The Curb Your Enthusiasm Porno

I’m not sure there was a big demand for this, but here it is: (Kinda NSFW) [via]

McCarren Park Tree Gets a Clit Ring

The tree trunk in McCarren Park that looks like a big ol’ vagina got a sassy little clit piercing the other day. New York Shitty reader Alex sent this in earlier this week.

Lake McCarren by Moonlight


Bubble Tea Ninja Inquiry

The ninjas. Who are they? I am trying to find out. Contact me if you saw them, or know them, or know a friend who knows a friend who…..

Ticket Giveaway: Cold Cave at Le Poisson Rouge

This Thursday, Cold Cave will be headlining a show at LPR with Light Asylum and DJ sets by WFMU’s Michael Goodstein and Mike Simonetti from Italians Do It Better— and, of course, FREEwilly has a pair of tickets for one lucky reader!
Be sure to head over to Matador Records to pre-order Cold Cave’s Life Magazine Remixes 12″, including this Pantha Du Prince jam, which is out on June 8th.
As for those tickets… just head on over to our Facebook page and comment on the contest thread.

Market Hotel To Go Legit as "Spiritual Home" for Indie Rock

Organizers and residents of the Market Hotel put out a call for volunteers to come get involved in the ominously named “Market Hotel Project.” This Project is a not-for-profit organization created with the aim of reopening the Market Hotel as a “non-commercial ‘spiritual home’ for independent rock music and indie art.” The all-ages venue was shut down earlier this month after police officers raided a show and Todd P wrote it “got into some police trouble.”
They write:

MARKET HOTEL PROJECT is a new not-for-profit organization dedicated to swiftly reopening and improving the Market Hotel space, by making the venue more viable, comfortable, safe, and better able to weather legal attention. Especially in these days of ever-encroaching commercialism and corporatism in ‚”indie rock,” we envision a space that is a non-commercial ‚”spiritual home” for independent rock music and indie art – but also is sustainable and sanctioned enough to expand indie horizons and open our doors to music and art from the rest of our diverse Bushwick community.

The first volunteer orientation meeting will be tomorrow night, Tuesday 4/27, at 8 pm at the Market Hotel (957 Broadway).
photo via eyebodega on flickr

Williamsburg Waterfront: Band of Horses and Grizzly Bear

We’re still waiting for an announcement about the free Sunday Pool Parties at the Williamsburg Waterfront, but Band of Horses and Grizzly Bear have just announced that they’ll be performing together on June 20th. Sadly this one is not free. (Tickets go on sale Friday). You can check out the full schedule (thus far) at

Bill Murray on the L Train, Ladies and Gentlemen

Bill Murray, beloved Williamsburg party mascot & all around awesome guy, was spotted on the L train last night by my friend, Jon Anderson. He writes of the experience:

Just ran into Bill Murray on the L Train. He caught me staring and stuck his tongue out at me. I turned red and waved at him. When he got off at Bedford, he said, “Have a good night, man.” I said, “See you later Bill,” then proceeded to giggle like a school girl. After he got off the train, I say to everyone: “Bill Murray, ladies and gentlemen,” and all the English speakers had a laugh.

So there you have it. Sticking your tongue out at people is in again. Also, Murray was reportedly with “a smoking hot babe” for what it’s worth.