[PICS] Savoir Adore at Cake Shop

Last night Savoir Adore hosted the final show of their month long Cake Shop residency. Performing with Red Wire Black Wire, Ennui (hey! That’s another French band name!), and The Bloodsugars, Savoir Adore packed the venue with Indie-pop loving fans who sang along to even their new track tentatively titles, “Year of the Sparrow.” With Californian rock, lo-fi inspired guitar riffs, Sparrow is an exciting glimpse into the Savoir’s upcoming album– even though current fans still can’t get enough of their first full length In the Wooded Forest.
In the past Savoir has been a standout for their tight live performances (especially on their hardest rocking and gritty track, “Transylvanian Candy Patrol”) and infectious Indie-pop. Consistently delivering powerfully engaging performances of remarkable musicianship, Savoir Adore is a live act to not miss. Free Williamsburg has already noted the live power of Savoir Adore so click here to read more live reviews here and check out pics after the jump!

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Glasslands TONIGHT: I want to go to there…

popgunpartyfeb.jpg Tonight (Friday, February 19th) Secret Machines and Bear in Heaven are playing a show at Glasslands along with Mon Khmer, Noveller and PAPA. Doors open at 8:30.
RSVP here to see Secret Machines, Bear in Heaven, Mon Khmer, Noveller, and PAPA for $12 (instead of the $15 at the door).
Hey, if you can’t make it, I’ll post pictures tomorrow and you can lie to your friends!

The Brooklyn Star to "Recoup and Reopen" After Fire

photo via loaded questions
The Brooklyn Star will be shutting down for a few months to “recoup” following a fire in the building. The restaraunt itself doesn’t appear to be burned, but reports say firefighters had to cut a hole in the roof and there is debris in the kitchen. Joaquin Baca, chef/owner of southern-style joint told Eater it will reopen and that no one was hurt.
Thanks Liza for the tip!

Bed Bugs: A Story

Molly McAleer wrote a sensational piece for The Awl documenting her ongoing skirmishes against the bed bugs that have infested her LA apartment. It is terrifying, in that you-know-this-could’ve-been-you kind of way.

Treatment for my bites has been the easiest part. At first they were shiny little red dots. It looked like my stomach had baby acne. The itching only lasted for a couple of days and was nowhere near as severe as mosquito bites. I’ve gone through a couple boxes of Benadryl to decrease the inflammation. I’ve also been using it as a light sleep aid because I’ll lie awake all night in fear if I don’t. I’ve also sunk a TimeWarner bill’s worth of cash into hydrocortisone, which I use as a moisturizer when I get out of the shower. At the rate they are fading, I will not be going to any pool parties this summer. There was nothing in that Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff song about kickin’ it with a girl who had oblong hot dog-colored marks all over her body, correct?

Back here in Bklyn, I have a feeling our Pool Parties might have played host to a bed bug or three.
The Awl

Missed Connections: Sorry for Blacking Out in Your Apartment

Some poor Brooklyn boy is looking for his lost Saturday night / potential valentine(s). Oh won’t you please help him find them?
From the Missed Connections section of Craigslist:

    Hey Dudes!
    I’m hoping this finds the two of you well. Sorry for being all blacked out in your apartment.
    At least I think there were two of you.
    You see, Saturday night, I was at Sugarland alone. It was the night before Valentine’s Day (Saturday) and I might have had a drink or two too many.
    I was hoping you could fill me in on a few crucial details, so I’ve put together a short list.
    -Was I making out with one/both of you at Sugarland
    -Did we meet outside?
    -How did we decide to go back to your place?
    -How long was I passed out on your couch before I came too and left all scared?
    Anyway, hope your week is going good and I’m sorry for passing out at your place.
    Since we’re all living in BK and gay, I figure even if I don’t remember you or what you look like (I don’t), you guys probably will recognize me, so just tap me on the shoulder sometime and we’ll all have a good laugh about it.
    And thanks again for not killing/raping me. Appreciate it.

So go on. Help him out, won’t you?.

MGMT Debuts Album Cover Art

It was painted by “lowbrow” artist Anthony Ausgang, who met MGMT while they were recording “Congratulations” at a very large house in Malibu.

Not being a musician I was occasionally left to my own devices so I would sit around and draw on pieces of paper then leave them there when I went home. I got along well with the band and gave them copies of my book, Vacation From Reality. Later, Josh Cheuse, the art director from Sony, contacted me once the recording was finished. The most important thing was that MGMT wanted the “look” of my style of painting and gave me only a few points that I had to hit. (ed: itchy & scratchy. surfboard. 8 eyes. go?) Naturally the process took some time but they were always cool with the criticisms. A lot of people who commission a painting only know what they don’t want; fortunately MGMT knew what they wanted and let me do it my way.

Pitchfork adds, “According to insiders, Congratulations features flutes, at least one 12-minute song, and is generally out there. And, according to this pre-order page, the special edition of the album features a “scratch off front cover with custom metal coin.” We’re pretty sure these dudes are just fucking with us at this point.”
Here’s hoping for a scratch-n-sniff sticker on the plastic.
Boing Boing

Motorino takes its place among the star'd

Turns out, Rachel Ray isn’t the only star to recently honor Motorino; the New York Times’s Sam Sifton awards to the Williamsburg (and East Village) pizzeriarie a brave, solitary star in today’s restaurant review. Motorino is the first pizza place to which Sifton has ever given a star, and he assuredly states that ‚”It serves the city’s best pizza.” Hear that? Not debatable. Sorry.
But srsly, if you were planning on eating at Motorino any time soon, I think it’s safe to expect a longer wait than usual. Or if you vehemently oppose Sifton’s appraisal, feel free to suggest your favorite neighborhood alternative in the comment section below…

I compare my internet with those of others online and always find my choices superior at C-Town.

C-Town (330 Graham Ave), everyone’s favorite grocery store that’s been “serving the WIlliamsburg community for over 15 years,” is officially the hippest provider of fresh milk and Wheat Thins this side of the East River. They have a Tumblr, and it is amazing!
Its background is a tiled image of a packed grocery cart with the words, “I compare my groceries with those of others at the store and always find my choices superior” layered on top. Its posts regularly feature specials and good deals (“Magic Hat Beer 6PK – all varieties – $8.99”), coupons (“Print this out and present it to the cashier as you checkout.”), and an mp3 of The Clash’s “Lost in the Supermarket.” Check in on Foursquare and get a free reusable bag.
Is this real?! If so, who is behind this piece of awesome internet?
I called to find out. The conversation went more or less like this, but know both parties involved were a tad more confused than this transcript conveys. Asking a mid-level grocery store employee who is likely unfamiliar with the more standard operations of a retail business if her particular location uses a certain blogging platform is no easy task.

Me: “Hello, is the manager available?”
Employee: “Ah, the manager or the grocery manager.”
Me: “Good question…probably the manager?”
Employee: “He is not in, tomorrow.”
Me: “Well, do you know who would, ah, handle the internet-type stuff for C-Town?”
Employee: “Internet…?”
Me: “Like, the website, or, specials, but on the internet?”
Employee: “Ah, the website.
Me: “Yea, but like a blog.”
Employee: “No. Call tomorrow? After 12. His name in Anthony.”

I’ll call back tomorrow. Anthony, if this is your doing, you are the man. If it’s the doing of a low-level cashier who knows what the F is up…I hope they get a major promotion. This is light years ahead of anything I’ve yet encountered on Tumblr. It is truly superior.