Halfslant's Nowa Soda Needs Your Help

Halfslant, an artist’s collective committed to bringing art to alternative spaces (such as last year’s Bushwick Lightbox in Brooklyn), have a new project in the works and they need your help!

Nowa Soda means the New Soda in Polish. The five week long artist in residency program aims to transform the building in which the exhibition and residency will be held, which used to house the Krakow Soda Works chemical refinery plant for almost 100 years. The sole remaining building from the immense complex, the Centre for Contemporary Art Solvay has a complex and fascinating history- Pope John Paul II worked there during World War II to avoid deportation and today it stands as a forgotten monument and symbol of the transformations that have occurred in Poland over the last 20 years.

Real Estate’s Alex Bleeker lent a hand with original music for the film, asking for your help with donations to help fund the exhibition which opens mid-May. Your $$ goes a long way, and you’ll be rewarded for your good deed with personalized postcards from Poland, Limited Edition artwork, and custom designed t-shirts by Spanish artist Ester Partegas. For more information on the artists, check out the Nowa Soda website. And be sure to DONATE!

Free Bike Helmets! Tomorrow!

Do you ride a bike? Do you not wear a helmet? And is it not because you think it makes you look like a dweeb, but rather you’re frugal and personal safety is just one of those places where you cut corners? I’m not sure how many people that leaves, but if you’re one of them, you may be interested in the free bike helmet giveaway goin’ on at Pratt tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m in conjunction with Pratt’s “Green Week”. Say thanks to the D.O.T. after you grab yours in the center of campus (or in the Student Union if it rains [which it will]).

Free Bike Helment Giveaway at Pratt’s Green Week – via Clinton Hill Blog

Small Black Debut "Despicable Dogs" Video

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for… and it single-handedly made me super excited for the summer, which would be a lot cooler if we could just hang out with Uncle Matt the whole time. Via The Music Slut:

Building Collapses on Conselyea b/t Union & Lorimer (PICS)

A building under construction located on Conselyea St. b/t Union and Lorimer Avenue collapsed this morning. A few workers were trapped but have since been rescued. The site isn’t a stranger to the city.
A DOB complaint was filed on 2/4/10 and assigned to the “Emergency Response Team,” identifying 36 Conselyea with conditions that are endangering workers. DOB inspector #1842 visited on 2/4/10 and 2/7/10, but gave up after two attempts when the site was locked and he was unable to gain access. That’s all it took. The building that fell is reportedly 34 Conselyea, although that’s a tad unclear.
Dale Carnegie once said, “If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.” That applies here, me thinks.
Update: Assemblyman Joe Lentol adds, “A building has collapsed on Conselyea between Lorimer and Union. I remain concerned about another collapse in the community where people have been injured. The Department of Buildings must find a way to ensure that this kind of an incident does not happen again. I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers to the wor…kers and their families as well as any assistance they may need.”
Update2: So it is 34 Conselyea. The building is owned by 34 Conselyea Street LLC, a limited liability corporation headed by aptsandlofts.com President David Maundrell’s mom.

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Goodbye N.6, Hello Pinkerton

N.6 has closed, and Pinkteron Wine Bar (yes, it’s named after the Weezer album) has opened in its place. Although the interior and layout is similar to N.6, there are new window treatments, and word is that there will be more of an emphasis on mood lighting. In warm weather patio seating will also be available.
Pinkerton is owned by former New York Times journalist Thomas Hudson who wanted a to open a bar that served ‚”interesting, fun, good wines that are affordable,” with a focus on wines from Washington, Oregon, California, and Australia. Pinkerton also serves microbrews from both coasts, as well as simple small plates like cheese spreads, olives, and hopefully in time will begin to ‚”make full use of the kitchen”.
Pinkerton Wine Bar, 263 N 6th St., nr. Havemeyer St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-782-7171
[image via The Downtown Diaries]

Williamburg Bridge Renamed The "Wi-Fi" Bridge

In a proclamation supporting high-speed internet access for Brooklyn (a nod to the ongoing efforts to bring Google to Brooklyn), Marky Markowitz has renamed the Williamsburg Bridge the ‚”Wi-Fi” Bridge & the Brooklyn Bridge the ‚”Broadband Bridge.”
Read the full proclamation after the jump.

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Audio: The Very Beginnings of the Williamsburg Art Scene

Sideshow’s (S. 2nd St.) curator Richie Temperio spoke with Art Talk’s The Greatest Interview Show of All Time about the art scene in the 60’s and 70’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They had Thai restaurants everywhere back then too!

In The Greatest Interview Show of All Time’s ongoing oral history of Williamsburg, Will finds Richie Temperio, curator and gallerist extraordinaire, at home in Sideshow, his gallery on South 2nd Street. Richie talks about being an artist in Williamsburg way back when, and provides some intriguing details about the very beginnings of the art scene there; and we’re not talking the early-90s here–we’re talking the 60s and 70s, people! He then recounts stories of his offbeat gallery space, from hanging his friends work in a local Thai restaurant for free beer to creating one of the most well-known alternative spaces–a “sideshow” if you will–to the ostensible main event taking place in a concurrent Chelsea gallery exhibit.

Check it out: iTunes // RealPlayer

Hostels Shut Down at 112 North 6th Street

Two hostels operating in 112 North 6th Street were raided and shut down on Friday. There were allegedly 16 people per apartment, paying 1k each, no fire escapes, and no sprinkler systems in place. Disaster waiting to happen or just life in NYC?
Loftstel’s website is now redirecting to its DC location, but the cache is still live. It says the apartments “are intended for long-term students who need affordable accommodations,” offer “affordable monthly dormitory accommodations in New York City for international & ESL students,” and where “privacy is limited, so if you’re relatively shy, you may want to consider other options.”

Ms. Heather
was all over the story, and like usual, her leaches at the Post ripped the story and puked it on paper without proper credit.