Happenings in the Beer Garden World

Radegast is expanding into an adjacent building around the corner on Berry Street and a company operating under the name “Biergarten Williamsburg” and owned by Chef Michael Psilakis (of Manhattan’s Kefi), “did get approval from the board on March 9 for the spot just off N. 11th Street.”

The Brooklyn Brunch Chronicles: Le Barricou

Brunch in Williamsburg is a battlefield. New restaurants and cafes pop up every week, and by weeks end have lines down the block. Armed with a MacBook, an open mind, and an appetite, here are the stories of one brave girl who braved the tight lines, tight pants, and French Toast to offer her unbiased opinion on those restaurants. Welcome to the Brooklyn Brunch Chronicles.
Le Barricou (Grand Street off the Lorimer stop)
The first thing you’ll notice when sitting down for brunch at le Barricou is the basket of croissants swiftly placed in front of you (one butter and one chocolate, if you are with a group of four you only get three croissants-I’m not sure of the logic here). In an economy where the free basket of bread is slowly becoming extinct, they are a welcome addition to brunch. The coffee is strong, and if you haven’t had enough to drink the night before, the Home-made bloody mary is large, and satisfying. The omelets are tasty, as are the three different types of eggs benedict offered.
But without question the best dish is the unparalleled pancake. Covered in fresh fruit, it borders the line between ‚”cake” and ‚”pancake”. You must try it for yourself. It’s more than enough to share.
Now, if you’re one of those people who likes to order lunch items for brunch (not that there’s anything wrong with those people), burgers, chicken sandwiches, and merguez sandwiches are also on the menu.
Cute décor, friendly waiters, and great food, le Barricou comes highly recommended!
Brunch is served Saturday-Sunday 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
— Fiona Goldstein
[image via Flickr]

Wakey! Wakey! Ambling Alp (Yeasayer Cover)

Between this cover and Yeasayer’s new video, I think I’m in love with yet another Brooklyn-based band.
via Prefix

Yeasayer: O.N.E. [Secretly Canadian]

Google: That's the Wrong Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Virginia, just applied to become the “first permanent Google settlement in America,” as part of the search giant’s new foray into providing communities with super high-speed broadband internet service (over 1 gigabit per second!).
That, Google, would be the wrong Williamsburg!
Here, in Brooklyn, you have a vibrant community of creative types, assholes, and tech enthusiasts suffering under the maniacally slow service that Time Warner Cable “provides.” It’s terrible! I know I’m an asshole for writing this, based on all the problems a community like ours has, but I get really pissed when I can’t play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live while my girlfriend is streaming Netflix and uploading photos. It’s ridiculous.
And I know a majority of you out there are with me. I posted a few months back about the slow service affecting Williamsburg and I got a heck of a lot of responses.
I wrote to Time Warner, and was told, “The current issue is something our engineering department is aware of but will take time to resolve. There is nothing our office can do to expedite the situation.” It was a problem with the node, they said, meaning there’s just too much bandwidth being requested by too many people with computers in such a small area.
(Funny anecdote: my wonderful on-the-phone rep was comfortingly named George Lopez.)
Christy wrote: “the internet here is totally unreliable, it’s always going in and out.
Caralyn wrote: “I’m in greenpoint and our time warner has been out for 2 days doing the same thing. Ach! So frustrating! Any news on a fix soon?
Michael wrote: “My Time Warner service has been terrible for the last couple months since I moved to my new apartment on S.4th. Really, terribly slow for “high speed” and it kind of goes in and out between decent and nearly nonexistent. Lets go straight to Albany with this one and get us some legislation. Or just ask TW to stop ignoring our downloading and streaming video needs.
Allen wrote: “My Time Warner internet is so bad that I have to steal other peoples sometimes to check my email. Last night I had no internet at ALL… Im so pissed. And they say nothing is wrong…
You get the idea. So I dunno, but maybe it’s worth us all nominating our community for Google to at least give it a shot? I’m sure TWC has some dystopian lock-down on all of Brooklyn, but you never know. Click here if “you’d like a Google fiber optic trial in your community.” The company is “asking local governments and residents to express their interest in the fiber optic trial, and to provide information about their community by completing our request for information,” so hey, why not us?
Pass this link along to your friends and get them to sign up too! Viva la Googles!

The Evolution of the Williamsburg Bridge Plaque

Hello Brooklyn

It’s OK to like this. We won’t tell.

Cupcake Stop Truck in W'burg Today

Screen shot 2010-03-11 at 11.14.07 AM.png
The Cupcake Stop will be dispatching its truck full of custom Victoria Secret Pink minis to Williamsburg, and will be “somewhere near Bedford Ave. and anywhere from N. 5th Street to N. 11th Street,” for about two hours today, starting at 2:30pm. Follow ’em on Twitter for sweet updates.