RIP J.D. Salinger

salinger.jpgThe New Yorker currently has a handful of his stories available online including the very rare “Hapworth 16, 1924“:
A Perfect Day for Bannanafish (January 31, 1948)
Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut (March 20, 1948)
Just Before the War with the Eskimos (June 5, 1948)
The Laughing Man (March 19, 1949)
For Esme—With Love and Squalor (April 8, 1950)
Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes (July 14, 1951)
Teddy (January 31, 1953)
Franny (January 29, 1955)
Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters (November 19, 1955)
Zooey (May 4, 1957)
Seymour: An Introduction (June 6, 1959)
Hapworth 16, 1924 (June 19, 1965)

Party: Hot Pursuit at The Woods Tonight

There’s a party at The Woods tonight called Hot Pursuit with the DJ’s of VHS or BETA, Kids with Snakes, and Gavin Royce. Your presence has hereby been requested and they ask you “put on your whiskey hat,” should you own one. Last we checked, photog Nicky Digital was 4sq mayor of the joint that’s on the fastest track yet to replace Union Pool as “the new Union Pool,” and he’ll be there shooting tonight so look hot to be pursued.
Starts at 10, goes till 4, drinks are cheap and the tacos are delicious. Here’s the Facebook event.

The Daily Footprint 1/28/2010

North 1st and Wythe

Insight: "#imthetypeto have eye sex on the L train did that shit like everyday wit sum random shorty"


Awkward Stock Photos

I see your Unhappy Hipsters and raise you Awkward Stock Photos.

Unhappy Hipsters

Even in your company, I feel so alone.
It became their routine. And so the evenings stretched out before him; still, gray and gravel-strewn. [thank Mel]

The Beard Ball

windmill-beard.jpgThere are blogs and websites about them. You can buy fake ones on etsy. The hipster grifter even had a tattoo devoted to them. New Yorkers, it seems, have a beard thing. And now they have a ball to celebrate.
The folks behind the blog Build a Beard are throwing the Beard Ball, next Thursday, Feb 4 at the bar Matchless in Greenpoint. The event will feature three bearded bands (Transatlantic FM, Quiet Loudly, and Julius C) a raffle and drink specials. Tickets are $5, and go to support, that awesome group that gives late night rides home to “women, LGBTQ and gender nonconforming individuals.”
Can’t grow a full beard? Don’t worry. They promise the event will be welcoming of all types of facial hair creativity.
The Beard Ball ($5 – tickets here) is at Matchless Thursday, Feb 4th at 8pm. [via]
— Erica Sackin
Beard Ball 2010.JPG

Video: Yeasayer Records "Ambling Alp"

Check out this great behind-the-scenes video from P4K of Yeasayer recording Ambling Alp. In it, you’ll see that they, like all bands from time to time, worried Chris Keating’s vocals might come off as too Jagger, or that the band’s back-ups were going too Queen.

Yeasayer’s new album Odd Blood comes out February 9th, and it’s fantastic. (preorder)