Friday the 13th Cuddle Puddle Jam


We are getting crazy loose! As most of you know we had to change our name due to some legal BS, come celebrate the first party to benefit Candy Rain Magazine! Doors at 9:30. $5 but free if you show your dick at the door before 1:30. Coverdude Contest at 2!
Candy Rain Cuddle Puddle
171 Lombardy St
Brooklyn, NY
Doors at 9:30. Coverdude Contest at 2, Ladies Circus right after. Plus Great Tiger, Womb Ripper, Guts For Garters, Plush and Harmony, Free Danger, Rev McFly and DJ Dirty Finger!
Come get bananas! Dudes show your dicks to get in for free before 1:30. Plus a porny raffle! Support your favorite pornographers!
Check out for more details!

Miss G Train Contestant #1

We’ve heard back from a few of you wonderful readers who’ve entered into the City Reliquary’s Miss G Train pageant, and offered us a view from the inside. Our first, Erica Sackin, who’s going casual, was kind enough to send along her poem. Here it is!

How many nights have I spent at your mercy, G train? How many hours have I craned my neck, hoping to see that warm green light crack your tunnel’s abyss? Each breeze I imagine to be the whoosh of your approach, every rodent’s scurry is transformed by masochistic hope into the 625 volts of electricity that will bring you to my feet. As the hour grows late, and others succumb to the lure of livery cabs above, my faith cannot help but grow stronger. For I know, somewhere in the distance, your warm plastic seats are hurling themselves towards me, screeching with a determination to envelop me in their embrace.

Erica, we’re pulling for you! For the rest of you glorious G trainers, today’s the last day to enter. Email a poem/essay to [email protected] with a sexy photo and maybe you’ll be picked!

A Serious WTF Video From A Band We've Never Heard Of…

Thanks Perez!

New Video For Animal Collective's "In The Flowers"

Directed by Abby Portner, sister of Animal Collective’s Dave “Avey Tare” Portner

Friday the 13th Strip Club Massacre!

From our homies at Roberta’s:

Brooklyn Grange is throwing the fundraiser from hell. There will be food, there will be booze, there will be music, and there might even be strippers. Come dance, play and kill for a good cause.
Music from Team Robespierre, Anamanaguchi, and Wild Yaks
**$10 Admission
**Food by Roberta’s
**Shot and Beer Specials
…and it’s all to raise funds for Brooklyn Grange, our 1-acre rooftop farm
Starr space, 110 Starr St, Brooklyn, Doors at 8pm

FIT Course Charges $55 To Explore Williamsburg

In the credit-less SXT 300 Brooklyn: Williamsburg, The New Style Frontier course offered at the Fashion Institute of Technology, privileged young fashionites pay $55 to “experience the cultural vitality of the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, often referred to as the new SoHo.” Fancy that!
Led by Trina Morris, a fashion publicist for Style Root PR, the seminar starts with a brief intro at FIT, followed by an exciting ride – by Subway! – to Brooklyn (subway costs not included, haha you pay now). Once here, our young explorers take in the sights, visit shops, and take notes of any “future fashion and lifestyle trends” they spot.
Here’s the course description:

“Experience the cultural vitality of the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, often referred to as the new SoHo. Browse through vintage clothing and housewares that will inspire future fashion and lifestyle trends. Discover up-and-coming artists in Brooklyn’s diverse galleries. Sample a great selection of restaurants, coffee houses, and family-run bakeries. Williamsburg exhibits the traditional alongside the ultra-modern, even as it changes rapidly, making it a trend hot spot. After a brief introduction at FIT, attendees travel to Brooklyn by subway.”

Here’s how it probably went (reenactment compliments of @asilentflute):

“OK, so this is beacon’s closet. As you can see, lot’s of dirt balls and europeans on vacation. Let’s all try and find some dirty shoes, GO!”

Now here’s the bad news for all future Williamsburg Fashion Explorers…this one-time seminar already happened on October 24th, so we won’t be able to send along a mole.
FIT-ers, please keep us posted the next time you call come out to Brooklyn – by Subway – so we can tag along and throw peanuts.
(photo by tigercoin)

Greenpoint Greenmarket

Our friends over at Dave’s Kitchen have been keeping us up to date on our local greenmarket news. It’s still in McCarren park, but in a new location:

This Saturday, November 14, there will be a winter squash pie contest at the McCarren Park Greenmarket. The best pie wins its baker a bag of goodies from the market booths, but the real winners of the contest will be the market customers, who get to taste each pie and vote for their favorite….
Remember that the market has recently moved, and can now be found at Union between Driggs & N 12th.
From market manager Lauren, here’s some of what else you’ll find at the market this weekend:
Red Jacket has apple butter and delicious ciders. Hot cider will be available at the market.
Osczepinski has a wide variety of winter squash. Once you’ve been inspired by the masterful pies at the cookoff you can pick up some squash and make your own.
Healthways has great potatoes. Perfect for your winter soups and stews.
Arcadian pastures has whole rabbits and chickens.
Dipaola is accepting orders for Thanksgiving. Turkeys (in a range of sizes) can be pre-ordered and picked up at the market.

More info at Dave’s Kitchen.

Tweed Rides?

I can appreciate the 19th Century fashion craze—woolen trousers, ties, newsboy caps, cotton undershirts—but this is taking things too far:

This flamboyance is part of a curious new movement called Tweed Rides, informal gatherings of spiffily dressed ladies and gents cycling leisurely through town and disdaining finish lines. Tweed Rides began in London earlier this year and have spread this fall to Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. As the directions for this weekend’s Tweed Ride in Washington, D.C., put it: ‚”Leave the fleece, Lycra and outer shell at home. This ride is for the dandy.”

I love the old-timey look of Marlow & Sons and Freeman’s as much as anyone, but Christ. Enough is enough. [image via]