The End Is Nigh…. The Insane Clown Posse Movie

Evidently this hideous thing, known as ‘Big Money Rustlas’, has already premiered in Detroit (where else?). Dammit, we missed it:

“Big Money Rustlas,” shot in California in 2009 on a $1.5 million budget, is a comedic western that finds the Insane Clowns running amok in the Old West. It is the follow-up to their’70s/exploitation send-up “Big Money Hustlas,” which was released in 2000 and sold more than 100,000 copies.
As a line of fans wrapped down Elizabeth Street, past Park Avenue and almost down to Clifford Street, ICP’s Psychopathic Records labelmates — most of whom had roles in the film — pulled up to the front of the building in limousines. Reflecting on the excitement in the air, Twiztid’s Paul Methric remarked, “this makes me want to move to Hollywood.”
Last to arrive was the Insane Clown Posse themselves, with Violent J (real name: Joe Bruce) in a blue sport coat and blue jeans and Shaggy 2 Dope (real name: Joe Utsler)in a black and white fur coat, accessorized with a bling-studded walking cane.
Outside, chants of “family! family” — a popular Juggalo rallying cry — turned to “let us in! let us in!” as fans were forced to wait several hours in the bitter cold before being let indoors. Once inside, the mood was more like a concert than a film screening, as the crowd of around 2,000 cheered and whooped throughout the movie, which was introduced live by J,Shaggy and the rest of the Psychopathic roster.

Since the band has a big rivalry with Slipknot–whose fans are called Maggots–we can only imagine there will be a Slipknot film next. The horror. [via]
Juggalos at the premiere of Big Money Rustlas

Bicyclists & Hasidic representatives debate the Williamsburg Bike Lane

update 9:40am below w/ video
I learned a couple things tonight at the Bedford Avenue bike lane debate, where bikers met representatives of the Hasidic community (namely: Isaac Abraham, bit more on him here) and hashed out their differences. I also left feeling that, though civil, the debate didn’t really get anyone anywhere, other than a few shared laughs and a feeling that neither side is budging more than mere inches.
At one point, Abraham asked a fellow pro-bike lane panelist, “How long have you lived here?” Before she could answer, he belted out, “I’ve lived here for 56 years!” (ed: number may be off by one or two, but 50-something.) At other moments, the audience broke out in laughter over the absurdity of Isaac Abraham’s claims (ie. cars don’t kill children, asthma does). He admitted he felt like a sheep in a lion den, a claim not far from the truth.
Going into tonight’s bike lane debate at Pete’s Candy Store, it’s safe to say I was of the camp that believed the whole dispute was primarily a cultural thing — the Hasids didn’t like to see scantily-clad women biking through their neighborhoods, and the bikers didn’t like the Hasids using their political power to remove their lane.
But I’m not so sure that’s the whole picture anymore. (Continues after the jump…)

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Fever Ray Out Gaga's Lady Gaga

Fever Ray receives the prize for the year’s best dance artist at “P3 Gold” in Gothenburg. [thanks Carlos]

Just Announced: moe. Playing Brooklyn Bowl Tuesday Night

Bad Girlfriend was supposed to play a free show with TV Baby tomorrow night, but that show’s now being rescheduled as moe. is stepping to play 2 sets. Doors are at 6, show’s at 9. Tickets: $25 at the door. There will be no advance ticket sales, so as @Moelinks says, you’ll want to be there around 6 to get tickets. moe. fans are nimble.

Self-Guided Bushwick Graffiti Tour

A fantastic self-guided graffiti tour off the Morgan Ave. L stop overlaid on Google Maps. For more on the pieces & better photos, see Off Manhattan.

Barcade is Haunted! Built On a 19th Century Cemetery

As if drinking and playing video games on a school night wasn’t enough to weigh down your conscious, it turns out Barcade was built atop a 19th century cemetery.
From Gothamist:

“The cemetery was known as the Old Methodist Burying Ground which serviced the Attorney Street Methodist Church and the First Methodist Protestant Church of Williamsburg. When the church closed in 1856, the bodies were allegedly moved to Cyprus Hills Cemetery, but the Scout wonders if a few bodies may remain.”

And of course, owner Paul Kermizian told them “The only ghosts we’ve seen have been in our Ms Pac Man game!”

The Daily Footprint 1/25/2010

North 4th and Kent

M.T.A. Designer Bob Noorda Dies


Mr. Noorda’s best-known work in the United States was for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which in 1966 commissioned his firm, Unimark International, to modernize and unify the look of the subway system’s signs. At the time, Mr. Noorda was based in Milan overseeing the firm’s European projects. But the M.T.A. commission lured him to New York, where his design partner Massimo Vignelli had opened a Unimark office.
‚”I remember when Bob came to New York and spent every day underground in the subway to record the traffic flow in order to determine the points of decision where the signs should be placed,” Mr. Vignelli said in an interview.
He and Mr. Vignelli set about standardizing the type family to make sure that the signs were cleaner and clearer; they settled on Helvetica, originally a Swiss design known for its sans serif economy and sterility, against a white background. Mr. Noorda worked on every detail, from typeface selection to color coding.
He ‚”had a very systematic mind,” Mr. Vignelli said, adding that ‚”his work was extremely civilized.”