New M.I.A, Video 'Born Free'

What better way to easy into a Monday morning. This thing is definitely NSFW:

Today: Bikes, BBQ and Bushwick

Do you like food? Do you like bikes? (come on now, of course you do). Well the Brooklyn Bike Shop is teaming up with activist/artist/musical collective Band of Bicycles for an all-organic cookout and screening of the film No Impact Man as a fundraiser for the Bushwick Farmers Market/Ecostation: NY and the Bushwick Food Co-Op. Go stop by — it’s gorgeous outside, and you look like could use a little sunshine.

Bushwick Rocks The Bike Shop

When Sat, April 24,4:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Where Bushwick Bike Shop, 1342A Dekalb Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn (map)
Admission $10 suggested donation
Bushwich Rocks the Bike Shop is a benefit, cookout film screening, and concert. Proceeds benefit the Bushwick Farmers Market/Ecostation: NY and the Bushwick Food Co-Op. The organic cookout will be from 4:30 to 7, followed by a screening of “No Impact Man.” Suggested donation is $10.

Make Misteaks at the All-Day BBQ at TBD Today

Lance Jaeger and t.b.d. brooklyn are throwing a huge backdoor BBQ today with 500 lbs of meat, 100 lbs of veggies, ribs by Mike DiPrima of Lamb and Jaffe, bands, $3 Goose Island Honkers pints & $4 Mimosas!

Bands start at noon in the Beer Garden
Music inside the Bar (starting at 6)

Free to party, might be free to grub too? (Will update via the twitters) I’m headed there now, soooo thought it’d be worth throwing up on FW to give you people a fair chance at eating all my desired meat.

Crazy Bubble Tea Ninja Bitches Will Fucking Kill You

The Bubble Tea Ninja Partiers who wrecked up the neighborhood the other night and are making other anarchists look bad took some time away from their anarchy to send out an official press release to communicate their reasoning — just like the man would want them to.
In the release sent with the subject line, “WE’LL SHOW YOU CRAZY BITCHES: TAKE BACK THE NIGHT,” they write, “Dressed in matching black skirts and masks, dozens gathered on Saturday evening for an anti-capitalist Take Back the Night march, stopping traffic on Bedford Avenue, overturning trashcans, and breaking windows.”
But why, crazy bitches, did you do such things to ordinary citizens’ physical property? Surely, a quaint little bubble tea shop isn’t objectifying you, right?
“We are not asking for a right to the streets, we are taking them; we are not asking for advertisements that do not objectify women, we’re destroying the commercial mechanisms that objectify women; we are not appealing to male power for an end to rape, but threatening: ‘If you touch me, I will fucking kill you.'”
I get it. Y’all are angry. But maybe realign your targets? I don’t think smashing car windows and independent shop owners’ store fronts is the right way to get your message across. It just, I don’t know, muddles things. As you know, my response read: “While I appreciate your message, I think your actions are misguided and distracting. You guys come off as amateurs, breaking car windows and the lady’s tea shop? Fight corporations and ‘the man’ all u like, but dudes, normal people’s property is kinda fucked.”
For the rest of you, their full release is posted after the jump. But that’s who we’re dealing with. Pissed off femarchists in black skirts who I swear to god will fuck up your Subaru, capitalist. And yes, kill you.

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Ticket Giveaway: Adam Green at the Bowery

After kicking off Teen Tech, his exhibition at Morrison Hotel Gallery on the Bowery last night, Adam Green will be playing two shows at Bowery Ballroom tonight and Saturday– and we’ve got a pair of tickets for one lucky reader. Adam Green is a quintessential New Yorker, “eccentric, but perfect” according to legendary rock ‘n roll photog Mick Rock (who I had the extreme honor of chatting up last night)…. Also spotted at the event were Cory Kennedy, Becka Diamond, Macaulay Culkin, and Michael Grubbs of Wakey!Wakey!, as well as a slew of swanky downtowners.
For your chance to see Adam Green tomorrow night, head on over to our Facebook page and tell us why you’re a great New Yorker too! Or just hit up @freedubya over on Twitter with this:
I love Adam Green, almost as much as I love @freedubya

Run Up Walls

If you’re into novelty shows, but can’t be bothered by going into the city or the throngs of tourists, we now have a little show to call our own (until the end of May, anyway). I don’t think Stomp has shit on these people.
According to the event details they use “basic items we take for granted: bowling balls, coke cans, cinder blocks to her own invented, fantastic Action Contraptions, like the huge Whizzing Gizmo machine (created by Ivan and Noe Espana) which is like a giant hamster wheel ridden by 8 dancers as its counterweight is propelled to eject them.” GODDAMN.
Streb @ S.L.A.M. 51 North 1st Street.’
Schedule: Fridays at 7pm, Saturdays at 3 and 7pm (Dance Party afterward) Sundays at 3pm
20 bucks.

NYPD Can Now Remove All Bikes Locked to Signposts

photo by Martha Cooper c/o Gothamist
Okay, so looks like the NYPD didn’t sell your bike on ebay or give ’em away to kids. Gothamist has word that bike owners can pick them up between the wonderfully convenient hours of 4am and 12pm at the 7th Precinct. But don’t think you can just walk in and claim that Huffy!

We were told that bike owners can appear as early as 4 a.m., and that there is “a special way” of determining that each bike is returned to its lawful owner. Cyclists will be asked to describe their bikes, but the cop who spoke with us said you should also bring a photo of you with the bike.

But here’s the best part. When asked if there were any signs that told cyclists not to lock their bikes up on the President’s route yesterday, a cop responded defensively, saying, “You’re not supposed to lock you bike to signposts anyway, they have those new bike racks you’re supposed to use.”
Fantastic news! That sounds like the NYPD considers itself authorized to steal any bicycle not locked to a city-sanctioned bike rack and bury it fifteen deep on the back of a truck.
Think that rule applies to bikes loaded up on fences at the Waterfront shows? Let’s hope not!

Etsy Lovers: Spring Handmade Cavalcade this Saturday at Berry Park

There’s a Spring Handmade Cavalcade happening this Saturday at Berry Park, which is an Esty-friendly shopping event featuring 25 eco-friendly, sustainably-focused artists, designers, and crafters.

Spring is just around the corner so get ready to celebrate the sunshine with more than 25 of the area’s amazing artists, designers, and crafters. This year’s Spring Cavalcade focuses on sustainably-made products and eco-friendly goods. Shopping local also helps sustain the local economy and reduce your carbon foot print!

There will also be a raffle, where you can win “unique creations” in lunch boxes. Everybody loves raffles and lunch boxes, amirite?
Berry Park (4 Berry Street, opposite McCarren) // 10am – 5pm