing the series. If these three go well, we might have a summer-long stand-up series right there on the waterfront. Curious how things would work out with the Jelly Pool Parties, but we could imagine some kind of merging of the two at some point down the line.
All Marino needs now, he writes, “is a big crowd to cheer when I ask, ‘Now how many of you want Comedy in the Park to do a comedy show like this every week?'”
This week’s show is headlined by Dan St. Germain, and will feature Jeffrey Joseph, Freddy Sheffield, Jay Welsh, Mike Recine, Heather Fink, Stephen Mark, Edward Dominguez, and a possible appearance by Joel Runnels. Music’s by DJ Sureshot.
Update: Marino writes to say the event has been canceled to due rain. It’ll be on next sunday however, so save le date.

Happy Earth Day: NYPD Removes "Hundreds of Bikes" on Houston

Presumably worried that of the many bicycles lining President Obama’s path to Cooper Union on Houston Avenue this morning one may contain a pipe bomb, NYPD police officers removed “hundreds of bikes”, piled them deep onto the back of a flatbed truck and shipped ’em far, far away.
One bystander posted a photo and tweeted, “This is a truck full of bikes that were sawed off every lampost and bike rack on houston street bc obama is coming.”
Another wrote, “Running late to work watching nypd cut bike locks along obamas route on Houston St.”
So where are these bikes now? Is every lucky little son and daughter of a police officer in the city getting a new bike for Earth Day? We’ll update if we hear how and where you can find your lost stolen bike. Gothamist put a call in, because they are responsible bloggers, but yes, happy planet day from the NYPD!
h/t This Is FYF

Tonight: Crush Party at Public Assembly

From Crush:

We are giving away 2 tickets to this Thursday’s Crush party with Hussle Club, My Gold Mask, Rafter, C-mon & Kypski & Free Magic…all you have to do is Tweet at us who your band crush is on right now and we will notify our winners by Thursday at 4pm! Tweet @CRUSHANDDANCE to Win!

You still have a couple hours to win tix to tonight’s event, so get on it– this is gonna be one ass-shaker of a party! More info here.

Traif: "a paean to foods forbidden by Jewish dietary laws'

The Atlantic takes a long, hard look at Traif (South 4th b/t Roebling & Havemeyer), “A Promised Land of Pork and Shellfish.”

Sitting at the southern tip of trendy Williamsburg on South 4th Street between Roebling and Havemeyer, Traif faces the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, as well as the Broadway Avenue dividing line between hipster and Hasidic Williamsburg, where there have been recent tensions between the two communities. The restaurant’s notable characteristics‚Äîits explicit irony, its lack of any discernable outdoor sign, the local artwork on the walls, its specialty dishes like strawberry-cinnamon baby back ribs, and its stunning outdoor garden‚Äîare assuredly in keeping with restaurants of its ilk in the northern section of Williamsburg, though there’s a strong Jewishness that runs through the restaurant and its owners, which makes Traif a unique bridge between the dissonant worlds of North and South.

Read the rest at The Atlantic. Pic c/o Sophie Barbasch.

Breukelen: A Short Documentary

From LA-based Kitsune Noir:

I have never been to Brooklyn, but in my mind it possesses an almost mythic status and encapsulates everything that is holistically artistic, effortlessly cool and divergent from the mainstream. In his short film/documentary ‚”Breukelen”, ‚”Afropean” filmmaker Ofa brings to life the Brooklyn of my imagination.

BREUKELEN from ofa on Vimeo.

One important question, though… Where are all the hipsters?

Yoga Yoga Yoga

Screen shot 2010-04-22 at 11.47.56 AM.png
If you into masochism, trying drinking the night before going to class.

Report: Cops Grab Man on Bedford Ave, Search Pockets, Grab Pen

A Williamsboard user posted yesterday evening that a police officer grabbed him from behind while he was walking down Bedford Avenue & stuck his hands directly into the man’s pockets in search of something far more sinister than what was found.

Im walking down bedford avenue today with a friend of mine, and all of a sudden I feel someone grab the hood of my hoodie and pull me back. initially I thought it would be a friend. middle of the day, bedford ave, etc. turns out its the man. I turn around and he immediately reaches into my front pocket and says “oh, thats just a pen. theres been some robberies around here lately”. I dont say anything, we both turn and go our different ways.
what the fuck?

What the fuck indeed, assuming “the man” is a reference to the NYPD and not this guy or this guy. We’re pretty sure that’s illegal search and seizure, but here’s the full thread if you’d like to offer up your nonprofessional opinion.

Meet Walter, Lucky Puppy of Brooklyn

This is a short story about a puppy named Walter.
He was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn Easter night of this year, scared and burned after having been “dipped in chemicals” and thrown from a car by someone who had presumably tried to cure the little guy of a case of the Mange.
Alex Darsey, resident on 15th Street and 3rd Avenue, found him and took him to the vet, where he was given antibiotics and medicated soap to treat his raw skin. Things were looking up. But then, his temperature and desire to eat went south. Walter had to go back to the vet, where, “his temperature was so low it didn’t register on the thermometer” and he had to go get fluids from an IV & go in a heated incubator. Medical expenses for Darsey and his friends were getting expensive. So, they asked the internet for some help.
A little over a week later, thanks to the donations of many generous individuals via the internet, Walter is going to be just fine and “grow up a healthy, loved, and happy dog.” They have enough money to pay for his care, and thanks to the staff at The Veterinary Emergency Referral Group, Walter is going to live happily ever after, the end.
Quotes via Help Save Walter; photo via the Facebook group.