Greenpoint looks like New Orleans, Right?

This Friday night, HBO will be turning Meserole Avenue, Jewel and Moultrie Streets into New Orleans’ Ninth Ward while filming a movie TV show about Katrina.

Report from the Scene: "I was almost captured by MGMT"

From Lola, a tipster: “I saw a Brooklyn Vegan thing about it. Said it started at 5 so I just went down there. Over. I got a button that says ‘I was almost captured by MGMT.’ There were a few other disappointed fans. On my way home along South 2nd St. I saw a circle of hipsterized high schoolers flirting with their buttons on. And I thought, twitter, you have failed me. You have failed me hard.”
She took these pics, first of their sidewalk chalk writing, “MGMT WAS HERE 4.13.10,” and second, the button. That date is the day their album drops. Not to be confused with the day their testicles drop. This “stunt” was lame, MGMT. Muchos lamos.
Update: And here’s a report from someone in the van. “I was captured, we drove around listening to congratulations then they gave us tshirts. The album was surfy psychedelic.” He continued, “it was literally a white van with a random limo driver, two girls running the whole thing and me +8 other people that showed up.”

MGMT May or May Not Be Playing Glasslands Today and the Password May or May Not be Kitten.

img via and via
This all according to speculation on the twitters. At 5pm. In like, 5 minutes.
Update: “Actually the MGMT event is NOT a show. It’s just an “event”. Stay tuned.”
Update 2: Or maybe you’ll just get to hang out in a van? WTF…”Have the opportunity to ride in a specially adapted passenger van in and around his or her Contest Location (‚”MGMTmobile”) and have the opportunity to be a part of a unique MGMT fan experience; and receive a limited-edition ‚”I WAS CAPTURED BY MGMT” tee-shirt.”

Faith No More to Play Williamsburg Waterfront for OSA

Faith No More will be playing their first east coast show in ten years on July 5th, as a benefit for the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn. It’ll be part of a series of benefits for OSA. Tickets go on sale Friday March 19th at 12:00pm EST on Ticketmaster, and its unclear at what price as of this moment (although other for-profit shows are listed at $42.50).
Brooklyn Vegan notes, “This is the first Williamsburg Waterfront concert announcement of 2010 and the first time a show at the space will cost money. Last year I don’t think they could get the details worked out in time.”
Keep in mind, this isn’t a Pool Party show, but a benefit, much like the ones McCarren Park Pool used to host (ie. Devo).

Shit-Talking & Sausage Making: Just Another Day at The Meat Hook

Meet Brent Young and Ben Turley, two parts to the butchering trio that make up The Meat Hook, a sustainably focused meat shop in Brooklyn, NY.
I spent the day with the two friends (and roommates) to find out all about their obsession with sausages — an art form they are quickly becoming famous for in their local neighborhood. Using pork, beef and lamb from whole animals, they’ve amassed a rotating selection of about 30 unique and traditional sausages that are made fresh every weekday.
From ‚”classy” to ‚”trashy”, it’s a way to express their creativity as butchers; but, more importantly, a way to annoy and shit-talk each other to no end. And that’s the fun of it. Watch and see…

By Liza de Guia

The Daily Footprint 3/9/10

Graham Ave and Skillman Ave

Am Appy Speaks to "Set the Record Straight"

Following last week’s window smashings at American Apparel, they sent out a statement to help clear things up. Here’s what they had to say…

We’ve gotten a few inquires about an incident at our Williamsburg store last week, and because online speculation can so often go awry, we thought we’d try set the record straight with the facts we have available. About 20 small windows were broken by a group of people on Thursday around midnight. The piece of metal used to smash them was left behind, a few mannequins were scuffed, and nothing was stolen. The police apprehended and arrested two people later that night, a man and a woman, and we’ll likely proceed by attempting to be reimbursed for the destroyed property.
As far as anything goes regarding a black-clad hipster uprising or mobs of angry retail protesters terrorizing Brooklyn, there hasn’t been anything to confirm this apart from a few blog comments. Most retailers have a brush with vandalism at some point, which although unfortunate, is just a reality of being in business. As it stands, this appears to be one of those instances.

But! Gothamist has a theory. “Could black-clad hipsters be confused with black-clad communists? Bring those perps into the ‘interrogation room,’ Dov Charney, because the photos from that recent American Apparel protest show the angry rioters also wearing… all black.”
Related: did we never find their blog weaponry? If they said they have blogs, then they must be out there. C’mon people, find the retail terrorists/vandals’ blog!

Armory Night afterparty

Screen shot 2010-03-06 at 6.44.59 PM.png