Machete To Become Real Film

We can’t wait to see it:

Certainly you’ll recall the big cool quotient around Machete, that famously fake trailer by Robert Rodriguez from Grindhouse. It was considered the single best thing about that Weinstein Co double-feature flop that also included Quentin Tarantino’s pic. Rodriguez’ fake trailer hinted at a good story (Mexican day laborer is set up, double-crossed, and left for dead — then starts everyone’s worst nightmare) and carried an even better catchphrase (“They just fucked with the wrong Mexican.”) Machete’s YouTube video alone has 1.4 million views, which wasn’t lost on Hollywood. The result was 6 studios all very interested in domestic distribution rights to Rodriguez’ latest.


Bike Lane Debate at Pete's Tonight

Some of the players in the Williamsburg bike lane drama battles will fight it out like gentlemen tonight at Pete’s Candy Store for the Open City Dialogue series.
Guests include Caroline Samponaro of Transportation Alternatives and Biking Rules!; Bike messenger Heather Loop,; Satmar representative and City Council Candidate Isaac Abraham, and Hassidic Bike Enthusiast and founder of Tarif Bike Geshaft Baruch Herzfeld.
MONDAY, Jan. 25, 7:30pm
(709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

Hipsters Needed To Shill Beer

And it’s not PBR:

im casting 50-60 hipster kids to be in a beer commercial for tooheys extra dry. we are shooting a party scene in a warehouse, think rumblefish meets the warriors meets a clockwork orange. super 16mm. edgy/disaffected youth/high fashion vibes.
shoots next friday night, jan 29th, in greenpoint. groups of 4 or 5 friends preferred. $150 per person.
anyone interested should mail me at [email protected] with a headshot and their age.


Telepathe, Apache Beat, Boy Crisis and Brahms at Glasslands

Friday night, Telepathe, Apache Beat, Boy Crisis and Brahms played at Glasslands. Glasslands recently upgraded its stage to include a cloud inspired art installation. (An upgrade from the Ikea lofted bed that functions as a balcony space.) The installation is extremely striking, especially in photographs. Every image ends up looking like it was taken in front of either: A. an action movie’s epic, climactic explosion; B. a sun flare or 3. A scene from 2012 where there were about ten different climactic explosions. Check out images after the jump!

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Attend This Reading: The Ancient Book of Hip

The author Dan Lichtenberg of the very fabulous, very witty, and always pertinent piece of literary art The Ancient Book of Hip, will host a reading this Saturday night at Book Thug Nation at 7:00 pm (RSVP).
After a brief tour of our gorgeous city, this will be the San Francisco-based author’s last NYC reading for his east coast tour. FW very earnestly makes the recommendation you support our brother in hippery and attend this reading.
Book Thug Nation Reading of The Ancient Book of Hip
By Dan Lichtenberg
January 23rd, 7:00 pm
103 N. 3rd Street

Insight: "Brooklyn is like Narnia, except instead of a stupid dresser, you have to take the L train, which is way fucking worse."


"Stuff Hipsters Hate" Lands Book Deal

Congrats are due to Andrea Bartz and Brenna Ehrlich, two soft-spoken twenty-something girls from Williamsburg who just landed a book deal for their tumblr “Stuff Hipsters Hate.”
From their agent:

“Stuff Hipsters Hate appealed to me for two reasons. First, it was a Tumblr site, so it had already been formed in a community and so wasn’t just being read, but was part of a subculture’s conversation about itself…Second, the authors are truly writers. Their humor is not a result of a cheap gimmick; they have voice.”

From the girls:

“So, cat’s out of the bag: After a cuppla whirlwind months, we’re going to turn Stuff Hipsters Hate into a handy field guide to hipster scorn. In Fall 2010, awesome indie publisher Ulysses Press will release our analysis of the mating habits, habitat, theology, grooming practices and preferred entertainment of the modern-day hipster, with helpful graphs and charts to understand the elusive character of the trendy beast.”

To celebrate, they’re throwing a party at Glasslands on Saturday, February 13th.
Stuff Hipsters Hate // Galleycat

Meteorite hits Williamsburg doctor's office

Ciampi said he found examination room No. 2, which is only about 10 feet from his office, and the hallway outside its door was littered with debris with the ceiling and walls and three chunks of stone on the floor.

In Williamsburg. Virginia. Thank god. Sometimes my Google Alerts give me heart attacks.