[PICS] Dinosaur Feathers and Darlings at Webster Hall


Last night Dinosaur Feathers celebrated their album Fantasy Memorial release at Webster Hall Studio with Darlings, Lonnie Walker, and Pearl & The Beard.

Dinosaur Feathers’ set consisted of nearly the entire album– a collection of folk pop made uniquely robust with Latin and African influenced electronic drum beats. Still a young band, Dinosaur Feathers could not look happier to be performing for such a full crowd. Even taking a drunkenly tossed PBR can with gracious humility, the humbling stage banter of Dinosaur Feathers rounded out an endearing set and party to send the boys off to SXSW.

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Come Check Out Work by Street Artist Swoon & Friends Tonight

Even if you don’t know Bushwick-based street artist Swoon , you’ve passed her haunting wheatpaste portraits walking down Bedford, or Wythe, or really anywhere in Brooklyn.
Tonight she’s holding a fundraiser/art auction featuring 100+ works of art, a DJ and food and drink. The whole thing is to raise money for her
DIY collective ‘s latest art/performance piece ‚Äì they’re traveling to India, where they’ll float handmade boats down the Ganges River to the holy city of Varanasi.
With work from artists like Thomas Beale, ImminentDisaster, Ben Mortimer, Ero, Tod Seeley, Ben Wolfe, Pork, Tony Bones, Jeff Stark, and Swoon herself, the trip out to Walker gallery in Tribeca is definitely worth the trek.

Fri, Mar 5
56 Walker St., New York, NY
7:00 – 1:00 am.
$10 door, open bar

"Retail terrorists" Strike North 6th American Apparel

Somebody threw rocks through the windows of Williamsburg’s American Apparel last night, in what looks to be a bout of “retail terrorism.”
I called up the store to ask just what happened, and was told that yes, indeed, someone threw rocks inside the store but then they were caught by the police. I asked if they think the leggings assassins were acting maliciously, or just drunks, and they said, “Yea, they wrote that on their blog. They have blogs. Someone took pictures and put them up on a blog.” I asked which blog that was, but they didn’t know. I am Googling, and would appreciate if you do the same! Email me if you find these pics.
Hat tip to Sami, who tweeted, “some serious stuff went down on north 6th last night involving flaming trash and shattered windows at am. apparel…”
This blog posted a photo w/ the caption, “Retail Terrorists attacked the American Apparel in Williamsburg-Hipster culprits.”
sQuiddums on Twitter chimes in with, “Who tries to smokebomb American Apparel? You have a huge problem with leggings? The whole of Williamsburg shops there, just admit it.”
So who did it? Was it one of the peeps who lost the big butts contest? That’s my guess!
Update 1-1:44 pm: Heard from a tipster who knows an employee at a nearby establishment. That person’s report from the scene makes it sounds a heck of a lot scarier than just a few kids throwing rocks! Per his recollection, there were about 50 guys dressed all in black, wearing masks, and “causing total mayhem” all along No. 6th St, “dumping out trash dumpsters and setting everything on fire in the streets, and then smashing all the windows of the american apparel.”
Update 2-2:22 pm: new pic after the jump.

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Free Williamsburg loves kids.

For all the North Brooklyn breeders:
Uproar Art is hosting a FREE Open House this Saturday at Spacecraft (355 bedford ave. www.spacecraftbrooklyn.com). From 1pm – 3:30 pm families are invited to walk in for free art making, free snacks and lots of fun, plus meeting the teachers and in-person class registration. This Saturday the activities offered are enameling – fusing glass to metal – and comic illustration. Classes start on March 8th and March 12th, so Saturday is technically the last day to enroll for the Monday classes. Space is limited, so early enrollment is encouraged. There is also one free trial session policy, so parents who are on the fence can send their child to the first session of any class absolutely free of charge, with no obligation to continue taking the class if they didn’t like it.

Starbucks Pricing Out The Bedford Bagel Store?

The owner of The Bagel Store on Bedford tells Gothamist he’s being priced out of his location, as his landlord sees gold nipple rings on the nippleless Starbucks mermaid. Yes, Bedford might succumb to the Starbucks might.
It could happen as soon as November 2011. The Reverend Billy, of course, has words of encouragement for you anarchists, telling Gothamist, “Williamsburg should break the windows every morning and surround the landlord with shame. Bring back the Bagel Store!”

3rd Ward holding it DOWN

Screen shot 2010-03-05 at 10.17.43 AM.png
I’m a huge fan of 3rd Ward (I teach there, after all) but they are really getting even more interesting things done as of late.
Right now, signing up for an unlimited memberships gets you their traditional free bike and a MACBOOK. Shit! Free coffee and now this? Get a taco stand and you aren’t going to get rid of me, 3rd Ward.
Also, 3rd Ward is working on being one of the best jewelry schools in the area. Which strikes me as a pretty crazy goal to have but they have 11 different classes going on so maybe not.

Busy Saturday

Full day of culturin’ happening on Saturday in the neighborhood.
Boomslang, the theater wing of Brooklyn-based collective Goddamn Cobras, makes its debut this Saturday with a workshop-style reading of two new one-act plays as part of Bushwick’s SITEfest 2010. The reading is in anticipation of a full production in the Capitol Fringe Fest in Washington, D.C. this July.
Paper Play/Word Play by Amy Rose Marsh is a look at an intense crisis between two people who live in books. In Speaking in Stomachs, Katharine Henner imagines a support group for information addicts. Katherine’s play “For Your Amusement” was performed by Left Hip Productions in February.
Saturday, March 6th, 1-2:30 p.m.
Third Ward, 195 Morgan Avenue, Bushwick, Studio A
Suggested donation: $5
Then Brooklyn Armory Night! The original, Manhattan-based version happens from Thursday to Sunday so anyone in the art world might be sick of it all by Saturday. But at least with Brooklyn version you don’t have to walk to 12th avenue from goddamn midtown to enjoy some visual stimulation.
From the press release:
Armory Arts Week is so close, and with the Armory show in Manhattan we in Brooklyn cannot wait to host the myriad spectacular events on Saturday, March 6th from 6-10pm. That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, another wonderful Armory Arts Week Brooklyn Night! An evening when the Brooklyn art scene dons its best hat, ensuring a mesmerizing experience in homage to this great event. Don’t get us wrong, Brooklyn always puts its best face forward, but Armory is an excuse to get fancy and really party.
Check out participating galleries and what they are doing here.

[PICS] Rogue Wave at Bowery Ballroom

Rogue Wave2.jpg
Last night Rogue Wave played their second sold out New York show at Bowery Ballroom with openers Avi Buffalo and JDM. Having just released their album Permalight on Tuesday, Zach Rogue dubbed the show a celebration for the album release. (Technically this show would be the after party and Rogue Wave’s Tuesday show at Music Hall would be the actual party. Whatever. Semantics.)
The set felt very balanced with Rogue Wave aware of their fan loyalty which has patiently waited two years for this release. Alternating between material from their new album namely, “Solitary Gun” and fan classics such as, “Publish My Love” and “Eyes,” Rogue Wave dutifully catered to its audience which primarily lost its mind over, “Eyes.”
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