Marty Markowitz Welcomes UFOs to Brooklyn as "their gateway to planet Earth."

The Post covered the recent rash of UFO sightings over Williamsburg, and got some great quotes out of our beloved borough president Marty Markowitz.

Despite meager evidence of intergalactic vehicles touching down in Brooklyn, Borough President Marty Markowitz has already embraced the would-be visitors, claiming that the ‚”creative attire, hair colors, and eclectic body art of our more artistic Williamsburg residents” is evidence that there is already ‚”very fashionable extraterrestrial life walking among us.”
‚”But seriously, I would be thrilled if those from other planets would choose Brooklyn as their gateway to planet Earth. We are a city of immigrants, and when I say Brooklyn is proud home to everyone from everywhere, I really mean everywhere!” said Markowitz.

Community Board 1 Public Safety and “Extraterrestrial Relations Chair” Mieszko Kalita weighed in as well: ‚”If there’s more than one, they’re pretty tiny. They will be hard to arrest, considering the size of the handcuffs from the NYPD, but still they can be contained easily, possibly in a glass jar. Therefore I don’t think it is a huge problem. Their ships can be used in a league game.”
Also, kudos to Aaron Short & The Post for crediting the blogs who’ve recently covered the “story” — McBrooklyn, Gothamist, Vos Iz Neias, and yes, Free Williamsburg — something it doesn’t normally abide by.

Pies & Thighs To Open Soon?

Sure looks like it. [Thanks Paul]

Blue Bottle Coffee to open "as early as Wednesday"

Blue Bottle Coffee is a growing organic coffee company that’s set to open a store at 160 Berry Street “as early as Wednesday,” sez the Times.
Sure, they’ll offer the standard bevy of coffees and espresso options to keep you cranking through the night. What sets Blue Bottle apart however are their five, three foot tall Japanese slow-drippers — “the wood and brass frames support stacked glass globes and adjustable nozzles that mete out liquid at 88 drops per minute.”
Those things look epic! Can’t wait to geek out over a cup o’ joe.

Brooklyn Kitchen Moving Sale

Today’s your last chance to take advantage of The Brooklyn Kitchen’s “Lose It or Move It Sale” as they prepare to move to 100 Frost St.

“Today is the last day of our big moving sale. 20%(or more) off everything at out lorimer st store. All-clad, Le Creuset, knives. Everything!”

Also: Bob McClure of McClure’s Pickels is teaching Pickle Science tonight at 6:30, a class which as of a couple days ago had an opening.

Download Rude Dudes Mixtape, Release Party Tonight

Our favorite DJ duo is back at Legion tonight, and this time it’s not just to make you shake your ass– Rude Dudes are celebrating the release of their super awesome mixtape, Oui Be Jammin’.
And since the Rude Dudes love you, and we love them, FREEwilly has got the exclusive download of the mixtape in its entirety.
Check out the cover art and tracklist after the jump…

Flyer and Cover Art by Behold the Destroyer

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[PICS] Bear in Heaven and The Secret Machines at Glasslands

Bear in Heaven 5
Bear in Heaven at Glasslands
Last night The Secret Machines and Bear in Heaven played a packed Glasslands. Along with openers PAPA, Noveller, and Mon Khmer, Glasslands was consistently full, with each band a new cycle of audience members would migrate and sift to the front of the stage. It does not bode well when you approach Glasslands praying there is just an exorbitant number of smokers standing outside.
Playing in near darkness, Bear in Heaven received cheers after starting only the samples of their most popular psychedelic and electronic songs including, “Lovesick Teenagers.” Next month, Bear in Heaven will be on tour with noise rock’s Cymbals Eat Guitars. Click here for a full list of tour dates.
After clearing the stage if only to make room for the drum kit, The Secret Machines went all My Bloody Valentine on my ears as I was stationed in front of the kick drum. With the first beat came three bright back lights for each member to further accentuate the sensory overload of the show. The Secret Machines rocked hard and stunned the their enthralled audience.
Check out more pictures of Mon Khmer, Bear in Heaven and The Secret machines after the jump!

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Perchloroethylene: A Map

This just in: everybody located in the happy green wonderbubble wins something truly spectacular. Click through to claim your prize!

Greenpoint Grounded for Another Weekend

“Greenpoint will remain cut off from the rest of the city for another two weekends, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority quietly revealed this week.”