Saturday: Cinema 16, These Are Powers & Free Drinks

Cinema16_November21.jpgMyopenbar and Drambuie Present: Cinema 16
Drambuie Cocktails, free with RSVP / 7:30pm
at Galapagos

During the silent film, live music enhanced the moving picture and brought communities together through a visceral, interactive audio-visual experience. Today, the film experience has been reduced to the tiny screens of our laptops and iPods, oftentimes experienced alone. Cinema 16 offers a revival of community, recreating the experience of the silent film era. Curator and artist Molly Surno programs obscure vintage films and pairs them with contemporary New York musicians. Bands are commissioned to compose a musical score in order to modernize the 1920’s tradition of live music accompanying films.
Cinema 16 initially began in 1947 as a New York based avant-garde film society. Inspired by Maya Deren’s Greenwich Village exhibition of experimental films, Amos Vogel and his wife Marcia decided to create a community based on this type of filmmaking. Now over four decades later Molly Surno brings the spirit of experimental and underground cinema back to New York.

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8's the Magic Number

Who knew you were living near such a ski resort?

Narcotics investigators seized more than $800,000 and 18 kilos of cocaine from the second-floor apartment above the former site of the Laila Lounge on N. Seventh Street between Wythe and Berry streets, according to the office of the city’s special narcotics prosecutor.

They hid the majority of the goods in a sauna. In a f’n sauna!

The Daily Footprint 9/20/09

Bedford and North 1st

Guy Fantastico's "Nom De Guerre" Video

Directed by the dude who brought us Hipster Job, Thomas De Napoli, Guy Fantastico’s “Nom De Guerre” was shot in our ‘hood- well, Greenpoint.

New Video: Gabe and Max's 100 Seconds #1

Max Silvestri and Gabe Delahaye are two funny people who hold court every week at Cameo (93 North 6th Street) for their show Big Terrific, which features an ever-rotating circle of other funny people, right here in sunny Williamsburg!
They are now making funny videos for a new show about gadgets and bus reviews from the top of the Empire State Building Tavern on the Green some studio on Here is their first: Gabe and Max’s 100 Seconds #1!!!

Update: I originally and incorrectly said it was Max and Gabe Liedman, but it is in fact Gabe Delahaye. We can only blame Max here for associating with too many Gabe’s. He writes: “while I do host Big Terrific with the hilarious Gabe Liedman, occasional contributor to Videogum, the Gabe & Max videos are made with Delahaye, editor of Videogum and occasional performer on Big Terrific. Confusing, right???” Double Indeed! (Comment correction of the correction noted!)

No Agreement In Place for Jelly Pool Parties, "End Could Be Near"

Screen shot 2009-11-18 at 3.14.05 PM.png
Updated w/ a comment from Sen. Schumer
Could our beloved Jelly Waterfront Pool Parties actually really for realsies dry up? Gosh, we sure hope not, but that’s the word from Jelly’s mouth today. From an email we just received:

The future of the Pool Parties at the East River State Park could be in jeopardy. After a very successful 2009 season with 8 weeks of free performances including Grizzly Bear, Girl Talk, The Black Lips, Dirty Projectors, Deerhunter, Dan Deacon, No Age, Mission of Burma, Beach House, and Simian Mobile Disco, news came from the New York State Parks Department and the Open Space Alliance that the East River State Park may not be available to JELLY for the 2010 season. This will ultimately put an end to the flourishing free summer series.
U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, a Brooklyn native, is now leading the fight to save the JELLY Pool Parties. The Senator took the stage at the last Pool Party in August 2009 and pledged that the free concert series would return to the waterfront in 2010. Senator Schumer and his staff have been campaigning for the Pool Parties to remain at the East River State Park, speaking to other state and city officials to ensure JELLY’s free summer series will be back for a 5th year.

So what can YOU do to keep the pool parties alive? Call or email your Senator! Chuckie hung out at the parties last summer, you might have seen him. He gave a speech before Grizzly Bear promising to pass health care with a call to keep the parties coming. Let’s hope he lives up to his word. Here’s Jelly’s:

JELLY is reaching out to the community to call Senator Charles Schumer at (212) 486-4430, or via email [email protected] to show their support and express any concerns on behalf of this tremendous free community program. The Senator will relay the public opinion to the NYS Parks Department and the Open Space Alliance.

H20 Shows.
The New York Times has a quote from Schumer who says he’ll do everything he can to keep them around.

‚”I happened to pass by the Jelly concerts when I was riding my bike through Williamsburg and was amazed at the thousands of people who lined the streets to come to the concerts,” the senator said on Wednesday. ‚”People from every part of the country who had made their way to Brooklyn, enjoying music and one another’s company ‚Äì it’s the best of New York. When I heard that the concerts might be canceled, I couldn’t understand why, given that this is exactly what our parks are supposed to be for, and I am going to do everything I can to see that they continue.”

New Girls Video: "Substance"

One more version after the jump. Via The Awl.

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Pomp's Post-Apocalypse Survival Party

party flier.jpg
Come join Pomp & Circumstance, a Brooklyn based arts and culture magazine, as they celebrate their next issue launch with a Post-Apocalypse Survival Party tomorrow – November 19th @ The event will feature a panel of media stars who have changed their lives to succeed and survive. Live performance by Elk City will follow. Beats by DJ Jinners. Sponsored by Mercy, Harper Perennial, Sneak Attack Media, Green Truck and Lucid Absinthe.
**That’s right, Absinthe Open Bar!!!**
7-9 pm guest list only. RSVP to [email protected]
9pm-midnight open
Panelists include:
Andrew W.K. released his first full-length album in 2001 – the controversial, I Get Wet – Andrew was quickly recognized as a powerful musical performer, and exhilarating, positive role-model for a new generation. In 2008, Andrew and his friends opened a downtown Manhattan music venue and nightclub, Santos Party House. In 2009, Andrew began his own record label, SKYSCRAPER MUSIC MAKER, and began hosting his own TV show on Cartoon Network, “DESTROY BUILD DESTROY”.
Matt McCarthy is a stand up comedian hailed by the NY Times as “a Belushi-like mad man.” He’s also the redbearded ubiquitous Fios Guy.

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