Tegan & Sara at Music Hall, Tix on Sale Friday

Tickets are on sale tomorrow at noon for An Evening with Tegan and Sara at the Music Hall.

“we’ve decided, quite spontaneously, to offer an opportunity for some of you to spend an intimate night with us at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. perhaps it’s worth noting that my use of the word intimate only applies to the small-ish size of the venue and the stripped down nature of the material we will be performing. i wouldn’t call it an acoustic performance so much as a night of reinterpretations of the well worn and well loved album versions you’ve come to love.
we realize it’s short notice, and we know the tickets will go fast. to those of you who miss out on the opportunity to share your post valentine’s day loot with us, do not fret! we will return to your neck of the woods sooner than later. big announcements coming soon!”

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PICS: Naked Hearts at Cakeshop

Last night moody rock, boy/girl duo The Naked Hearts played a show at Cakeshop with The Nasties and Richie Folloin of Willowz’s side project Baby Fangs. Check out images from the show after the jump!

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Now Casting: Sexy Hipster Pirates

Are you a sexy, young, ethnically ambiguous hipster who dresses somewhere between “rock royalty” and “pirate style”?
Great! Collect $800.

La Belle et La Beache – Beach House @ Bell House

Beach+House+Teen+Dream.jpgThere was an air of significance before Beach House‘s show at the Bell House last night that carried the weight of the sold out crowd’s collective excitement for the official release of the new album, Teen Dream. But thanks to the rusty spigot that we call the internet, there was no suspense as to whether Teen Dream could compare to Beach House’s previous two albums; it’s already garnered near universal praise, and a good portion of the audience already knew the songs well enough to ‚”ah-ah-ah” along with front woman Victoria Legrand’s breathy hooks.
The Bell House show caught Beach House poised on the brink of what will inevitably be broader success with audiences outside of the indie circles that have made them as popular as they are. And thus the crowd’s anticipation wasn’t just of seeing what Beach House had already done, but rather of learning just how far Teen Dream will propel them.

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Apple iPad Revealed!

340x.jpg 341x.jpg
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UFO's Spotted Over Brooklyn (w/ video)

From the esteemed alien spacecraft-spotting website LATEST-UFO-SIGHTINGS.net (creed: only real and true latest UFO sightings) comes reports of not one but TWO unknown objects spotted over Brooklyn sometime on Monday night! Aliens!!
A YouTube user who has favorited quite a shit ton of UFO clips writes, “Spotted from my backyard in williamsburg. I watched for about 40 min. so i could tell they were moving but very slowly. They sort of looked like stars but were hanging too low and the blue one was a bit too sparkly.”
Here’s video
That’s not all! The very next night, the same YouTube user uploaded the video UFO Brooklyn Jan 26th with the description: “Something odd floating in the skies over bushwick.” The video shows what basically looks like a star with some auto-focusing effects making it a tad crazy. But I dunno. Star? Or alien spacecraft. One commenter isn’t sold. Or maybe he is? His comment is confusing! “i know what it’s not but iÔªø can’t tell you what is… sorry. it’s not a star thats for sure.”
One thing I’m not for sure of definitely is that it’s definitively not what it is, rather, isn’t what it’s not. Which isn’t not what you think it is, star gazers, but what you don’t think it isn’t being what it is.

Five years in the life of Excepter

(((unartig))) has a great video series on Excepter over on his site, here’s a taste:

The first time I saw Excepter was five years ago at Tonic, a small experimental music venue in the Lower East Side that slowly went under as the condos went up. I don’t think I had moved to the city yet but Excepter would be one of the reasons I’d be doing so eventually. The group performed something like musical theater that night: Caitlin Cook, who I remember being tall and blond and beautiful (I only saw her this once, so don’t hold me to it), wore a short fur coat and walked on and off stage into the audience, seeming aloof and murmuring into a microphone whose signal was treated with considerable delay and reverb. When she took off the coat, revealing a backless dress, you could count every one of her vertebrae, from the top of her neck and all the way down. I had never seen anything like that before. John Fell Ryan, who I am nearly certain was wearing his linen suit and a bucket hat, also looked the part of prophet, while the rest of the band played bass guitar, a drum set with torn cymbals, and a small drum machine. Sometimes the sounds made sense together, other times they did not. Each player held the other in quiet disregard. The crowd, which had been wall-to-wall, thinned out considerably. But for whatever reason, I had the distinct feeling that night of wanting to understand‚Äìwho were these quiet, disregarding people, what did they read, what did they listen to, what food did they eat, where did they get their clothing, what did they worship, what did they think of the walls closing in around them.

Check it all out here.

Excepter | NYC @ WKCR Studios Columbia University | 25 Oct 2009

Oh No Ono – 3 Nights Only!

Fans of the up-beat, off-kilter, Danish indie-pop-rockers Oh No Ono, rejoice! You have three (3!) consecutive nights to catch the act perform their lustrous tunes starting tonight at 7 p.m. at Sound Fix Records for free ($0.00!). The show tonight celebrates the US release of their second album, Eggs, out today on Brooklyn’s own Friendly Fire records.
Check out the music video for their first single “Swim” if you need plans for any of the next few nights:

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