Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar Moving [Baking] Shop To Brooklyn

Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar have outgrown their East Village space and are planning to move their “baking operations” to Williamsburg off the Bedford stop towards Driggs. Once space is completed (it’s currently under construction) everything will be baked in the Williamsburg space, then trucked into to the Momofuku Milk Bar stores in the East Village and Midtown.
Eater reports: “While it will remain a production facility at the outset, there’s speculation that it will grow into a storefront in mid-summer. A worker relayed that it’s an idea they’ll consider after the opening of Ma Peche.”
We hope this speculation comes true.
[Image via flickr]

Assemblyman Joe Lentol Assisting with Google Fiber Optic Trial Application

Assemblyman Joe Lentol is reportedly “assisting with the application process” to tell Google we want their internets, but needs to hear some words of encouragement from you all so he knows people actually care. So listen up. If you have, or have once had, slow internet service around the ‘Burg, do us all a favor and call (718-383-7474), email his office, or post on his FB wall and express your support for asking Google to “hook us up.”
Also, there is a Facebook group for this cause now as well: “Greenpoint / Williamsburg for Google Fiber Optic.” I love you guys. Please go fan their page.
Update: A comment from Amy from Joe Lentol’s office:

Hi, this is Amy from Assemblyman Lentol’s office. Thanks so much for helping to get the word out on this. It is a really exciting project that could mean a lot to everyone in this community from all walks of life. We have had a huge outpouring of support from local businesses, artists, families, students, and everyone in between. To clarify, what we really need help on is words of encouragement from you to show Google that a project like this has the support of the community and would be appreciated and utilized by the community. I encourage everyone to join the Facebook group and to let Google know what this project would mean to Greenpoint and Williamsburg and to you personally. Our application doesn’t stand a chance without a major showing of community support! Thanks to everyone for your help!

Get Out the Vote: New Word for Hipsters

Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan asks, “What will we call Hipsters?” The field has been narrowed to Doucheoisie, Fauxhemians, Pabstsmears, Probos & Trendsluts. Go, vote & help reset the course of history for the sake of the American media 4eva.

Slashedo: Nordic-themed dance party this Weds @ K&M

The organizers of Slashedo, a Nordic-themed dance party happening this Wednesday night at K&M, are out to learn us that “Danes do it better!”
By enlisting the music of such artists as Lykke Li, Miike Snow, R√∂yksopp, The Hives, Bj√∂rk, Sigor R√≥s, Lindstr√∏m, the Raveonettes, Jens Lekman and bunches more, it shouldn’t be so much a lesson as an excuse to get your gr√∂√∂ve on at the hump of the week.
Here’s the gist:

√ò (slashedo) is a recurring Nordic-themed dance party in NYC featuring the best music and remixes by Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Icelandic bands, artists and DJs.

Slashedo / K&M / 225 North 8th and Roebling / March 24th / 10pm – 2am

Blue Bottle Coffee Comes To Williamsburg

Northern California coffee company Blue Bottle Coffee has finally arrived in Williamsburg. The massive, minimalist space on Berry Street is primarily dedicated to roasting and packaging the coffee, however there is a small café section with a large communal standing room table.
Blue Bottle Coffee serves latt√©s, cappuccinos, espressos, and mochas (made with Brooklyn-based Mast Brothers chocolate) alongside their well-known cold filtered coffees. They focus on organic, micro-roasted coffee in its simplest form, no strawberry cream frappucinos, white chocolate mochas, or cinnamon dolce lattes will be found here. Each cup of coffee is individually prepared, and can take up to three minutes per cup to make. There are pastries sold, however we visited in the late afternoon and all that remained was one lonely scone, so don’t show up hungry.
We tried the two types of cold filtered iced coffee offered: Kyoto and New Orleans-style. The Kyoto Iced Coffee ($4.25) is made in a Japanese iced-coffee device, which slowly drips room-temperature water though coffee grounds. This extensive process can take up to eight hours to make one pot. It’s meant to be consumed black and has an extremely smooth and bold flavor with undertones of tobacco and whiskey. The New Orleans-style ($4) contains chicory and is served over ice with a splash of milk and sugar. It’s less bold than the Kyoto, and has floral undertones from the chicory.
The servings are small at Blue Bottle Coffee, but the quality is excellent, and makes you savor each sip. If you’re wandering through the neighborhood, give it a try; we’ll definitely be going back.
Blue Bottle Coffee, 160 Berry Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-534-5488.

Help Find Brianna Zani (Missing 21 yr old)

21-year-old Brianna Zani has gone missing, her sister tweeted us, and asked we “please get the word out if you can.” She is 5′ 5″, had short blond hair (now shaved?), blue eyes, and was last seen wearing a green shirt with blue jeans when she escaped from Woodhull Hospital at 760 Broadway in Brooklyn, NY yesterday. On a site created to help find her, her sister writes, “She WILL BE disoriented. If you find her, keep her THERE and call 911. If you cannot restrain her, please do your best.” Help a girl out and keep your eyes peeled.
If you have access to a printer, here’s a “missing” flyer you could throw up on a streetpole for the family.

$5 Postcards from Brooklyn

Too busy to say, “Hey Mom & Dad, I miss you…”? No problem! For $5, this fellow will send you a post card from Brooklyn, NY saying anything you want. Act now before it’s too late!

Cue Fatty 'Cue!

Fatty ‘Cue unofficially opened last night at its new location at 91 South Sixth Street. Gothamist went and sniffed the pork belly and reports it has three floors with enough room for 50 diners & “400 pounds of meat at a time.” However, don’t go making plans yet. The official opening date is March 23rd.
Eater reports as well: “As with any early opening, the place was overstaffed‚Äîit seemed like 19 people said thank you and goodbye on the way out‚Äîand just about every server was on his game (extra points to the guy in the “Bloggers Suck” t-shirt). The atmosphere in the three story joint is festive, casual.”